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GMC Chapter 74 – The attitude of a great master

Translator: Yorasu 2.0
Editor: drpetro

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Chapter 0074    The attitude of a great master

A droplet of origin ability fermentation drug traveled down.

The liquid mixture which was originally boiling had suddenly expanded. The apparatus used in the experiment began to show some cracks. The cracks spread further and eventually the liquid mixture burst!

“No good!”

Su Hao was caught in surprise. He felt a trace of disappointment.


A loud sound echoed. Su Hao’s mind was startled and he subconsciously closed his eyes. When he opened his eyes again, the vacuum cover was a mess.

All the apparatuses had broken!

The weird colored liquid mixture spilled all over.


Su Hao bitterly smiled, “The amount isn’t wrong. It seems to be the slightly variant medicinal properties from those herbs that caused such result. The last droplet, I shouldn’t have added it. If only I added just half a droplet, that would’ve been perfect. To get the perfect balance, such a task is so difficult.”


Su Hao wasn’t discouraged by this. After cleaning up the mess, he started his experiment again. Since he used a new stock of herbs which would mean yet different medicinal properties, he would have to restart everything from the beginning!



The experiment platform within the vacuum cover instantly tilted. As a space was opened, numerous bits of apparatuses and liquid mixtures were dumped, and some disinfection cleaning was done before it closed again. Now, the experiment platform was as good as new again.

Su Hao prepared some herbs. Once again, he began the experiment from the start.

“This brat……” Zhang Zhongtian shook his head. Failure is inevitable. This came from his own vast experiences. Even if you had a lucky success, that didn’t mean you wouldn’t fail in a future experiment. You must keep practicing before you are able to grasp the perfect control and right timing to succeed every time.

By the time you’re able to achieve such feat, you would have already come across hundreds or even thousands of herbs.

At that time, when you touch a herb, your heart would have a natural scale to find the most suitable medicinal properties, knowing the characteristics and ensure a smooth progress of experiment.

This was the so called accumulation of experience which would guarantee a 100 percent success.

“This is what I like about the youngster.”

Zhang Zhongtian grinned, “A bottle cost 30,000 star dollar. En….also the materials, cleaning cost, testing cost, I will reluctantly charge him just 20,000 star dollar. Total up 50,000 star dollar. As long as he failed 20 times, then I don’t have to give him 1 million star dollar from the deal yesterday.”

“Youngster, I will be watching you.”

In the laboratory, Su Hao who was preparing and measuring the herbs and suddenly seemed to think of something. His mind moved. Was this the only way to carry out an experiment?

Was success built up from countless failures?

That was the truth!

But….this was the era of origin ability!

Countless origin abilities, countless people with different talents that even what suited your origin ability had been written down by the Origin Ability Association.

For example, Su Hao’s model analysis had been recorded as helpful in construction, model production, and so on…..

Or those who had elementary origin ability, their speciality would be written as combat type. As for Sun Yaohui, the one who was named Viper, his origin ability had brought in lots of benefits to the pharmacy field.

This was the era of origin ability where everything was a possibility.

Since this is the case, wouldn’t his origin ability be useful in pharmacy too?

Su Hao looked at the herbs in his hands. His mind suddenly moved. Instead of doing experiment here, why not try with himself first?

Thinking of this possibility, Su Hao became delighted. If this was the case……

“Model analysis start!”


In Su Hao’s mind, a new world once again appeared!


Su Hao did use his ability once during his battle in the huge ghost castle to simulate. Although it was for a short period of time, his action had allowed him to become instantly well aware of the surrounding terrain.

And this time…….he simulated a model of this small experiment platform.

It was so small, one thousandth of the size of the ghost castle. After all, it was only the size of a table, so energy consumption was very little.


This time, Su Hao intended to carry out experiment within his mind!

Here in this world, everything was under his control! What about a vacuum cover? He didn’t need it! Any explosion here won’t affect him at all!

Brand new experiment, start!

Just like that, Su Hao closed his eyes. Standing in front of the experimental platform, he began the experiment.

