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HK Chapter 11 – For senior official, we offer our service!

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: NIcko


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Chapter 11 For senior official, we offer our service!

For making up his regret, Shi Lei found out from Li Cai’s mouth that him not attending the military training, Ling Yumo had a different opinion about it.

Thus, Shi Lei decided to visit the drill ground and had a look at the new students’ military training.

September 11, the weather was good on that day.

In September, the weather is the hottest in Shuangqing City, also known as furnace city.

At 10 am, that brightly shining sun made the surrounding air super hot.

Shi Lei slowly walked towards the drill ground with a bottle of mineral water.

Shuangqing University’s military training is directly under the school management. However, the period of the training is quite long, a full duration of one month.

At the drill ground, many first year students were standing under the scorching hot sun with their army uniform.

Shi Lei walked towards the area of the Computer Study Department and easily found the figure of Ling Yumo.

Even under an army uniform, Ling Yumo still looked outstanding.

Standing at the side of the drill ground, under the shade, his presence suddenly attracted countless eyes.

One of the thin looking boys with glasses shouted, “Report!”

The instructor looked at the boy for a second, “Anything?”

The thin boy with glasses pointed at Shi Lei.

“Instructor, he is our class student. Why is he not participating in the military training?”

The instructor turned around and had a look at Shi Lei.

Shi Lei actually smiled and he even waved at the instructor.

The instructor frowned as he walked towards Shi Lei.

“Student, why are you not participating in the military training?”

Shi Lei was not even feeling a slight tense, “Instructor, my body is not healthy so I have been exempted from the military training.”

The instructor nodded and turned back, leaving the shade.

Since Shi Lei had told the reason, the instructor naturally won’t have any doubt.

It was not because Shi Lei looked like one who could be trusted, but Shuangqing University management is definitely trustworthy.

If Shi Lei didn’t have a military training exemption letter, then the lecturer would naturally arrange Shi Lei to be in the military training.

The shouting of the ‘one, two, three, four’ slogan echoed within the drill ground.

The scorching sun had done its job well in letting the first year students sweating non-stop.

After standing for an hour, the instructor of class 3 year ‘06 waved and said, “Only 5 minutes of rest!”

Shi Lei quickly walked towards Ling Yumo.

Ling Yumo lightly groaned and turned around to ignore Shi Lei.

That thick face of Shi Lei, he completely ignored the surrounding laughter and handed the bottle of mineral water in his hand to Ling Yumo.

“Xiao Mo, come drink some water!”

Ling Yumo, in the end, took the bottle and drank the water slowly.

“Shitou Guai, why didn’t I see you these few days?”

Shi Lei then replied with a half truth reason, “I’ve been busy these days!”

Ling Yumo glanced at Shi Lei for a second.

“What are you busy with?”

Shi Lei scratched his head and whispered softly, “Looking for part time job, or else I won’t have money to eat!”

His words were not a lie.

Shi Lei is an orphan. To be more accurate, he didn’t know who his parents are.

Although he had a so-called uncle, that uncle totally didn’t give a damn about Shi Lei. The relationship between them was bad.

Shi Lei’s economic resources were all his own hard work!

Previously, Shi Lei mainly helped out at Internet cafes and was charged with solving any problem there.

As for now, after his rebirth, with his past life world-class hacking ability as well as his strong programming skills, Shi Lei was ready to plan his own route to take.

After all, his enemy, the mysterious organization is a large international organization.

Ling Yumo thought that Shi Lei was just joking.

“Then go, Shitou Guai!”

Shi Lei just smiled and no longer explained.

“Xiao Mo, do you feel tired of the military training?”

Ling Yumo suddenly complained, “Too exhausted!”

“Everyday I have to eat that disgusting meal!”

“Also, such a hot sun, it causes great harm to the skin.”

“If not because of me preparing sunscreen, my skin would have died!”

Hearing Ling Yumo’s complaints, Shi Lei’s heart felt a faint sense of happiness.

“Yumo, then why don’t you skip military training too?”

Ling Yumo felt emotional, “I wanted to but…”

“Now, there is really no way to escape the military training!”

Shi Lei just casually said. Although his hacking ability is extremely formidable, he is after all still not the almighty God.

Five minutes were up. The instructor once again announced for them to gather.

Shi Lei pointed at the other side of the drill ground, “I will go have a look at Mu Shuang.”

Ling Yumo nodded and didn’t felt anything wrong.


Mu Shuang is in Class 2, Year ‘06 of the Business Administration Department. Carrying the bottle of mineral water, Shi Lei walked along the edge of the drill ground and took a detour to look for the Department of Business Administration site.

After searching for more than 10 minutes, Shi Lei finally managed to find Mu Shuang.

Her height is about 1.7m. As she was wearing the army uniform, she seemed to look valiant.

Shi Lei who was standing opposite of the site which Mu Shuang was at, smiling and waving.

Mu Shuang stared blankly and not even bother Shi Lei.

However, several boys in her class were showing a look of dissatisfaction.

One boy who was tall, about 1.9m ferociously stared at Shi Lei.


The instructor surnamed Zhao who was in charge of the class is just an ordinary little soldier. He seemed to be quite young from his appearance.


“Report to the instructor, that kid opposite us, he is affecting our military training!”

That tall boy, his name is Zhu Xu.

During the class meeting that day, the moment he saw Mu Shuang, he had already deeply admired her.

Walking towards Shi Lei, Instructor Zhou frowned, “Student, which class are you from?”

“How come you do not participate in the military training?”

Shi Lei smiled as he replied, “Hello Instructor. My health is not good so I am exempted from training.”

Instructor Zhao grunted.

“Since you are not participating in the training, then don’t disturb us!”

