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HK Chapter 15 – Dear, I’m making a fortune!

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: Hashimishi



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Chapter 0015    Dear, I’m making a fortune!

From the kitchen, Lao Jiang’s low and shaky voice could be heard.

“Shitou, come and have a look!”

The chicken needed in Lao Jiang’s dish was slaughtered on the spot for the best condition in freshness. Thus, before slaughtering any chicken, customers would usually inspect the weighing scale.

Shi Lei knew that Lao Jiang hates others to look at the weighing scale.

It was not that Lao Jiang loves to calculate less weight but he would even took the initiative to omit the remainders.

Hating customers to inspect the weighting scale was just one of his strange habit.

Shi Lei loudly replied, “Lao Jiang, you just do as you see fit!”

“O yea, make for four person portion!”

Shi Lei took out his cell phone. Looking at the time, it was just a little over half past four.

The new students in military training eat at 5pm. With only a duration of twenty minutes, they would then have to return back to the field to participate in some small drills.

Only until 7pm are the new students allowed to be back to their dorm, to clean up their room.

Since the time was adequate, Shi Lei continued his shout.

“Also, you don’t have to use pressure cooker. Just stew them slowly under fire!”

“I have a lot of time, I can slowly wait!”

Inside the kitchen, Lao Jiang’s wrinkled face revealed a smile.

Lao Jiang was busy for a full half an hour before coming out from the kitchen.

Shi Lei took out one cigarette out from the half filled Yuxi given by Sun Feng, passing it to Lao Jiang.

Lao Jiang had a peek at the packaging of Yuxi and laughed, “Yuxi, this cigarette is not cheap!”

Year 2006, a pack of Yuxi in Shuangqing city is already priced at 22 Yuan.

In this time, an average wage here is usually around 1000 plus. Not many students could afford Yuxi!

Plus the fact that Shi Lei was wearing his cheap T-shirt coupled with jeans, no matter from which angle, he doesn’t look like a rich brat!

Shi Lei smiled, “Someone gave it to me!”

Lao Jiang no longer bother with it and casually changed topic, “You’re a new student of Shuangqing University?”

Shi Lei had a little shock in his mind. “How did you know?”

With a pleased expression, Lao Jiang said, “I have been operating this store in the backstreet for more than six years. No publicity nor signboard.”

“The ones who know about my pickled chicken, they are all regular customers!”

“Students who come here to eat, I can recognise each and every of them!”

Shi Lei took a mouthful of cold breath.

Lao Jiang had such unique ability?

Remembering every customer!

A permanent memory!

Looking at Shi Lei’s shocked expression, Lao Jiang felt proud at this moment.

“Shitou, I also have one question.”

“How do you, freshman know about my Lao Jiang pickled chicken?”

Shi Lei laughed it off, “Shuangqing University’s forum!”

“It must be the seniors who help promoting your shop!”

This matter, Shi Lei didn’t lie.

In his past life, it was through Shuangqing University’s forum that Shi Lei knew about Lao Jiang’s pickled chicken. Too bad, his previous life was so bad that he only visited the shop for a total of four times during his four years in college!

Lao Jiang smiled, “These young people, they do have heart!”

For about two hours, Shi Lei and Lao Jiang chatted with each other. In between their conversation, Lao Jiang did entered his kitchen back and forth for about five to six times.

Nearing seven o’clock, only then did Lao Jiang took out a huge ceramic pot from his kitchen. The ceramic pot was tightly sealed for insulation purpose.

“Shitou, be careful! Don’t break it!”

Shi Lei laughed it off, “En, I know!”

“O yea, Lao Jiang. How much is it?”

Lao Jiang had a look at Shi Lei and casually replied, “Chicken six catties and three taels, pickled vegetables one catty and two taels. In total, I will charge you two hundred and fifty!”

Hearing this, Shi Lei already noticed that Lao Jiang had excluded the remainder.

