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HK Chapter 17 – Cries of yamete!

Translator: Yorasu 2.0

Editor: Hashimishi


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Chapter 0017    Cries of yamete!

After successfully invading Chen Ming’s computer, Shi Lei kept his cool. After all, Chen Ming was using the Internet to chat. If he randomly made any changes and got found out, that would be bad!

Although he had invaded, what if the foe shut down the computer?

Or even unplug the power cable?

Shi Lei only browsed freely through the computer files, trying to get his hand on some secrets.

Too bad, that bastard Chen Ming’s computer was actually very clean!

Not even one secret!

No private diary or any Wo Sang Empire’s porn film.

Shi Lei who was helpless at the moment could only check the hardware department.


Shi Lei cursed. Chen Ming’s computer is yet another beast. Compared to those two computers undergoing repair at Sun Feng’s place, they were about the same.

Besides a lower number in hard disk space, the others were exactly similar.

“This bitch’s computer is not bad!”

Shi Lei continued to investigate and found out that the computer was installed with webcam, microphone and speaker!

Looking at the date, out of nowhere, a sinister plan was born within Shi Lei’s mind.

First, Shi Lei returned back to the server and began searching military training information.

As the result of having super authority account, he no longer had to sneak around to do his things. In just a few moment, Shi Lei managed to find all the information of military training.

Opening the instructor list as well as contact details, Shi Lei had a glance and quickly made a copy into his local computer.

Shi Lei cleared the server log, eliminating all traces of his operation before getting back to his own computer.

Under Linux system, Shi Lei began to write code.

While typing the code, Shi Lei didn’t forget to continue monitoring Chen Ming’s situation.

Chen Ming had ended the chat and was watching anime.

Shi Lei laughed out loud. Controlling the campus server, Shi Lei started to temper Chen Ming’s room broadband by temporarily allocating a larger bandwidth. From Internet, Shi Lei downloaded several interesting porn films from Wosang Nation. Then, he controlled Chen Ming’s computer to download them.

Storing them in a folder, Shi Lei hid it from Chen Ming.

The temporary increase of bandwidth didn’t affect the streaming experience of anime. Not aware of anything, Chen Ming had been tricked by Shi Lei to download those porn films.

Shi Lei continued typing the code as he monitored the download progress.

Half an hour later, Shi Lei had completely edit the code. After testing it a few times and ensuring the software could run well, Shi Lei once again logged into the campus server. Through the server, Shi Lei invaded the school mobile service base station.

These self-made little tools, Shi Lei uploaded them to the server and ran them.

This is a software which functions by detecting the signal from base station and determine the position of the mobile phone by triangular positioning calculation.

This software, Shi Lei named it: Exploration.

Shi Lei first entered his own mobile phone number. Software Exploration began to calculate Shi Lei’s location.

When the calculation was completed, combined with GPS data, when compared with Shi Lei’s actual position, they were roughly the same.

After being confident with the software’s functionality, Shi Lei then entered military training company leader’s phone number into the software.

In about half a minute, Shi Lei found out that this company leader was actually not at Shuangqing University!

But in Beijiang District!

Since today was the last day of military training and it must have ended already, the school leaders most probably brought the company leader out for visit!

“Heaven has helped me!”

Shi Lei screamed out in happiness.

He then found out Instructor Zhao, the leader of Class 2 of batch ‘06 Department of business management, Mu Shuang’s class instructor. Shi Lei grinned evilly.

Last time at the military ground, this Instructor Zhao had won Shi Lei once. How could he forget about it?

Typing Instructor Zhao’s phone number, the software searched for his position.

Again, in half a minute, Instructor Zhao’s position was determined. He was still in Shuangqing University!

Shi Lei waved both his hands, his mouth once again widely grinned.

First, he closed the software and then uploaded a different small software.

This software can change the number of caller ID!

For example, Shi Lei’s phone number can be changed into military commander’s phone number!

From the server, Shi Lei directly activated the caller ID changer software and then stole a phone number from Internet. Through the software, he linked this stolen number into company commander’s one.

“Zhao Wu, at 8pm, inspect 6th dormitory, room 302!”

Instructor Zhao received the message, he was shocked!

After all, military training had already ended.

They as soldiers would have to return tomorrow morning. Why there is still any need to do inspection!

Instructor Zhao immediately called company commander.

But just as the signal reached the mobile service base station, it was Shi Lei’s software which intercepted and played the busy message.

Shi Lei quickly sent a text message.

“Inconvenient to answer the phone, only via SMS!”

Zhao Wu felt something was not right. After repeatedly checking the phone number of the company commander several times, then only did he replied the message.

“Company commander, is it still necessary to do spot check on the room?”

Shi Lei laughed sinisterly, if not doing spot check, how could interesting thing happen!

“Zhao Wu, when I ask you to go check, just do it! Stop asking any nonsense question!”

Zhao Wu scratched his head. No matter what, he had to obey the order from higher up since he is in military.

“Yes, company commander!”

7.30 pm, Zhao Wu together with another soldier, also following them was Zhan Song, lecturer from Department of Computer Science, were headed to 6th dormitory.

