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HK Chapter 14 – Lao Jiang Pickled Chicken

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: drpetro


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Chapter 0014    Lao Jiang Pickled Chicken

When the time approached 1:30 pm, Shi Lei finally stopped hitting the keyboard.

He stood up and stretched his lazy wrist. Picking up a bottle of mineral water, he took several mouthfuls of water to swish.

“Brother Feng, I’m so hungry now!”

Feng Ke asked nervously, “Mr. Shi, how’s the situation?”

Shi Lei raised his lips, “Chief Feng, have a look at them yourself. Are they the ones you’re looking for?”

On the computer screen, a full screen folder showed a thumbnail of images.

Feng Ke quickly grabbed the mouse, and clicked on each photo one by one.

His face revealed a look of excitement.

“That’s right!”

“They’re indeed my deceased dad’s photos!”

“Thank you!”

With both hands, Feng Ke grabbed Shi Lei’s right hand, and shook with a force, “Mr. Shi, really, thanks!”

Shi Lei didn’t really worry about it, “Nothing to worry. After all, you’re my customer. The customer is always first!”

After calming down for a bit, Feng Ke opened his mouth, “Mr. Shi, how much does this cost then?”

Shi Lei thought for a moment. In fact, it wasn’t a difficult task to restore such data. It was just that there were still no readily made tools to do so.

It seemed like Shi Lei was working on recovering the data for three to four hours. In fact, most of the time was spent on preparing the recovery software.

The actual data recovery process only took a little over 10 minutes.

And the recovery software which had been prepared could still be used again in the future!

Sun Feng, who was standing beside, whispered, “Shitou, give a favourable price!”

“No matter what, you got the job thanks to this brother, right?”

Shi Lei laughed out loud, “Alright!”

“I will give Brother Feng his face. Chief Feng, I will only charge you 100 for each photo!”

“Overall there are 62 photos. Forget about the fraction. I will charge you six thousand only!”

Sun Feng opened his mouth wide, looking at Shi Lei with a shock expression.

“Shitou, you…..this is a bit too dark?”

Shi Lei shrugged his shoulder, “Chief Feng had already asked from several data recovery studio before this.”

“To restore this level of data, those studios definitely wouldn’t charge anything less than ten thousand!”

“Again, in this field of data recovery, the price tag is entirely self-created.”

“If you feel that it’s worthy, then spending more money won’t be considered much. In contrast, if the data isn’t worthy, it would only be worth a penny!”

Sun Feng coughed, feeling embarrassed, “But…”

“But just a few photos, really, six….”

Feng Ke raised his hand as a sign for Sun Feng to stop, “Xiao Sun, you don’t need to say any more!”

“What Mr. Shi said is correct. Such a value for these photos isn’t expensive.”

“Before this, I have asked from several studios. Their asking price was much higher than Mr. Shi’s.”

“Mr. Shi’s price is very appropriate. It’s even a bit too low!”

Having said so, Feng Ke took out a stack of red colored dollar bills from his wallet and handled them to Shi Lei.

“Mr. Shi, once again, thanks!”

Shi Lei was surprised for a moment. He only asked for six thousand but Feng Ke gave him ten thousand instead!

“Chief Feng, this is too much!”

“Six thousand should be sufficient.”

Feng Ke smiled with his hand signaling him to keep it. Then, he took out his business card, and handled it to Shi Lei.

“Mr. Shi, you don’t have to be reserved. If I have a need, I hope that you can help me in the future!”

Shi Lei had second thoughts about it. Understanding Feng Ke’s intentions, Feng Ke wanted to have a good relation with him. If there was any trouble, he could just reach out for his help.

After figuring that out, Shi Lei also no longer hesitated. With a smile, he placed the thousands worth red packet in his pocket.

Then he had a look at the table that was filled with their meals.

At this time, during September, the weather was extremely hot in this stove-like Shuangqing City.

Even within the Bainao building, the central air conditioning system working non-stop was unable to put the food cold.

“Aha, I’ll starve to death!”

Feng Ke quickly said, “Mr. Shi, why not let me treat you a meal? Let’s eat outside!”

Shi Lei shook his head again and again.

“Thanks for Chief Feng’s good intention. I just need to enjoy my meal at Brother Feng’s place.”

The actual reason was that Shi Lei didn’t want to get too close to him.

Feng Ke took back his pendrive and said a few courtesy words before leaving hurriedly.

At that moment, Sun Feng sighed, “My little brother Shitou, Lord Shitou, you just let go off a good opportunity, don’t you know!”

“Huanshi Anfang, which Chief Feng takes care of, is a company worth hundreds of millions!”

Shi Lei chuckled within his heart.

A company worth millions of dollar and in Xia Empire’s currency? That is the so-called giant company?

Over at Li Jian Empire, those companies worth hundreds of billions of US dollars, what are they then?

“Brother Feng, your father has some business deal with Chief Feng?”

“Looking at your appearance, it’s like you are attending to your master.”

Shi Lei teased.

Sun Feng nodded and didn’t refute it.

“Huanshi Anfang, besides engaging in security and fire equipment, also provides electronic monitoring security programs.”

“It has a great influence in Shuangqing city!”

“In Shuangqing city, a lot of government projects which require custom monitoring equipment are all provided by Huanshi Anfang.”

Shi Lei’s eyes shined brightly.

Feng Ke was actually involved in electronic monitoring equipment?

In other words, he will probably buy a lot of such equipment from Feng Ke!

“If that’s the case, then I need to know him for a bit.”

Shi Lei sat on the chair and began to eat with a smile.

Sun Feng then began to voice out his complaint, “Shitou, how could you not wait for me?”

“Brothers, let’s come here and eat together!”

