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HK Chapter 16 – Campus software designing contest

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: Hashimishi



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Chapter 0016    Campus software designing contest

A meal of pickled chicken had brought Shi Lei closer to these two beauties. As for the little plum, he was once again forgotten in the corner.

He could only drew circle and cursed them!

Time passed in the blink of an eye. The military training was finally coming to an end.

The heat waves were still ongoing in Shuangqing City at the end of September.

In the evening, Shi Lei and Li Zhiyue were walking together along the campus pathway.

“Shi Lei, how’s your body now?”

Shi Lei smiled as he looked at Li Zhiyue.

“Zhiyue, you wanna listen to the truth or lies?”

Li Zhiyue pushed her huge big sunglasses, her long straight hairs could be seen flying in the wind.

“That medical record is false!”

Shi Lei shook his head, “That medical record is true!”

“But, the disease is false!”

Li Zhiyue shook her head, “You!”

“Not afraid of school finding out, you would then get kicked off the school!”

Her tone, there was an extra hint of pampering tone.

Shi Lei joked, “Teacher Li, now you know about it. Not preparing to report this to the head department?”


Li Zhiyue gave a light hum.

“Shi Lei, if you dare to neglect your study, I will definitely report to the head department!”

Shi Lei quickly grabbed his ears with both hands, pretending to be innocent.

“I dare not. I will be serious in study!”

Looking at the funny act of Shi Lei, Li Zhiyue burst into laughter and then ended with a sigh.

Although Shi Lei heard about it, he pretended not noticing it.

Their relationship was not well defined and also hard to deal with. It would be best to maintain such vague relationship.

“Shi Lei, after National Day holiday, our Computer Science department will be collaborating with two software companies to organise a software designing contest!”

Li Zhiyue pressed her messy hair back to her ears.

“Shi Lei, if your programming ability is not bad, then seize this opportunity.”

“The first place of the competition will receive ten thousand prize money as reward and also the title of outstanding student of Shuangqing University!”

“As for second and third place, there will be five thousand and three thousand prize reward respectively.”

Shi Lei of course knew about this software designing contest!

In his past life, the first place was taken by Chen Ming, the class representative!

However, it was not tie to Chen Ming’s excellent skill. Instead, it was due to Shuangqing’s Computer Science department collaborating with Chen Ming’s friend’s software company!

By using such relationship, Chen Ming directly won the contest!

Shi Lei didn’t have any good impression for this contest but seeing how much attention Li Zhiyue gave to this contest, he could only said, “Zhiyue, I will try my best!”

Li Zhiyue laughed, her laughter as if like a Chinese peony, so charming!

“Add oil, Shi Lei!”

After sending Li Zhiyue all the way to the teacher living area, then only did Shi Lei left with a reluctant mood.

Coming back to Unit 501 of doctoral dormitory, Shi Lei saw Li Cai, busy fiddling with mechanical parts in the living room.

“Little plum, what are you doing?”

Li Cai raised his head, “Ah? Brother Shitou is back!”

“I’m assembling a remote helicopter!”

Shi Lei showed a disdain look, “Really, how old are you man? Still want to play this remote helicopter?”

Li Cai retorted back with his small voice, “Brother Shitou, this is fuel powered remote helicopter. Not those kind of pathetic electronic type sold in market!”

“What’s the difference?”

Although Shi Lei’s hacking skill is top notch, that doesn’t mean that he could understand everything.

“The difference is big!”

“Electric remote controlled helicopter could only be considered as toys for kids!”

“As for fuel powered helicopter, regardless of flight altitude, load capacity, anti-jamming capability, all exceed the electric remote controlled helicopter!”

Shi Lei was somehow curious, “Little plum, these materials, they are not that easy to obtain, no?”

A fuel powered helicopter could casually cost thousands, right?

Li Cai laughed it off, “I smuggled them out from my dad’s workplace!”

SHi Lei was shocked at the answer.

Li Cai’s old man, Li Aiguo’s workplace, it was none other than Chang’an aircraft industry, Diyi research institute!

This kid could actually casually smuggle things out?

“Little plum, what are you going to use this helicopter for?”

Li Cai scratched his head as he shyly explained, “I am preparing to join the school’s mechanical club!”

“I’m gonna let those group of rusty to witness the true mechanical power!”

Shi Lei voiced out, “After finishing it, let Brother Shitou play!”

With a miserable face, Li Cai replied, “Brother Shitou, you know how to play or not?”

“Please don’t destroy it during your playtime.”

Shi Lei disdainly scolded him, “Whether I know or not, I need you to teach me?”

“Of course I don’t dare to!” Li Cai helplessly shook his head.

Shi Lei laughed out loud, “Well, little plum. You continue with your work. Brother Shitou is going to be busy from now on.”

Entering his room, Shi Lei turned on his computer.

The computer started normally and entered the welcome interface of Windows XP.

Shi Lei moved his mouse and clicked on a penguin looking icon on the desktop.

However, Shi Lei didn’t enter any username for QQ, instead he entered a line of English sentence. Without even keying the password, he hit the enter key.

