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HK Chapter 19 – 1 Vs 32

Translator: Yorasu 2.0
Editor: st8_lupe

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Chapter 0019    1 Vs 32

Keji University, the campus forum, Shi Lei used his super authority account to delete most of the data from the server.

Leaving behind his own post, changing the color of the text to red, he left it stickied in bold font!

With just one post there, it was extremely eye-catching!

The original Keji University’s logo on the forum background was changed by Shi Lei into a picture of the fallen angel Lucifer.

Three pairs of huge black wings covering the entire forum interface, this image really brought out a dark atmosphere!

Shi Lei waited in the forum.

Although it was National Day, he believed there were still many students in Keji University.

After all, there were many students who didn’t live nearby so they wouldn’t go back home just for the day!

These students, most of them would usually camped themselves in their own dormitory rooms with Internet, playing games.

After Shi Lei modified the forum of Keji University’s forum, in less than a minute, there was already a student that had noticed the abnormal situation of the forum.

This student’s forum ID was called ‘Devil.’

He directly posted a reply on Shi Lei’s post, “Thrilling hacker god, this post is going to be popular. Why not leave behind your name?”

Shi Lei took a look but ignored this guy.

This idiot was just a nobody!

The reason why Shi Lei was doing all this was to find a lead on the guy who invaded his server.

That guy, since he invaded Shuangqing University’s server via the Hacker Alliance site, then he should knew that Shi Lei’s ID was Lucifer.

The reason Shi Lei left behind the name ‘Lucifer’ was to lure out that guy so that he could identify the foe’s IP address.

More than 10 minutes later, the news that Keji University’s forum had been hacked began spreading like wildfire through the campus.

More and more students logged into the forum.

Students from the Department of Computer Science from Keji University desperately attacked the campus server in order to regain back the authority from Shi Lei.

However, as one of the world’s best hackers, although Shi Lei was more offensively trained, his defensive capabilities were pretty strong.

How was it possible for those students to win against She Lei in this war?

Before they could even do anything, Shi Lei had already set up firewalls around some areas which used outdated technology.

At the campus trail of Keji University, an ordinary looking man was slowly walking towards his dormitory.

In front of him, two boys were chatting with each other.

One of the boys lamented, “Those students from the Computer Science department are really useless!”

“Our campus forum has been hacked once again!”

Another boy opened his mouth and asked, “Hacked again?”

“Who is the hacker? Those grandsons from Shuangqing University?”

Following behind these two boys was none other than the guy who was trying to hack Shi Lei’s server from the library.

His name was Chen Feng, a third year and currently the vice president of the Computer Society.

When he was browsing the Hacker Alliance website, he had the habit of scanning the page landing IP address records. He was pretty excited to actually find one from Shuangqing University.

Due to the hatred between both universities, without wasting any time, Chen Feng quickly initiated his attack without even setting up his defenses.

Never did he expect that his foe would be so strong!

Not only did his foe resist the attack, he was even being backtraced!

This made Chen Feng sweat out cold bullets and he hurriedly left the library.

Hearing the discussion from the two guys, Chen Feng accelerated his pace and ran back to his dormitory.

He knew that the matter of the forum being hacked was definitely trouble that he had brought upon the school.

Just now, he clearly heard that the foe left behind the name ‘Lucifer’ in the forum. The guy he was trying to invade in Hacker Alliance was also known as Lucifer.

It should be the foe trying to take his revenge.

Chen Feng pondered as he ran.

“Since when did Shuangqing University ever have such a masterful hacker?”

“Brother MIng just configured our server. In such short amount of time, the foe actually succeed in succeeded in invading the server!”

“It didn’t even take half an hour!”

Chen Feng ran back to his room. Turning on his computer, he didn’t use any proxies and just logged into the campus forum with his dormitory IP address.

This time, Chen Feng knew that he absolutely could not use other IP address as a proxy.

If he did, this skillful master would definitely catch up and track him down.

Chen Feng didn’t have any confidence in escaping away from the master’s palm.

In the campus forum, Chen Feng looked at Shi Lei’s post and his face brimmed in red.

“Damn this guy!”

Chen Feng’s roommate were all from Shuangqing City. Therefore, during National Day, only Chen Feng was left in his room.

“Di, di, di, there is a phone call!”

Chen Feng’s phone rang up.

“Vice president, do you know about the situation?” From the phone, an anxious voice could be heard.

Chen Feng replied, “I’m aware!”

“Xiao Bai, have our men finished their preparations?”

“Get ready to initiate the attack and get the foe out of our server!”

Xiao Bai was crying in the phone, “Vice president, we have already attacked the campus server with all the members of the Computer Society who are still on campus!”

“The problem is that the foe’s defense is too strong!”

“We can’t break through firewall and now, we have been cornered to the outside of the server!”

