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GMC Chapter 66 – Strategy to attract lolicon

Translator: Yorasu 2.0
Editor: drpetro

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Chapter 0066    Strategy to attract lolicon


A jade bottle was forcefully thrown on the floor. Emerald green fragments scattered all over the place.

Sun Yaotian’s face was extremely dark.

He lost again!

He really lost again!

Once again, he lost to that Su Hao! [TL: Hatred x999]

He found that Chen Yiran was getting more diligent with her training these days, but she had turned colder and colder. However, whenever she heard news of Su Hao, Chen Yiran would reveal a sweet smile.

He was jealous; his hatred was at the depth of an abyss!

Especially since, recently, Su Hao had not only become the limelight among freshmen, but in no time he also upgraded his status as to top student! Also, the battle with repeaters and the berserk beasts hunt in field exploration also let Su Hao claim the spotlight.

Not only Chen Yiran, but even those few girls who kept following behind had begun to worship Su Hao. Once the name ‘Su Hao’ was mentioned, their eyes would be twinkling like stars.

Being first there was really something worth mentioning. After all, everyone that could enroll there was a genius.

From thousands of student in school, excluding those taking private lessons, only a few dozen were accepted to the natural selection class. Who there wouldn’t be favoured? With Sun Yaotian’s talent, he was only considered ordinary.

What about the Sun family’s identity?

Have a look there: Zhou family, Chen family, Bai family……and so on; there were too many!

Although some of the families weren’t as powerful as the Sun family, there was still no need to curry favor with him by bootlicking him to get into Zhanzheng College. To become a true pride, all those family statuses were just trash. From now on, strength was the true king!

Thus, Sun Yaotian, was just a nobody who was ignored there.

As for Su Hao, he was getting more prosperous each day.

He had an E-grade talent! Sun Yaotian kept telling himself that fighting technique was only useful in the early stage. All other students knew about this fact too.

Su Hao wouldn’t have an advantage in the late stage, only the early stage!

However, this didn’t prevent the public from admiring him. In fact, many people were eager and looking forward to him creating another miracle. In just one year, he was able to increase his origin ability to more than double what it was before. What other miracle  couldn’t he make?

Thus, Sun Yaotian wasn’t able to hold himself back.

Although his brother had told him that as long as he was able to enroll into Zhanzheng College, when both brothers were together, this insignificant Su Hao was nothing. Although he knew very well that as long as he graduated from university, Chen Yiran naturally would have to marry him….

But when he looked at Su Hao, who kept getting stronger, he still made his move!

Can’t kill you, so I will just send people to disrupt your task. The surveillance went smooth, and with the appearance of Piao Ling Organization he saw a perfect opportunity to seize. But, never did he expect Su Hao to cleanly counter his plan. Even, his good pawn Li Jun was dead from this.

“Su! Hao!”

Sun Yaotian gritted his teeth as he said those two words. Looking at his place which was now full of jade fragments, he was somehow trembling in fear.

In his first confrontation with Su Hao, one of his eyes had been dug out by Su Hao.

As for the second confrontation, the day before the natural selection class exam, Su Hao threatened to dig out his other eye. Due to him being afraid, he retreated.

And confronting Su Hao for the third time, which was this time, Li Jun became the victim. Su Hao once again warned him.

Every time, blood would be spilt!

He was afraid! The shadow left by Su Hao in his heart was growing bigger and bigger. He didn’t understand how this cowardly student that he easily trumped over before had become so terrifying now.

He probably wouldn’t be able to understand in his whole life.

Some would tolerate all the humiliation that no ordinary human could withstand for the sake of their family. There were also those who chose to change their life and became more powerful for their family.

Su Hao was the latter one!

During the cold night illuminated by moonlight, Su Hao was sitting cross legged in the living room with both eyes closed as he began sensing the surroundings. Advanced origin ability cultivation technique was slowly running in the background.

Not far behind from Su Hao, the bedroom door, as always, was opened wide. The little loli was lying on her bed, sleeping sweetly. Occasionally she would move her mouth, causing Su Hao to wonder what good dream she was having.

The night went past just like that.

The next morning.

Su Hao opened his eyes at the right time. After dragging the little loli out from her bed, she then brushed her teeth, washed her face, and ate breakfast. Unexpectedly, Su Hao was amazed that this little loli was behaving well today.

Obediently putting her uniform, she then followed Su Hao out.

In the car, Su Hao looked at the little loli. With his brows wrinkled, he touched her forehead, “No fever, huh? Brat, why are you so quiet today?”