The original XP interface instantly changed into Linux system.

Shi Lei’s computer was loaded with two kinds of system. Without knowing the phrase, there is simply no way to access the Linux system.

In the Linux system, a scanner was running.

This scanner was actually scanning the entire network of Shuangqing University.

Shuangqing University’s server has been in total control of Shi Lei. It was just that he hadn’t made any patch yet and also installing some dummies to hide his existence.

If Shi Lei want to silently control Shuangqing University’s server, it would not be a hard feat for him to do so.

After having full control, it was necessary to make the server indestructible. Not only that, he had to ensure the administrators as well as those rookies from Computer Science department to not notice the server being hacked, that was the difficult part!

Shi Lei’s personal computer was only worse by a bit in term of performance. After all, Shuangqing University’s server is not advanced.

It could only be said that in the standard of civilians, the server is still able to keep the front spot.

Sitting on the chair, after accessing the server, Shi Lei began to visit his controlled territory.

Through the system log, in just one day duration, the server had been attacked for more than one thousand times. The firewall managed to block 99% of the attacks. As for the remaining ones, the attacks were able to breach the firewall.

But they still failed in getting the management authority.

Shi Lei completed the analysis of the server.

There are two accounts with the highest authorities. One belongs to Shuangqing University’s principal, An Mingye.

As for the other account, it belongs to the chief of Computer Science department, Ji Mingyi.

Old An is a complete computer idiot. He would never touch his account which has the highest authorities.

However, Ji Mingyi was different. His computer skill was definitely not bad.

It was just that Ji Mingyi won’t pay attention to the campus server. He would only maintain the school laboratory server.

Thus, Shi Lei was able to create a high authority hidden account in the campus server.

Unless the server is to be shut down and investigate step by step, only then might the hidden account be discovered. However, that was only a possibility.

After completing the authority account, Shi Lei could openly access the server without needing any mean of invasion.

After accessing the server, Shi Lei instantly used his new super account to begin configuring the server’s security.

Ordinary attacks from the students, it was just a waste of time to bother about them as the firewall is more than enough to stop them.

What Shi Lei need to prevent was those bad guys trying to access the server core and obtaining the high authority accounts.

After spending exactly two hours on this, Shi Lei had finally finished setting up the server and numerous traps.

Once there was any bad guy attempting to steal the authority from the hand of Shi Lei, the traps would be triggered.

Then, the server would automatically sent a warning to Shi Lei’s computer which would then transfer the message to his mobile phone.

Carefully cleaning up the traces, Shi Lei stretched out his lazy waist.

“Little obedient, welcome back to the embrace of strange Shitou!”

Shi Lei said to himself.

Little obedient is the nickname of the campus server. In the past life, this server had been in full control in Shi Lei’s palm for four years.

After finishing this matter, Shi Lei visited the school forum.

In the school forum, all sort of gossip, jokes and flaming posts could be found.

Shi Lei randomly browsed several posts and found that they were all nonsense. Suddenly, his interest vanished.

Refreshing the page for a bit, only then did he found a post which caught his attention.

“Campus software designing contest”

In the post, details were written down. This contest was jointly organised by Computer Science department of Shuangqing University, Jin You software company as well as Zhisheng network security company.

As long as you’re a student of Shuangqing University, you can register to participate in this contest.

Registration date begins from 1st till 10th October.

Contest begins at 25th October!

First prize, 10,000 dollar and title of Shuangqing University’s outstanding student.

Second prize, 5,000 dollar.

Third prize, 3,000 dollar.

Also, any other excellent works stand a chance to be selected by the companies and bought at high price.

Besides inviting these two companies as judges, the post also stated that a computer magazine editor has been invited too as well as famous critics in this field.

Shi Lei coldly looked at the post and then noticed the ID that posted it, ‘Famous Sword’ the bastard!

Famous Sword, this ID, it was none other than the forum ID of Chen Ming!

Shi Lei immediately abused his super account and dug out the IP records of this ID account.

“Little boy, lets see how I am going to troll you!”

In the past life, Chen Ming repeated humiliated Shi Lei. It was just that Shi Lei had no strong backing that he was not able to retaliate!

Shi Lei entered Chen Ming’s IP address and scanned for open port.

After the scanner showed results, Shi Lei smirked.

“Indeed his family own software company!”

“Unnecessary ports, they are all closed!”

“Not bad security!”

Although it sounded like a praise, the tone of Shi Lei was rather sarcastic though.

Shi Lei directly selected port 80.

This is one of the several ports which would be open. Port 80 is using HTTP protocol. Shi Lei first found the web directory path and then wrote a cmd.asp, determining the firewall.

After temporarily shielding himself from Chen Ming’s firewall, he then secretly gained the control of Chen Ming’s computer.

Through remote monitoring, Shi Lei found out that this guy, Chen Ming was chatting with another person.

Both of them surprisingly were discussing about the software contest.

From the tone of Chen Ming, he needed to get first place in the contest!

Shi Lei rolled his eyes.

Damn your mother, such thick faced!

“Since you’re that shameless, then don’t blame Brother Shitou for being heartless!”

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