“Vice president, quickly think of a solution!”

“If you don’t, our face as the Computer Society would all be gone!”

Xiao Bai said so with an urging tone.

Chen Feng understood the consequences. He also knew that this calamity was provoked by him.

However, he couldn’t say it out loud!

Human were selfish creatures after all. If Chen Feng said it out loud, then his identity as a hacker would be exposed.

Once a hacker’s identity was exposed, it was the same as being under house arrest!

Shi Lei had a look at the clock. A full half an hour, in addition to attacking the server non-stop, they also posted in the forum, cursing Shi Lei.

However, Shi Lei just laughed it off and pretended not to see those curses.

Those, Shi Lei didn’t hold himself back against those who cursed and personally attacked. He directly deleted those accounts and blocked their IP addresses.

Noticing that the guy who was trying to invade his server didn’t make a move, Shi Lei decided to add more oil onto the fire.

This time, Shi Lei didn’t make a new post.

He just directly added a line of words in a bold and red font on the forum homepage.

“The kid who was trying to invade that which was mine, I am going to set a ten minute time limit!”

“Otherwise, you will have to be responsible for the consequences!”

Shi Lei once again left behind the name ‘Lucifer’ with a timer showing the ten minute countdown.

The members of the Computer Society all gathered in a voice chat room.

Chen Feng who was wearing a headset, cleared his throat.

“Brothers, how’s the situation with the server?”

Xiao Bai was the first one to speak.

“Vice president, our server’s defense is too strong!”

“We can’t get in!”

Other members also began to speak out.

“Vice president, who is the foe? How is he so powerful?”

“Vice president, what’re we supposed to do now?”

“Vice president, do we need to inform the president?”

“Vice president, is it the grandson from Shuangqing University?”



Everyone was talking in the voice channel at once, it was a complete mess like in a wet market!

Chen Feng frowned and let out a roar!


“Stop being noisy!”

“Now, listen to my unified command. We will attack the server together!”

“No matter how strong the foe is, he is still alone. I don’t believe that he would be able to withstand attacks from dozens of people.”

Xiao Bai tried to instill confidence in everyone, “What you said is true!”

“Vice president, quickly lead us and get the enemy out of here!”

Chen Feng cleared his throat again.

“Everyone, keep quiet. You guys will be referred via the codename in the voice chat room, understand?”

In the voice chat room, a list was arranged from top to bottom according to their ID name.

The top was Chen Feng, assigned as No.1, Xiao Bai was No.2, followed by others from No.3 to 32.

“Everyone, scan for the server vulnerabilities!”

Xiao Bai immediately opened his mouth, “Vice president, the foe still hasn’t discovered the back door left by the president.”

“But, when we are trying to enter the server via back door, we still can’t bypass the firewall.”

When Shi Lei took over the server, he didn’t help them patch up loopholes or even block the back door.

As someone who had a second chance at his life, Shi Lei knew very well that there were still a large number of loopholes that had yet to be identified.

Through these loopholes, Shi Lei could easily enter any kind of server.

Chen Feng quickly entered into the internal server via the back door left by president.

However, just as he entered, he would have to confront the firewall.

Although Shi Lei didn’t fix the loopholes nor block the back door, he had set up a number of firewalls.

While dealing with the firewall, Chen Feng instructed, “Everyone, attack this firewall. With so many of us, this firewall will certainly crash!”

Thirty two people, together they attacked the firewall.

Like what Chen Feng said, the firewall of Keji University was just the ordinary kind. It couldn’t hold on against a simultaneous attack from thirty two people.

Shi Lei laughed sinisterly as he let them enter the server. He made sure to track all their IP addresses.

Whenever he found an IP address, Shi Lei would directly crosscheck them through the campus server to find out the corresponding dormitory.

Although in this kind of dormitory, there would be four students staying together.

However, if he was able to narrow down the scope to a specific dormitory, how hard would it be for him to investigate?

Chen Feng together with members rushed into the campus server and began searching for Shi Lei whereabouts.

But right now, they were illegally invading!

After all, Shi Lei was holding the account with the highest authority as an administrator!

When they were in the server, they couldn’t even make a single move.

In the voice chat room, Chen Feng began to command the others.

“No.2 till 15, retrieve the server user group!”

“16 to 32, crack the server permission to restore the campus forum data!”

Although Chen Feng was brainless and didn’t have much ability to command….

But under the tuning of president, the members of the Computer Society were able to obey commands well. Thus, Chen Feng’s order was well implemented.

However, just when they started to retrieved user group as well as restore the school forum…

Shi Lei had tracked down all thirty two IP addresses and checked the corresponding room.

On the computer of these thirty two people, suddenly a dialog box popped up.

On the box, it clearly stated their corresponding IP address and dormitory address!

In just a second, these thirty two people stopped whatever they were doing!

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