One catty of chicken is 40 as for pickled vegetables, one catty is 20. The total should be two hundred and seventy six!

Shi Lei smiled, “Alright!”

Then, he immediately took out 300 dollars and placed it on the table: “The remaining 50 bucks, return them back to me after I come back here again to return the pot!”

Lao Jiang didn’t beat around the bush and just kept the 300 dollars.

Carrying that huge pot, Shi Lei exited the stop.

Not even coming out from the alley yet, Shi Lei returned back to Lao Jiang’s shop.

“Hey! Lao Jiang, faster come out!”

Limping out, Lao Jiang felt something was not right and asked, “Shitou? Anything?”

With an embarrassed tone, Shi Lei replied, “Lend me four bowls and four pairs of chopsticks!”

“In dormitory, you know how could there be such things!”

With a wide smile, Lao Jiang packed the bowls and chopsticks into a plastic bag and handed it over to Shi Lei.

Feeling grateful, Shi Lei sincerely said: “Thanks, Lao Jiang!”

Lao Jiang waved his hand, “When you enter the gate, be careful!”

“Shuangqing University’s school guard is not easy to deal with.”

Shi Lei smiled and nodded.

Attaching the plastic bag on his wrist, Shi Lei went back to his campus while carrying the pot.

As expected, Shi Lei was stopped at the school gate.

A thirty plus middle aged guard looked at Shi Lei with a strange expression.

“Student, during military training period, outside food is strictly prohibited to be brought into the campus!”

Shi Lei with his face decorated with laughter, carefully put down the pot and took out the pack of Yuxi. After taking out one cigarette from the pack, he handled it to the guard.

“Big bro Qian, you don’t recognize me?”

The guard’s name is Qian Dekang who specifically guards the back gate of Shuangqing University. His pair of piercing eyes looks sinister.

Qian Dekang looked at Shi Lei suspiciously.

“You are?”

Shi Lei replied with a smile, “I am Shitou, living in the first floor of doctoral dormitory!”

Qian Dekang patted his head, “How could I not remember anything?”

“Big bro Qian, you really forget about me!” While saying so, Shi Lei took out his dormitory key.

Because he only received the key recently, on the key, the dormitory address number sticker was still sticked on it.

Qian Dekang had a quick look at the key. When he noticed that the key was indeed true, he laughed it off, “So you’re really from doctoral dormitory!”

“Then faster enter!”

Shi Lei handed the remaining cigarettes over to Qian Dekang, “Thanks, big bro Qian!”

Qian Dekang smiled as he held the box of Yuxi, “Shitou, you’re so generous!”

“I should do so. After all, big bro Qian has contributed a lot!”

After that, Shi Lei rushed back to the dormitory while carrying the large pot.

In the security room, another guard voiced out, “Who was that guy just now?”

Qian Dekang smiled and explained, “Shitou from doctoral dormitory!”

“Come, have a smoke!”

Saying so, Qian Dekang gave a cigarette of Yuxi over.

“Wow, Yuxi!”

Back into the doctoral dormitory, the time had already past seven o’clock.

Shi Lei directly stopped in front of the door of Unit 502 and knocked on the door.

In the house, Ling Yumo’s voice echoed.

“Who is it?”

Shi Lei whispered, “Your Brother Shitou!”


“You strange Shitou!”

Once again, Ling Yumo’s voice came across from the opposite side of the door.

“Strange Shitou, what are you here for?”

“Open the door for me!” Shi Lei complained.

Too bad, Ling Yumo refused, “I’m sorry, strange Shitou. Sister Mu Shuang says that you and that insignificant guy are not allowed to enter!”

Shi Lei began to throw some sweets, “Xiao Mo, faster open the door. I have some surprises!”

“What surprises?” Ling Yumo didn’t open the door directly. Instead, she asked carefully.

Shi Lei laughed in a strange tone, “Still not opening the door, Bro Shitou is going to enjoy all these alone!”

The door of Unit 502 slowly opened up.