Shi Lei shook his head as a sign to refuse.

“I’m sorry, Instructor but I’m waiting for my friend.”

Instructor Zhao was momentarily unable to make things difficult for Shi Lei.

But, Instructor Zhao is after all still a hot-blooded young man. Being stepped on the tail by Shi Lei, he naturally was not in a good mood.

When he noticed Zhu Xu, his heart secretly sneered.

“Students, you will only have a 30-minute break!”

The whole class immediately cheered.

A half hour break!

How extravagant is that!

Zhu Xu immediately brought along three people and approached Shi Lei.

Instructor Zhao pretended to not see this as his mouth slightly raised up.

A trace of concern could be seen in Mu Shuang’s face but thinking of the hot pot incident back then at the back street, where Shi Lei easily beat up four people, Mu Shuang broke into a smile.

A girl who was standing beside Mu Shuang began to ridicule, “Shuang Shuang, one of your admirers again?”

Mu Shuang not only didn’t answer her but showed a look of displeasure.

Obviously, she hated this girl.

At the edge of drill ground, Zhu Xu and co were surrounding Shi Lei.

“Little kid, just now you were so brave, right? We are halfway through the military training and you dared to take liberties with us?”

Shi Lei casually shrugged his shoulder.

“Taking liberties with you guys?”

“I’m sorry but I’m not gay!”

“Don’t think that others would be gay if you guys are gays yourselves.”

Zhu Xu’s face instantly changed. It was exactly like that cold face during constipation.

“Little brat, trying to f*ck yourself?”

The girl beside Mu Shuang, her name is Huo Tingting. She is none other than a typical gold-digger.

“Shuang Shuang, I’m afraid Zhu Xu won’t easily let your friend off.”

“Don’t you care about him?”

As Mu Shuang took her second step, she frowned, “Huo Tingting, please call me Mu Shuang!”

At the edge of the drill ground, Shi Lei stared at Zhu Xu and co with contempt.

“F*cking myself?”

“With just you four small fries?”

“Brother Shitou is even embarrassed to ravage you guys!”

With a clenched fist, Zhu Xu ferociously said, “Little brat, you desire a spanking that much?”

Shi Lei glanced at Zhu Xu for a second.

“Try and see?”

“F*cker, beat him up!”

How could Zhu Xu endure this humiliation, taking the lead, he directed a punch at Shi Lei.

Both eyes of Huo Tingting shined as she couldn’t help to say, “Harder Zhu Xu, beat him up!”

Mu Shuang resentfully looked at Huo Tingting.

“Shi Lei, don’t let me down!”

Looking at the incoming thick fist, Shi Lei was not even feeling a slight fright. His figure flashed. Taking a step back, he caught Zhu Xu’s incoming arm and dragged him forward.

Zhu Xu, his whole body immediately dragged forward without any resistance. As Shi Lei stepped forward, his right leg raised up. That knee of his hit perfectly at Zhu Xu’s chest.

Suffering from severe pain, Zhu Xu dropped down to the ground and kept screaming as he rolled.

As for the other three, looking at the gigantic Zhu Xu already beaten to the ground in one move, their heart unconsciously made them retreat.

Shi Lei also no longer bothered with these three idiots and directly walked to Mu Shuang.

“Mu Shuang, you enjoy this good show?”

Mu Shuang replied with a slight smile, “Not bad!”

“Never have I expect that you are this powerful!”

Shi Lei’s eyebrows raised up, “What, I thought you have seen this already at backstreet that day?”

Mu Shuang evaded the question and changed the topic, “What are you doing here?”

“Not afraid of Ling Yumo being jealous?”

Shi Lei laughed out loud as he said, “I naturally asked for her permission!”

“Besides, there is nothing between us right?”

Mu Shuang rolled her eyes over Shi Lei.

“What’s the matter exactly?”

Shi Lei shook his head hard, “Really, there is really nothing!”

“I’m just here to have a look, that’s all!”

Mu Shuang seemed to have thought of something, with her cold expression, “You have seen already. Then, you can go away!”

Shi Lei knew Mu Shuang’s characters very well. He didn’t mind it at all and immediately turned his body to leave.

Although there was a small episode just now, that didn’t affect the military training. Instructor Zhao also didn’t want to make things big as long as Shi Lei left the drill ground.

As he walked and listened to the shouts from the training session, Shi Lei’s heart sighed. It could be said that he had completely lost the opportunity to train in the military training.

This is the so-called giving something in return of something!

To make up for his past life’s regret, he had lost the only opportunity to experience military training.

However, Shi Lei didn’t felt any regret about his decision.

In his heart, Li Zhiyue had a much greater weight than any military training experience.

Under the shade of a tree, Shi Lei sat on the ground.

In front of Shi Lei right now were students from the Department of Human Resources Management.

The students from this faculty, in addition to learning the administration of human resources, some of them opted for secretary work.

The ratio of females joining this department is always much higher than males.

Shi Lei randomly looked at the girls.

Their instructor turned out to be a company commander!

The company commander was now leading the command.

This is military training, an essential activity for students.

Shi Lei watched them while drinking some water.

As the company commander stood in front of the students, he shouted loudly, “Greetings, fellow students!”

In uniform, the students replied, “Greetings, commander!”

Feeling satisfied, the company commander continued, “Students, you all have worked hard!”

The students’ voice was in uniform once again, “For the people, we offer our service!”

As the company commander was preparing to announce a ten minutes break, a girl who had been confused being under the hot sun for a long time shouted half a beat late.

“For senior official, we offer our service!”


Shi Lei’s mouth which was filled with water, directly sprayed out.

That girl’s fellow classmates without any restraint, broke into laughter as they were unable to hold it.
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