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GMC Chapter 55 – Hungry for task points!

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Chapter 0055    Hungry for task points!

Body forging technique, 3000 task points.

Fighting essence, 3000 task points.

Advanced body strengthening drug, 3000 task points.


Su Hao’s first reaction: “F*ck, so expensive!”

His second reaction: “Sun family is freaking rich!”

Looking once again at the ability column, looking at those items which just required hundreds of task points, Su Hao felt heartache. The gap was too large!

No matter what, they were things he couldn’t do anything with.

For ordinary students, to enhance their origin ability, it was cheap and affordable. After all, natural selection class was created for the sake of students. The existence of goods to be exchanged with task points was none other than to stimulate students to give more effort and to gain more experience.

As for Su Hao, he was challenging the limit!

Theoretical foundation, he was challenging the limit of it, 200 points!

400 points of physical fitness, he was going to challenge to the limit!

400 points of fighting technique, he was going to do the same!

Looking at the upper right corner of the virtual screen, there were his current task points, 300 points.

The reward which he obtained from the battle, 150 points, and also another 150 points from the man, for a total of 300 task points. For ordinary students, it could be considered as quite a bit of wealth, but for him, it was far from enough!

Without a doubt, during the following year, he would fight for every single task points!

Zhao Feng spent a whole year to increase 4 points in his origin ability. That was considered normal. Those who had lower scores than him in the exam, although they won’t be able to enrol in Zhanzheng College, it was definitely sufficient to enter any ordinary university.

During the third year of high school, enhancing 4 points was considered as the bare minimum!

Su Hao thought for a moment. After mastering body forging technique and military fighting technique, he would be able to raise his origin ability by 2 points. Coupled with origin ability transition technique, 4 points shouldn’t be much of a problem.

It was just that for the same 4 points, he had to spend more than others!

“Task point…..”

Su Hao frowned. This time, he needed a careful plan. He would give priority to body forging technique, saving 3000 points! As for military fighting technique…. Zhou Wang had already fully mastered police fighting technique. He should consider breaking through it right?

The whole morning, Su Hao was planning for his future.

He didn’t like any clueless steps. As long as he had reasonable planning and usage, only then would he be able to maximise his growth. Forget about his long term plan, his first goal had already been confirmed, 3000 task points!

How to quickly raise task points?

In the school forum, there were already countless articles about it. The latter stage was naturally all about task upgrades, but as for new students, without doubt the fastest method was through field exploration, beasts hunting, and first kill reward!

It was just a pity that they were only one time rewards. During latter stages, they could only stare at them with drooling mouths.

All these methods could be carried out at the same time.

Su Hao put field exploration as his main priority. Zhao Feng who had 13 points in origin ability could only travel around 2000 m away from school. What about him? How far could he travel in field exploration?

Without any hesitation, Su Hao directly headed outside the school, to the territory of berserk beasts after his lunch.

“Huh?! Su Hao really went out!”

“Seems that he completed all four basic tutorials. In just two days, that’s fast. With his ability, even the teachers wouldn’t have much to teach him.”

After having a duel with Zhao Feng, nearly every student recognised Su Hao. Him exiting the school, naturally meant countless people would notice his action. This was true especially to repeaters. His victory, after all, was a slap on their face.

However, there were some who didn’t care about that. For example….Bai Xiaosheng.

Once again, a message was sent out to every student.

“Bai Xiao Sheng’s gambling is up! How far do you think the first new student in field exploration will be able to travel?

A: FIrst time into field exploration, naturally there would be quite a risk. Reaches 500 meters at most. Odds: 1 to 1

B: After all, he scored 1200 in the mock exam. Rushing up to 1000 meters shouldn’t be a problem. Odds: 1 to 1

C: No matter how bad he is, he’s still first ranked student. 1500 meters! Odds: 1 to 1

D: This terrifying first ranked student, how dare you underestimate him! At least 2000 meters! Odds: 1 to 1

Be brave and make a bet! Believe in your own eyes and grow your confidence! From one to 100 task points, be rest assured to place your bet. Only 60 seconds countdown to bet so be quick! New students can take credit ~” (Its like credit card so edit the last sentence)

New students: “…..”

Repeaters: “…..”

Su Hao had to look for a second and secretly replied, “Half.”

At a place distant away, Bai Xiaosheng, who was proud of himself for seizing every business opportunity, suddenly went mad, “Bai Xiaosheng! You idiot! Why did you forget to exclude this bastard again! Arrr my task points!”

During Bai Xiaosheng’s cry, the students began to place the bet. However, they were all from the repeater batch.

Being bored in that life of endless training, betting could be considered as a form of entertainment. Plus, the fact that the odd was 1 to 1! If everyone was able to guess it right, then wouldn’t Bai Xiaosheng have a failed business instead?

With how smart this guy was, he surely wouldn’t involve himself in a losing business. So, what was he actually planning?

But, to explore the world of berserk beasts, it isn’t just based on the number of your origin ability. For a first timer out there, it could be said that every step they took was going to be something new.

Fighting a berserk beast, whether to kill or not, they would have to hesitate for half a day. Whether they dared to kill or not, they would have to hesitate for the second time. After killing and experiencing the bloody scene, even if not vomiting, they would certainly have nausea for the whole day, let alone the fact that they were still not familiar with the wild environment.