The little loli: “……….”

“Sick? Fever?” Su Hao looked at her with a surprised expression.

The little loli’s face was a bit shy, “No, I’m usually like this.”

“O?” Su Hao looked at her strangely, “Really? Then yesterday, that little loli who kept annoying people, who was that then?”

“Aiya, you’re so hateful. Yesterday I had that, so my mood wasn’t that stable,” the little loli said in a soft tone. Compared to yesterday, she was like a completely different person.



Damn, aren’t you only thirteen years old?

Thirteen years old already had that? Really? Or not? Got? Or not? [ED: I guess sex ed was too practical to be part of theoretical foundation.]

Su Hao was completely clueless about this. However, how could she just say such a thing like that with a gentle tone? Su Hao once again touched her head, “Strange, did yesterday’s incident cause a concussion?”

The little loli clearly turned stiff and then quickly returned back to being tender, “Big brother, I’m going to be late.”

“Big brother……”

Su Hao’s hands trembled. With his mouth twitching, he strangely looked at this little loli and then drove, heading towards the direction of her school.

While they were on the way there, Su Hao saw the little loli take out a book and then grind teeth while mumbling, “That’s weird. The book clearly stated that lolicons like this kind of gentle, soft expression. The type that will make them mad. Don’t tell that my acting isn’t good enough?”


Su Hao’s hand once again trembled. He almost hit the nearby tree with his car.

Turning his head to look at the little loli, a burst of anger rose within Su Hao. He didn’t want to listen to what she was mumbling about. In fact, in normal situations, only the little loli could hear what she said, but since Su Hao’s physical ability had been enhanced, all aspects of his senses were improved together. That was why he was able to hear the little loli quite clearly.


Su Hao snatched away the book in the little loli’s hand, opening the book, “Strategy to attract lolicon……….” [ED: Hello, my name is Chris Hansen…]

“Bastard, return my book!”

The little loli was mad, struggling as hard as she could to take back her book. With a right hand pressing on her head, the little loli wasn’t able to reach Su Hao with her short hands.

Su Hao had a look at the book and was shocked by it.

He really couldn’t keep up with the times!

Nowadays, students really had all kind of books!

The content of the book described the details on how to attract a lolicon. Obviously, the little loli’s behaviour this morning was the content of the first chapter in the book.

“Let me ask you this, brat. What’re you trying to do now?” Su Hao asked her curiously.

The little loli coldly snorted and then calmed herself down by placing both hands crossed on her still developing chest, “Chase after you. My mom said that the most important thing in a girl’s life is to encounter a good man. Once you encounter him, you mustn’t miss the chance or you’ll regret your whole life.”

Su Hao’s mouth twitched, “Then, did you mom tell you to do that only after reaching adulthood?”

“Hmmpph, you don’t have to care about me!”

The little loli quickly snatched back her book, “This is what I borrowed. I still need to return it.”

“Return it to where you got it from.” Su Hao glanced at her, “If you let me see it again, I’ll burn it.”

“I know. You’re just like my old mom, so long-winded!” The little loli’s feet hit the car’s floor, “Start driving, quick! I’m gonna be late!”

Helplessly, Su Hao once again drove towards her school.

Although this time a thrilling episode took place, fortunately, the little loli was able to calm down and no longer did any nonsense.

But this time, Su Hao had to admit that he really didn’t understand the world of junior high school girl!

At the same time, he was deeply skeptical about Teacher Yang’s method of education. How did she educate her daughter for her to become this annoying, weird little loli?

Once he sent the little loli off to school, Su Hao once again resumed his cultivation in the car.

After experiencing yesterday’s events, Su Hao now didn’t even dare to let his guard down. Last time he just suspected that someone was targeting the little loli, but yesterday it was clearly proved that the Piao Long Organization was indeed behind this and there was still one killer wandering around!

Piao Long Organization would act differently on different targets!

For example, in the little loli’s case, the organization only used some low level killers in order to save their resources. According to Su Hao’s speculation, all the killers in the organization had at least 10 points in origin ability.

Su Hao kept his senses to the max.

Make progress on origin ability transition technique, advance cultivation, and send the little loli to school. The following days seemed to be pretty simple. Two days had passed, but the third killer still hadn’t appeared.

I am changing the format a bit with additional horizontal lines. This seems much better 🙂

I guess Chen Yiran need to work harder, making sure she stays in Su Hao’s heart?

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