The head of Ling Yumo peaked out from the door.

“What is that thing? So fragrant!”

Shi Lei raised both hands, showing that huge pot.

“Slowly braised, pickled chicken!”

“How is it?”

“Do you want to eat?”

Ling Yumo hesitated for a moment, she kept swallowing the saliva.

During military training, the food standard in the canteen is much lower than during normal times. Even Ling Yumo who isn’t a girl who love eating had also been tempted!

“Fast come in then!”

Ling Yumo opened the door, allowing Shi Lei to enter.

Once again, he entered the house. Compared to first time, there were already some differences, with delicate decoratives touches here and there.

Mu Shuang’s voice could be heard coming out from room number two.

“Yumo, who is here?”

Shi Lei gave a teasing cry, “Brother Shitou is here!”

The following second was followed by Mu Shuang’s scream.

“Yumo, how could you let him enter?”

With a soft voice, Ling Yumo replied, “Sister Mu Shuang, I’m sorry!”

“But strange Shitou brought some delicacy along!”

Within room number two, Mu Shuang who was wearing pyjamas, her cheeks flushed, “What delicacy?”

Ling Yumo grinned, “Sister Mu Shuang, come out and you will know!”

Mu Shuang hesitated for a moment, “Hold on a moment!”

Changing the pyjamas into a set of white sportswear, Mu Shuang opened the door and came out.

“Huh? So fragrant~!”

Ling Yumo dragged Mu Shuang’s hand and laughed, “Sister Mu Shuang, come and smell the food!”

Mu Shuang nodded and glanced at Shi Lei.

“Shi Lei, how did you bring it in?”

“During military training, the guard should be particularly strict, no?”

Shi Lei answered: “Who am I, I am Brother Shitou!”

“There is nothing Brother Shitou can’t do!”

Ling Yumo with her cute groan, “Strange Shitou, can you stop bragging!”

Shi Lei laughed it off, “Let me make a call to that wrenched cute boy. How could I be his friend without doing so!”

After hanging up the phone call, not even one minute later, the sound of the door knock could be heard.

Shi Lei took the initiative to open the door.

With his glittering eyes, Li Cai entered while whispered, “Brother Shitou, you’re almighty!”

“I really worship you a lot!”

“Brother Shitou, how did you persuade them to allow us to enter?”

Shi Lei hit Li Cai’s head for a second, “Small plum, can you just keep your mouth shut!”

“Fast come inside and eat!”

Li Cai is a glutton. When he heard there was food for him to eat, he was suddenly excited: “What food?”

“These two days of military training, I am nearly dead from food porn!”

Ling Yumo and Mu Shuang were sitting on the fabric sofa. As for Shi Lei and Li Cai, they were sitting opposite them.

Li Cai praised while eating, “Such taste, it is so delicious!”

Shi Lei felt proud of himself, “I am not trying to brag but Lao Jiang’s pickled chicken is the best even in the whole city of Shuangqing!”

“Own chicken breed and homemade pickled vegetables, the materials are all organic and healthy!”

Li Cai nodded his head in agreement. His chopsticks didn’t stop moving for even a second, not caring about his image at all in front of the two beauties.

Mu Shuang slowly chewed a piece of chicken meat and then opened her mouth.

“Shi Lei, I’m afraid these pickled chicken were not cheap right?”

Ling Yumo also looked at Shi Lei.

From the how Shi Lei dressed himself, it was pretty obvious that Shi Lei is not some rich man.

If the pickled chicken is expensive, then after this meal, four of them would have to hunger themselves for following few days.

“Not expensive at all. Lao Jiang even rounded it off to just two hundred and fifty!”

In year 2006, for a man with average salary to have a meal costing two hundred and fifty is really a bit retarded!

Mu Shuang took the initiative, “This meal, I will treat!”

Shi Lei immediately interrupted, “Dear, I am making a fortune!”

“I can still afford to treat a meal!”

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