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HK Chapter 18 – Shi Lei being invaded?

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: Hashimishi



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Chapter 0018    Shi Lei being invaded?

After giving a nice lesson to Chen Ming, Shi Lei happily lied down on his bed, entering his dream world.

October 1st, Xia Empire’s National Day.

In year 2006, holiday for such important day is still seven days.

Ling Yumo already went back home. Mu Shuang was even earlier. Yesterday evening, she took a flight back to Shengjing City.

As for little plum, he also went back home which is at Chang’an. According to him, he was preparing to smuggle stuff out from his old man’s place again.

Shi Lei is an orphan. He had no other relative except a distant uncle. He doesn’t like Shi Lei nor Shi Lei likes him.

Both of them already didn’t meet each other for more than three years!

Being alone in the dormitory, Shi Lei began to ponder some questions.

For example, who are his parents?

And also the organization he joined in his past life, how big is it actually?

The organization abandoning Shi Lei without hesitation which caused his death; how could Shi Lei let them off!

But that organization was too strong, as of now, Shi Lei dare not touch nor trace them.

In his past life, as one of the world’s top hackers, Shi Lei naturally was able to do anything in Internet.

However, in real world, he was just a nobody.

He had no power to wield.

After being given a second chance, although Shi Lei looked like an easy going man, he had made up his mind secretly that in this life, he not only wanted to succeed in the world of Internet.

Even in real life, he wanted to be successful too!

Opening his computer, using Shuangqing University’s server as proxy, Shi Lei entered the site of Hacker Alliance.

Hacker Alliance is the second generation of hacker organization, creating the same website.

Second generation hackers, those that began to rise from year 1998 till 2000, they are the current backbone of hacking industry. The highly talented and skilled of second generation hackers were the one forming the circle.

As for first generation hackers, many had already transformed. Engaging in network security, network technology and even opening their own network security company.

Compared to second generation hackers, the first generation is even more powerful!

They were after all among the first in Xia Empire who engaged with computer. These people were on another tier.

The second generation hackers could be said to emerge in this world through the route provided by the first generation.

As for those from year 2000 onwards, they would be referred as third generation hackers.

Third generation hackers, not lacking in talent department; their ability is top notch. However, most hackers from this generation only copied the method from previous generation as well as tools developed by others.

Compared to first and second generation hackers, the overall strength is still far off!

Hacker Alliance is a hacker organization set up by the grand Hei Dao (black knife), one of the second generation hackers.

Shi Lei was once a member of Hacker Alliance. Although he left the organization later on, Hacker Alliance did help him quite a lot.

Shi Lei registered the ID ‘Lucifer’ in the site of Hacker Alliance.

At this time, Hacker Alliance was not that money oriented like a decade later.

A lot of things here were free!

He was just browsing for a few minutes that Shi Lei’s computer actually began to alarm!

So, it was actually another hacker from Hacker Alliance who landed via the site’s IP address and found out about Shuangqing University server. This hacker was attacking the server right this moment!

Shuangqing University’s public server had already been patched by Shi Lei. The defence had been enhanced numerous times. How could that easily be hacked?

Shi Lei began tracking the invader. In just a few breath, Shi Lei easily tracked the invader’s IP address.

Perhaps the foe was paying too much attention in invading Shuangqing University’s server, or maybe his technical skill is so bad that he didn’t realized that Shi Lei had already identified him.

In the world of Internet, IP address is as if the real world’s home address.

If you let your opponent know about your IP address, it was as if you have been blocked by police and waiting to get caught!

After getting the foe’s IP address, Shi Lei was not anxious of this invasion. Instead, he began to search the IP address and corresponding owner.

Shi Lei smiled, as long as he knew the exact location of the foe and expose him under the sun, it was equivalent to death sentence for hacker!


Looking at the attribution of IP address, Shi Lei showed a surprise expression.

The foe turned out to be from Keji University.

Department of Computer Science from both universities are like the opposite side of the same coin.

Even students from both department hate each other. Often they would carry out attack on each other campus server.

Surprisingly, the faculty leader of both department endorsed of such action.

After all, such action actually helped to raise students’ interest in learning.

Shi Lei was waiting for further action and suddenly, he lost the connection of the foe.

Keji University, campus library, an ordinary looking man directly shut down his computer.

After the computer was closed, then only did this man felt relieved.

He whispered to himself, “So formidable, this guy could even silently catch up to my IP address.”

“Fortunately, I am using the public computer of the library. Otherwise, I am in deep trouble!”

Shuangqing University, doctoral dormitory no.1, Unit 501.

Shi Lei coldly groaned.

“Off computer? Trying to escape?”

“You can escape for a moment but not for eternity!”

A true hacker master won’t come up with such tactic.

