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*the above dog is a depiction of my current self

 Am I hospitalised? No, haha

Am I gonna drop LLS? Crossed my mind, but not for now

Why did I disappear? Lots of my translators kinda quit simultaneously coz of personal reasons, so I would either need to translate everything myself or find new translators and train them. Both need lots of time, and I don’t have the time to spare since I’m working a full-time job. I was quite demoralized and the stress + pressure to release chapters + look for new translators kinda made me run away from my problems.

Why did I start updating LLS again? After running away from my problems taking a few months break, I finally feel like I can start translating again. Also found new translators. And I feel kind of guilty running away without any explanation. Sorry :/

What’s the release schedule for LLS gonna be from now on? I will try to clear the sponsored chapters here up to Chapter 644 as soon as possible. Not gonna say how many chapters I’ll be releasing per week anymore, coz I don’t want to make empty promises… Will release them as and when they are ready.

Am I gonna disappear again? Yeah, no, maybe, probably, can’t promise :/

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