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HK Chapter 10 – The regret in previous life, I will make it up in this life!

Translator: Yorasu

Editor: Nick0


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Chapter 0010 The regret in previous life, I will make it up in this life!

The Moon Forest, Moon Lake.

Shi Lei who was holding a video camera walked out.

Jiang Pan was stunned for a moment. His eyes coldly stared at Shi Lei.

“Who are you?”

First, Shi Lei looked at Li Zhiyue, “Teacher Li, are you alright?”

Li Zhiyue quickly shook her head and immediately warned, “Shi Lei, that bottle is sulphuric acid. You are not in a good health, be careful!”

Jiang Pan coldly grumped.

“Poor health yet wants to be a hero?”

“Old sick man, go to hell!”

Jiang Pan, while holding the sulphuric acid with his left hand and his right hand forming a fist, rushed towards Shi Lei.

Li Zhiyue exclaimed, “Shi Lei, careful!”

“Jiang Pan learned Taekwondo before!”

A hint of disdain was revealed within Shi Lei’s gaze.


That dancing performance art?!

Compared to the special training, which he once underwent in the mysterious organization, this was just a child’s play.

When Jiang Pan was approaching closer, Shi Lei sidestepped and evaded the incoming punch of Jiang Pan. Counter attacking as he was evading, his right fist arrived at Jiang Pan’s left chest.

The extreme pain on his chest directly made Jiang Pan collapse on the spot, his whole body was soullessly lying on the ground.

Facing Jiang Pan who ultimately destroyed the life of Li Zhiyue, Shi Lei’s heart was brimming with anger.

With a foot stepping on Jiang Pan’s chest which is without any protection, the extreme pain caused Jiang Pan’s forehead to perforate with cold sweat.

“F*ck your mom, Jiang Pan! I thought you wanted to show off just now?”

“Even daring to dream of hurting Zhiyue!”

“You brainless retard!”

Once again, Shi Lei kicked Jiang Pan’s chest. This made Jiang Pan painfully shiver.

Li Zhiyue immediately tried to stop him, “Shi Lei, forget about it!”

“Don’t hit him till any mishap happens! That would just get you in trouble!”

Looking at Jiang Pan with an expressionless face, Shi Lei gave him a slap which caused Jiang Pan to faint instantly.

Only then did he walk towards Li Zhiyue. Unknowingly, his right hand raised up, stroking the beautiful face of Li Zhiyue.

“Zhiyue, you alright?”

Shi Lei’s tone was filled with deep concern. His gaze was only full of worry, not even a hint of dirty desires. This really made Li Zhiyue’ heart constantly struggle.

Feeling the temperature of Shi Lei’s palm, Li Zhiyue eventually pushed Shi Lei aside.

“I….I’m fine.”

Having said that, Li Zhiyue lowered her head.

Shi Lei apologetically shook his head, “Sorry for my rude action just now.”

Li Zhiyue shook her head slightly as a sign of not minding it, “Shi Lei, why are you here?”

Being silent for a moment, Shi Lei began to explain with a deep and serious voice.

“Zhiyue, do you believe in reincarnation?”

Li Zhiyue puzzlingly looked at Shi Lei.

Shi Lei then continued, “Zhiyue, if I am to tell you that I knew you in my past life, will you believe me?”

“The moment when I saw you, there was a feeling within my mind. Plus, a few unfamiliar images emerged.”

“Among them, the one that appeared the most is here, the Moon Forest, Moon Lake.”

“In order to figure out what is happening, I rented a video camera to record all the scenery of the Moon Forest and the Moon Lake.”

“Then, through the computer, I can again try to recall the images I had in my mind while watching the video.”

“Just that, I did not expect that today I actually get to save you, Zhiyue.”

“Perhaps all these are arranged by the will of Heaven!”

Li Zhiyue looked at Shi Lei with a suspicious expression. She didn’t know whether to believe that explanation of Shi Lei or not.

After all, what Shi Lei said was too odd. For an atheist living in the modern era, the impact was too great.

Shi Lei was very clear of Li Zhiyue’s character. If it’s only this and without any concrete evidence, she would definitely not believe him at all.

“Zhiyue, I know you don’t believe me.”

Li Zhiyue didn’t agree neither deny it. She only let Shi Lei continue to speak.

“Zhiyue, you are born on March 20, 1980, right?”

“How did you know?”

Li Zhiyue was caught in surprise.

Shi Lei took the initiative to continue his explanation, “Zhiyue, perhaps knowing your birthday is not even a difficult task.”

“The school file has you ID card information after all.”

Li Zhiyue nodded, “What you say is true.”

With his natural look, “You were born during zi chi right?”

(TL: zi chi represents 11pm to 1am, a system of two-hour subdivision used in former times)

“On the day itself, it was a full moon.”

“This is the origin of your name, isn’t it?”

“Originally, you should be named Li Ziyue but your mom insisted on naming you Li Zhiyue.”

Li Zhiyue already opened her eyes widely, staring at Shi Lei with a stunned expression.

If Shi Lei knew about her birthday, it could still be done by checking the school file.

But what he said just now, was not something stated in the file!

Not to say the file, the ones who knew about this are herself and her parents only!

Li Zhiyue was very sure that it was definitely not her parents telling this to Shi Lei.

After all, such a private matter, unless Shi Lei is her boyfriend and the kind of boyfriend which is already in the stage of discussing marriage, he wouldn’t know about this.

“Shi Lei….how do you know?”

Shi Lei’s face now showed a mysterious smile.

“Zhiyue, I have already said it just now. We knew each other in previous life, that’s why I know about it.”

Li Zhiyue’s face was blushing right now, “Past life….”