Even if you unplug the cable, making one lost the connection, others could still trace up the specific IP address.

And thus using other means, such as directly visit the door to arrest the hacker in real life from the IP address of home!

Thus, a hacker master would never forcefully unplug the cable. The only way to escape is to get rid of your track.

Shi Lei still remembered that in his past life, a world class hacker single handedly hacked into the internal intelligent system of FBI.

Although, he was so skillful to hack inside and obtained a lot of secret information….

However, the FBI tracking expert abruptly chased him till the end of Earth. Tracking him non-stop with combination of network and reality approach, ultimately, they were able to catch the world class hacker in Ge Lan Empire.

FBI tracking experts might not be able to defend well against invasion but their tracking ability is absolutely top-notched.

Combined with Li Jian Empire, such powerhouse, once they informed the local police to capture the hacker, the police would definitely acted quickly.

Once the IP address was determined, the police would act up at an extremely fast pace.

At that time, even if you want to escape, it won’t be that easy!

Thus, closing Internet connection is definitely a bad move!

Since the IP address had been identified, Shi Lei no longer need to reserve himself and directly launched an attack to the server of Keji University.

Shi Lei didn’t bruttaly attack the server but began to scan for any loophole to invade without being noticed.

Through port scan, Shi Lei found out that the strength of Keji University’s server is actually much stronger than Shuangqing University.

In his past life, it was not like this!

He remembered that the strength from both side actually had not much difference.

How could this be?

Or perhaps it was because of Shi Lei, this little butterfly that had cause after effect in this current world?

Although the defense of Keji University was stronger than Shuangqing University, for Shi Lei, it was still a piece of paper which will tear once poked.

After invaded the server, Shi Lei began to retrieve the server authority for himself.

Keji University’s server, their internal security was not super tight!

The entire server, only one super account which is in the hand of server admin was tracking Shi Lei at the moment!

Shi Lei disdainly stared at the computer screen while both hands hitting the keyboard.

“Just get out from here!”

After more than ten seconds later, Shi Lei disabled the super authority of the foe’s account from the server permission group and began to build his own super user accounts.

After getting control of the user group, Shi Lei began observing the situation of Keji University’s IP address.

“Insignificant man, insignificant man, Brother Shitou will catch you!”

In the campus, since it is using local area network, for each IP address, there would be corresponding real specific address.

For example, for Shi Lei’s dormitory network, it is the same campus LAN. If Shi Lei’s IP address is found out, through Shuangqing University’s server, you can find the corresponding dormitory to the IP address and then via dormitory distribution records, you will be able to find the identity of Shi Lei.

Shi Lei was preparing to use such approach to find out the identity of the foe.

Although that guy was using the landing IP address via Hacker Alliance’s site to track Shuangqing University’s server, even the firewall had not been broken…..

But is Shi Lei the kind that when a bully reaches his door, won’t have any temper?

Via Keji University’s server, Shi Lei managed to find out the corresponding real address but it turned out to be the school library, public computer!

If like that, then his only clue was gone!

After all, this was just an ordinary invasion and not a successful one, Shi Lei could no longer investigate further.

If it is an invasion on state level, when people investigate to this state, then they will begin knocking door to find the hacker. At this time, you will see  a group of people in the library asking one by one, hoping for any witness who saw the one using the computer.

If such investigation is to carry out, the identity of the invader would soon come to surface.

But Shi Lei was just an ordinary man. He simply can’t carry out such investigation.

“Ar, so depressed. Although forcefully switch off the cable is a bad move, it is still quite effective!”

He had to admit that under normal circumstances, to cope with tracking, unplugging the cable is one of the way out.

“Although I am not able to find your identity, at least I know you’re from Keji University!”

In his past life, Keji University also had this one master. Shi Lei and that master always compete with each other.

Both campus’s server often driven to madness by both of them.

The most serious one, because Shi Lei was not in school at the moment, this kid of Keji University actually managed to add in Wosang Empire’s porn film into the server.

Being provoked, when Shi Lei returned back to campus, he led a troop to attack Keji University’s server and cleared out everything. Not only that, he deliberately repeated low-level formatting on the server.

Eventually, Keji University’s server was completely messed up!

This time, Shi Lei made a provocative post on Keji University’s forum.

The content of the post was written as so: That retarded kid, if you don’t have ability, why go learn invading server? Even shamelessly unplug the cable network?

Such thick faced!

You’re a waste!

You guys from Department of Computer Science of Keji University, you’re all a waste!

At the end of the post, Shi Lei left a name ‘Lucifer’.

He believed that the foe who invaded his server would understand!

At that time, whether or not both universities would have an underground war, who would be able to predict so?

Anyway, Shi Lei wasn’t afraid!


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