During the first time going out to the wild, some immediately retreated when they encountered their very first berserk beast. Some forced themselves all the way to 100 meters before getting the hell back with a pale face, before restarting their journey after resting for a long time. No to mention the fact that Su Hao’s origin ability wasn’t elemental control. He was proficient in close combat and not ranged assault.

Fighting in close range with berserk beasts, that would surely be a bloody scene!

So, for the first time experience of Su Hao in field exploration, many students had picked option A, 500 meters.

Some smart ones took into account Su Hao’s calm performance during the battle with Zhao Feng and placed their bet on option B, 1000 meters.

Scoring 1200 points in the exam, in the eyes of everyone it was naturally 12 points of origin ability. Generally, such people would be able to reach within the range of 1500 to 1800 meter. But that was only true for old timers who had already experienced it several times. When origin ability reached 13 points, only then would there be a chance to explore more than 2000 meters.

Thus, a few decided to bite the bullet and picked option C. They believed that Su Hao would be able to show his full potential on his first try.

As for option D, nobody was betting on that.

Only when the 60 second timer was about to end, a few bets in option D appeared. Bai Xiaosheng glanced for a moment and his anger erupted, “F*ck that bastard! Not only did he bet on himself, but also 100 points!”

As long as he could see the detailed data about the bet, 90% would bet on option A and B, 9% on option C, and the remaining one percent on option D, which included Su Hao….as well as Zhou Wang, Chen Yiran, and Zhao Feng.

However, he had already obtained the consent of Su Hao and agreed to divide the profit equally.

Bai Xiaosheng no longer bothered himself with this and immediately activated his silent observer tool, which seemed like a small butterfly which leisurely flew to Su Hao’s body.

“Pa ji!”

The tool directly hooked itself above the clothes on the left shoulder of Su Hao. Camouflaging like a sticker, if you didn’t pay any attention to it, it really seemed like a design on the clothes.


A high definition screen popped out in front of Bai Xiaosheng. A few meters of radius surrounding Su Hao was clear and everything could be seen on the screen. It was a perfect view that every little move of Su Hao could be seen.

Su Hao naturally noticed that, but he didn’t care about it. Since Bai Xiaosheng wanted to watch him, then let him do so. After all, there were task points for him to get.

Sure enough, a short message was forwarded to everyone. Just one task point and you will be able to watch a super clear live stream of Su Hao’s adventure.

Many students cursed. That also needed to be charged?!

They already bet 100 points and yet he still wanted to charge one task point? Too bad, they couldn’t help themselves wanting to watch Su Hao in action and obediently paid. Once again, Su Hao’s figure became the main character of the public broadcast.

That was the advantage of being a celebrity.

Just like any superstar and public figure, without spending any money, someone would be doing all the work for him. Su Hao really used his fame as the first ranked student well!

Of course, the moment he failed even once, all the fame as top student would disappear.

After placing his bet, Su Hao muted his communication device and began to step outside the school campus slowly.

That wasn’t him being arrogant. His idea was that if Zhao Feng could do it, he could also do the same. If he could overcome Zhao Feng in the battle, naturally this time he should be able to perform better than Zhao Feng!

As for his experience in hunting berserk beasts?

Hehe, does he even lack taking any berserk beast’s soul within his own hands?


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  1. Zet Lednacek says:

    1 percent of students is at least 5 maybe 10 students. that means the rest is around 1000 students. if the average bet is 20 points and the win ratio is 1:1 then the approximate wins from this bet are 20k points and half of it goes to MC. He should have around 10k points after this bet.
    Oh and BTW the odds of 1:1 means that if you win you get your bet back and win nothing. So no point in betting at all.

    Somehow i have a feeling that the author has no idea of mathematics or just simply does not care at all

  2. ishtoree says:

    He should have asked for a cut of the viewing profits 😛

    As for Linux, I suggest you use a Virtual machine to test in so you can undo any irrecoverable errors. We’ve just done it at school and we used Oracle’s Virtual box then we installed Oracle’s Linux (a Redhat version). All these are free. I heard Ubuntu is good too.

  3. GonZ555 says:

    Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Lol free points again
    I wonder if he’s going to troll people and get the 2001 meter mark before going back to the base.. ?

  4. Vish says:

    try read about newest distro at https://distrowatch.com/?language=EN

    https://distrowatch.com/dwres.php?resource=major <here are some info about major linux distro

    Ubuntu is easy but when i use it i feel to close like when using MS win

    Arch Linux is nice and Manjaro is interesting too
    Mint is solid one and its one of the choice for beginners

    PS: if u have older computer (like DouCore 2ghz 4g ram and 512M graphic card) then avoid 'clear' Ubuntu (witch unity manager) slit can try some light ubuntu based distro like Bodhi or Xubuntu

  5. DMR says:

    Well, which distro are you using??? It’s hard to give good help without knowing the distro.

    Even then, for programs, I’d recommend WPS office (it’s a chinese clone of Microsoft, but you’d have to manually set defaults for your use since it doesn’t have region specific changes, but that’s not hard even if you aren’t good with computers since you just have to go through options).

    Don’t forget VLC if for some reason your distro doesn’t come with it.

    And try to avoid wine… while it seems nice to run windows programs on linux… it’s not the best and often, you’d find a good replacement without it.

    GIMP is also great if you want a good photo editor, though it does have a learning curve…

    If in doubt without knowing what distro you want, I recommend Ubuntu… not the best distro, but one of the more professional and widely used ones and often used as a base for other distros….

    But seriously, for the best advice, be more specific towards which distro you are planning on using.

    Thanks for the chapter XD

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