“In past life, what is our relationship?”

Shi Lei took two steps forward. Lowering his head, his lips went next to Li Zhiyue’s ear.

“Zhiyue, you really want to know?”

The warm breath puffing at Li Zhiyue’s ear caused blood to flow to her ear.

Li Zhiyue gave a light moan.

(ED: Just this and she is already moaning? Seems like she is pretty sensitive)

With a smile, Shi Lei took a step back, “For the time being, I’m not telling you.”

Then, Shi Lei pointed at Jiang Pan who was unconscious on the ground, “Zhiyue, how do we deal with him?”

Li Zhiyue hesitated for a moment, finally, her kind conscience won the war in her brain, “Let him go!”

“After this lesson, I think he would be able to self-reflect and turn over a new leaf!”

As expected, Shi Lei shook his head.

“Not only he won’t reflect on himself, I’m afraid he would be even more aggressive, right?”

“Zhiyue, you are obviously clear of this yet you wanna keep lying to yourself?”

“The reason that you don’t like this Jiang Pan is that even though he appears to be good on the outside, his heart is extremely dark right?”

Once again, Li Zhiyue looked at Shi Lei with a shocked expression.

“You….you even know this?”

Shi Lei smiled non-stop, “Zhiyue, I already mentioned that we knew each other in our past life.”

After saying this, Shi Lei took out his cell phone and dialed the police.

“Hello, I am a student from Shuangqing University. I want to report an incident.”

With the call, the police immediately started to record.

“Student, what situation is this?”

“At the Moon Forest near the Shuangqing University, a man who was attempting to disfigure a girl had been luckily stopped by me. I hope the police can come here as fast as possible to handle the situation right now.”

Shi Lei calmly said with an imposing manner.

“Alright, thanks to this student for reporting to us, the police. We will immediately come and deal with it.

In less than five minutes, a police car stopped outside of the Moon Forest.

Three policemen quickly entered the Moon Forest. One of them who was leading the team called out while leading.

“Hello? Nice knowing you, student. I am Chen Guangliang from the Shuanghu District Police Bureau.”

“Where are you all now?”

“Hello, Officer Chen. We are next to the Moon Lake. Just walk along the stone pathway, you will be able to see us soon.”

A minute later, three policemen appeared at the side of Shi Lei.

Shi Lei pointed at Jiang Pan who was unconscious on the ground and began to describe the incident again.

With a suspicious look, Chen Guangliang glanced at Shi Lei and Li Zhiyue.

How could Shi Lei not understand that gaze of his?

It was very likely that Chen Guangliang suspected Shi Lei and Li Zhiyue both cooperated to trap Jiang Pan!

Shi Lei took out his video camera, “Officer Chen, I happen to shoot the criminal deed as I was trying to capture the scenery here.”

Chen Guangliang’s eyes lit up, “This is great!”

“As long as there is a video evidence, this case would be clear and he could be sentenced from 5 to 10 years in prison!”

“These two students, please join us back to police station. We need to record your statement.”

Shi Lei nodded and then corrected, “I am a student but she is my class teacher, Teacher Li.”

Chen Guangliang embarrassedly smiled.

“Xiao Tao, Xiao Huo, handcuff Jiang Pan and bring him back to the police station!”

Xiao Tao and Xiao Huo were the two other policemen brought by Chen Guangliang. Their names were Tao Jun and Huo Chen.

This six person walked to the edge of the Moon Forest and then entered into the car before speeding away.

Within the Shuanghu District police station, Shi Lei didn’t give his entire video camera to the police. Instead, he made a copy of the video for them.

If there is any problem, at least there is still some proof within his hand.

The statement was taken soon after. Chen Guangliang then personally sent Shi Lei and Li Zhiyue back to Shuangqing University.

Getting off the car, Chen Guangliang said to Shi Lei, “Shi Lei, the police will inform your heroic deed to your school.”

“This is my business card. As long as it is not something illegal, feel free to call me for help.”

Shi Lei had a looked at the business card, only then did he know that Chen Guangliang is actually the commander of the police team here.

“So it’s Captain Chen, sorry for my inappropriate manners just now!”

Chen Guangliang casually smiled.

“I will go back to the police station then!”

Shi Lei and Li Zhiyue, both quietly walked within the university campus. As these two people didn’t speak, the atmosphere was a bit depressing.

“Shi Lei.”


Both of them voiced out at the same time.

Li Zhiyue then had a quick glance at Shi Lei, “You say first.”

Scratching his head, Shi Lei said, “Zhiyue, I will take you back home.”

Li Zhiyue hesitated: “Shi Lei, within the school, can you please don’t call me Zhiyue?”

“Why?” Shi Lei purposely acted like a fool but his face was showing a grin instead.

Li Zhiyue then raised her hand and mercilessly twisted Shi Les’s waist.


Shi Lei cried in pain.

With a lovable groan, Li Zhiyue replied, “Now, do you know why right?”

“Because I am your teacher!”

Instead, Shi Lei kept teasing her, “Zhiyue, then outside of the campus?”

Li Zhiyue suddenly went silent.

Although she didn’t hate Shi Lei, but she is now twenty-six this year. As for Shi Lei, he is only nineteen.

The gap in age is definitely there.

“Zhiyue, what happen?”

Li Zhiyue then reluctantly smiled, “Nothing, let’s go then. Send me back home!”

Shi Lei smiled at her reply, “Alright!”

“Zhiyue, I also know where your house is!”

Li Zhiyue gave a soft moan; walking side by side with Shi Lei, they headed to the teachers living area.

While walking, Shi Lei hummed a folk tune.

His past regret, he finally made it up in this life!
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