Continuing his operation of model analysis, within Su Hao’s mind, a perfect model of the simulation appeared. They were all so realistic that the herbs even maintained their medical properties.

Five minutes later, Su Hao suddenly opened his eyes. The experiment failed!

All herbs were destroyed; all models were destroyed. This caused his model analysis to be interrupted directly!

Rather, Su Hao wasn’t feeling down. Looking at the still intact herbs, his mouth raised a smile. Again!

Model analysis, start!

Once again, a model of experimental platform appeared!

However, this time, the herbs weren’t different. They were all the same data as the previous experiment, an exact copy.

Su Hao had perfectly learnt his mistake from the previous experiment.

Five minutes later, yet another failure!

Still a step left, again!

Another five minutes later, success! This still wasn’t enough. Su Hao again started his model analysis, success! One more time, after another five minutes, success!

Determining that it wasn’t luck, but real success, Su Hao opened his eyes in surprise.


He had continuous succeeded in model experiments. This indicated that he had already mastered the current herbs in front of his eyes now.

Although, if he was to use different batch of herbs, failure was destined to happen, but for those in front of him right now………he was determined to succeed!

The real experiment started now!

In the pharmacy store, Zhang Zhongtian looked at Su Hao who was standing still, “This brat couldn’t have been shocked until he became a retard, right? Half an hour of standing still…….closing eyes there for what?”

As he was puzzled, he suddenly noticed Su Hao began to move. With both hands dancing, he began mixing the herbs.

“That fast? What the heck is this brat doing? Any slight error would cause failure. This is just his second test. I’m hoping he won’t make a simple mistake like breaking the apparatus.” Zhang Zhongtian was shocked as he looked at Su Hao’s movements.

The current Su Hao wasn’t being careful like his previous experiment. Instead, he was displaying a skillful movement. After measuring the herbs, he threw them to the side.

For a master, this was a skill. But he was just a novice. This was too impatient.

However, it was only the beginning of Zhang Zhongtian being surprised.

Herbs test!

Hebs mixing!

Currently, Zhang Zhongtian had already stood up. Su Hao’s current movement could only be described with one word, skillful!

Too skillful!

Seemingly like he wasn’t worried about the different medical properties in each herb that would bring different reaction, he only did them once without even double checking. The entire progress was flowing like a beautiful art.

Not bad!

Like moving clouds and flowing water.

But this was Su Hao. Zhang Zhongtian felt incredible looking at his action……What’s the situation here?

Then, it was the most crucial time of origin ability fermentation.

Zhang Zhongtian saw Su Hao skillfully cover the platform with a vacuum cover and begin to drop origin ability fermentation drug.

One drop…….two drops…….three drops…..

The liquid mixture started to show a reaction. Maintaining an uniform action, drop after drop was continuously added. Only at the last drop did Su Hao finally let go of his hand.

The liquid mixture changed again in color. Soon, it turned to a normal blue color.

Did he succeed?

Zhang Zhongtian was at a loss. Wasn’t this too easy?

From start to finish, there was no trace of problems or mistakes. Regardless of his expression or action, Su Hao was able to maintain his calm and showed his skill!

Was this brat possessed by some drug master?

He wasn’t finished yet. Zhang Zhongtian seriously looked at the screen. Su Hao took out several empty drug bottles and then removed the vacuum cover to transfer the mixture into the bottles.

Ten bottles of beginner origin ability restoration drug, complete!

“This…..this is too smooth!” Zhang Zhongtian had thought for half a day and couldn’t think of any other word to describe this. The one and only word he could think off – smooth!

Yes, smooth!

From start to finish, there wasn’t the slightest hesitation. Just like that, he completed the experiment.

Whether it was distilled water or fermentation drug, everything was accurate!

Zhang Zhongtian was completely speechless. Was this really a newbie attempting to create a drug? Was this really a novice who had just tried once only? He was even more skillful than he himself!

Compared to his first failed experiment, Zhang Zhongtian suddenly felt a slight sadness. If he was compared with Su Hao, the previous him was…………. This was too heartbreaking!

The International is finally over. No more dota and time to translate 🙂

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