In the store, the three technical maintenance workers and the odd job worker, Xiao Liu, came around together.

After finishing his meal, Shi Lei patted Sun Feng’s shoulder.

“Brother Feng, I’m planning to build a PC. Give me a discount price!”

Sun Feng rolled his eyes.

“You blood sucker!”

“You have just earned eleven thousand and yet you want to save a little money!”

Shi Lei pretended to show a stingy expression.

“This man here is now attending a college.”

“Besides paying for tuition fees, I need to save some to win the heart of two beauties in my school.”

Sun Feng admitted: “Shitou, you’re strong!”

“Others only want to get one and yet you’re going for two!”

Shi Lei began to blow his trumpet, “Once a stone is thrown, it will hit two targets at once.”

Sun Feng turned back to his serious expression, “What kind of PC you want to build?”

“Just intermediate kinda!”

In year 2006, investing ten thousand or so in building a computer wouldn’t exactly bring a decent performance to price ratio.

Shi Lei didn’t intend to spend all his money here.

This was, after all, his living expenses!

Shi Lei had a look at the catalogue. A moment later, Shi Lei was attracted to a computer with a price tag of seven thousand plus.

“Brother Feng, your price is too dark!”

In year 2006, the profit margin in the computer industry was still huge!

Sun Feng took out a calculator and pressed a few times on it before handing it over to Shi Lei.

On the calculator’s display, a figure of five thousand two hundred was shown.

Shi Lei immediately minused two hundred from it and started to count the cash.

“Brother Feng, five thousand, how about round it up to a nice figure?”

Sun Feng helplessly smiled, “Since you already said so, can I still say no?”

About 10 minutes later, Sun Feng arranged one of his workers to to assemble the computer and then installed Windows XP in it. (TL: Hahaha, XP is the best.)

“Shi Lei, as for the OS, you settle it yourself!”

Shi Lei nodded.

“Thanks, Brother Feng!”

Taking out his phone to have a look at the time, it was now past three o’clock. Shi Lei began to prepare himself to return to the campus.

Sun Feng immediately commanded: “Xiao Liu, send Shi Lei back!”

Xiao Liu quickly carried the CPU and monitor, “Brother Shitou, let me send you!”

In his heart, Shi Lei secretly felt that it was funny.

Xiao Liu’s age was so much older than him!

This was the helplessness of social order!

Facing those who are more successful, even if he was older than them, he still had to show respect!

Shi Lei didn’t mind it and walked in front.

There was still six thousand in his pocket. Shi Lei naturally wouldn’t take the bus to avoid any risk of being targeted by thieves.

Also it wasn’t convenient to carry a computer in a crowded bus.

Stopping a taxi, he immediately went straight to his university.

From Shiqiao District to Shuanghu District, he had to spend one hundred and twenty plus. Though he had just made a huge sum of money, this still caused heartache.

With his left hand carrying the CPU and the right hand with monitor, Shi Lei headed towards the doctoral dormitory.

Li Cai that bastard, he naturally wasn’t in the dorm. That little plum was still in military training!

Shi Lei put down the computer and went to the bathroom to wash his face. Only then did he take out the money from his pocket and remove five thousand to hide under the bed sheets in his room.

With some money left, Shi Lei went out from his room.

Since he had earned money, it was appropriate to give a proper celebration.

During military training, the new students not only had to drill during the day, even at night after dinner they would still randomly select some units for a spot check.

Thus, whenever the military training ended in the evening, the new students dare not go out.

If luck wasn’t on their side and their units were selected, 30 credits would be deducted for not being in the room.

If in one semester, the credits didn’t exceed 60, then that would be a tragedy!

In Shuangqing University, there was still one unique feature. For those who had less than 60 credits in one semester, they would have to attend social morality and personality courses for the next semester.

In every class there would be attendance taken. No class was allowed to be skipped!

In the forum of Shuangqing University, countless seniors had warned the juniors to not take any chances during military training.

Once 30 credits were deducted during military training, it was almost a certainty that during the second semester they would have to attend social morality and personality courses.

Shi Lei, the only guy who didn’t participate in military training, with his neat attire, quietly exited the campus through the back gate.

The street behind the campus was bustling with people as usual.

A large number of college students were occupying the site, eating and drinking.

In the backstreet, Shi Lei walked into a small alley. Once he found a pickled chicken store with no sign, only then did he enter.

“Lao Jiang, you have a customer. Come faster and take the order!”

Shi Lei shouted with his voice.

An old man with gray hair who looked fifty plus, walked out with his limp legs.

He was called Lao Jiang. Whether it was his real name or not, Shi Lei didn’t know.

Although Lao Jiang is limp, his pickled chicken was definitely one of the unique foods in the backstreet.

When Lao Jiang introduced himself, he had made pickled chicken for more than fifteen years.

Lao Jiang had a glance at Shi Lei. His eyes were revealing a trace of doubt.

Shi Lei laughed and said, “Lao Jiang, give me a bowl of pickled chicken. Also, I want to pack some home too.”

Lao Jiang’s weak and old voice sounded.

“You are?”

Shi Lei patted his own head, “I am Shi Lei. Shi of stone, Lei of stone. Lao Jiang, just call me Shitou.”

“I’m from Shuangqing University!”

“From now on, we are friends!”

Lao Jiang was a straightforward man. Naturally he was more fond for the same kind too. That was why Shi Lei was so daring to exchange greetings with him.

“Oh? Shuangqing University?”

“So you’re called Shitou?”

“This friend, I’m willing to make!”

Shi Lei served himself and found a chair to sit on.

“Lao Jiang, make them more tasty!”

Lao Jiang nodded and walked back to the kitchen with his limp legs.
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