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*the above dog is a depiction of my current self

 Am I hospitalised? No, haha

Am I gonna drop LLS? Crossed my mind, but not for now

Why did I disappear? Lots of my translators kinda quit simultaneously coz of personal reasons, so I would either need to translate everything myself or find new translators and train them. Both need lots of time, and I don’t have the time to spare since I’m working a full-time job. I was quite demoralized and the stress + pressure to release chapters + look for new translators kinda made me run away from my problems.

Why did I start updating LLS again? After running away from my problems taking a few months break, I finally feel like I can start translating again. Also found new translators. And I feel kind of guilty running away without any explanation. Sorry :/

What’s the release schedule for LLS gonna be from now on? I will try to clear the sponsored chapters here up to Chapter 644 as soon as possible. Not gonna say how many chapters I’ll be releasing per week anymore, coz I don’t want to make empty promises… Will release them as and when they are ready.

Am I gonna disappear again? Yeah, no, maybe, probably, can’t promise :/


  1. Kur0_Oni says:

    We miss you, and thank you for all the work you’ve done for the community.

    I hope you’re doing well and I wish you the best of health and fortune.

    You will always be remembered and respected for all your achievements, so hold your head up high and soar to where ever life takes you.

    Cheers Shiro!

  2. appledrinker says:

    Thank you for all your hard work Shiro. I hope you have a great forever and do amazing in whatever pursuits you have.

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