Zhan Song asked with a hint of surprise in his tone, “Zhan Song, I thought military training is already over. Why still conduct spot check?”

Zhao Wu himself was clueless too. Yet, with a straight face he answered: “The end of military training is exactly at midnight!”

“Hehe!” Zhan Song laughed as he led the way in front.

Controlling the computer of Chen Ming, Shi Lei noticed that a few porn films had already been finished downloaded. Instantly through the campus public server, Chen Ming’s internet bandwidth was adjusted back to normal.

After doing these, Shi Lei quietly did his thing and secretly opened the microphone, linking it to his own computer.

At about 7.50 pm, a series of door knocking sound could be heard.

Shi Lei was extremely excited and eager for the next scene.

“Good show is about to start!”

Chen Ming’s voice could be heard through the microphone.

“Who is it?”

Outside the door, Zhao Wu said: “Room inspection!”

Chen Ming was caught in surprise.

Isn’t military training already over?

Why would there be room inspection?!

But he couldn’t refuse to open the door.

Chen Ming was not bothered to shut down his computer. Instead, he made a quick tidy up on his bed. His three other roommates were also busy sorting out their beds.

“Still not gonna open the door?”

Zhao Wu’s voice travelled into the room. Through the microphone, his voice came out from Shi Lei’s headphones.

Chen Ming quickly replied: “I’m coming!”

Once Shi Lei heard that, his fingers were dancing on the keyboard, remotely activating Chen Ming’s webcam.

Webcam in year 2006, doesn’t have its own LED light. Shi Lei wasn’t worried at all of being noticed as he activated the webcam.

Through the webcam, Shi Lei watched Chen Ming opened his room’s door.

Shi Lei remotely added Wo Sang Empire’s porn films into the media player’s playlist.

Zhao Wu, Zhan Song and Zhao Wu’s comrade, three of them entered Unit 302.

Chen Ming was acting cool, “Greeting instructors! Teacher!”

Zhao Wu had a glance at Chen Ming and then said: “Today is the last day for room inspection. You guys are all in the room, I am pleased!”

Chen Ming secretly felt relieved. Luckily, he didn’t slip off somewhere to enjoy. If he was to get caught, won’t that be miserable?

“Reporting to instructor! Strictly speaking, military training time should have ended this evening!”

A trace of smile appeared in Zhao Wu’s face.

The following statement was the same excuse he gave to Zhan Song.

Hearing the argument of Chen Ming, Shi Lei smiled with an evil grin.

“This guy seems capable of acting fast!”

“But, lets see how are you gonna cover up next!”

Shi Lei remotely controlled Chen Ming’s computer, played the porn film and minimized the video player. He then completed the final step by maximizing the volume.

In Unit 302, out of nowhere, a burst of classic sound of ‘yi yi ar ar oh~’ as well as ‘yamete’, ‘yiku’ etc could be heard.

Chen Ming’s face changed. He had a look at his computer.

His three other roommates all looked down with red faces.

Zhan Song faintly smiled at Chen Ming. As for Zhao Wu, he was frowning.

“This is?”

Chen Ming quickly shook his head, “I myself also don’t know what is happening!”

“Maybe it’s some Internet ads!”

Listening to Chen Ming’s explanation, Shi Lei directly maximized the video player. All kind of love action was shown clearly on the 19 inch monitor!

That white, plump flesh hitting each other!

The voice which could tempt any man kept echoing within the room.

With a pale face, Chen Ming quickly grabbed his mouse and wanted to close the video player.

However, the mouse seemed to have fail him big time. It didn’t respond to his action at all!


“Yiku! Yiku!”

On the screen, the man in action was going for his last sprint!

At this moment, Chen Ming felt like digging a hole in the ground to hide himself.

Zhao Wu coldly said with a stern voice, “Faster close it!”

“Report to instructor, the mouse is not working!”

Chen Ming felt that he was dreaming now. His mouse was not moving at all yet he didn’t think off just unplugging his computer.

It was Zhang Song noticing the webcam and microphone, linking them to the currently playing Wo Sang Empire’s porn film. A thoughtful look was revealed on his facial expression.

Zhao Wu’s face turned black, “Close you damn computer now!”

Hearing this sentence, Shi Lei laughed out loud while hitting the ‘Enter’ key.

In Unit 302, Chen Ming who hadn’t make a move to close his computer and yet his monitor suddenly turned black as the hard disk spinned heavily.

As Chen Ming was about to unplug his computer, Zhan Song stopped him, “Halt!”

“If you don’t want your computer to be damaged, don’t turn it off!”

“The hard disk is undergoing low level formatting. If you force shutdown it, the hard disk will be destroyed!”

However, even by not shutting down, the hard disk itself was already almost ruined!

Low-level format would destroy all the data in the disk and there was also possibility of some damage on the disk itself!

Such operation would usually be performed on the hard disk before out from factory. Only manufacturers would do this kind of operation, ordinary consumer almost never used such operation.

With this low-level formatting, Shi Lei destroyed every evidence of his invasion completely!


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