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GMC Chapter 48 – Challenge from repeaters

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Chapter 0048    Challenge from repeaters

“Do you understand now?”


“That’s good then. The performance of origin ability isn’t just a simple digit. As for others, you will eventually know about them in the future.” Su Wan faintly said, “Let us continue to analyse your origin ability on how to increase your ability index.”

Su Wan changed the topic back to Su Hao’s ability index.

“With these two aspects of ability index, your ability talent of 200 points has gone all the way to the limit. The only possibility for you to enhance ability index now are ability cultivation methods! So, if you want to keep improving your ability index, it will be through increasing your upper limit and rate of recovery.”

“However, because you have already mastered advanced cultivation method, you will require a higher cultivation method in order to go further ahead.” Su Wan showed a mysterious smile, “That isn’t something which you can buy from any random shop.”

Su Hao’s face turned ugly, “Is it using task point to purchase again?”

“Huh? So you do know too. Seems that you already went to another tutorial class before this.” Su Wan excitedly asked, “It hasn’t even been a day yet, which class did you participate in?”

“Teacher Zhang Qiang’s class.”


Su Wan then continued, “He saw your 190 points. He had nothing to say?”

“He did say something.” Su Hao scratched his head, “He said that his few funny friends called him simple minded, brain made of muscles….”

Su Wan’s laughter instantly stopped, her face turned vivid, “I’m the funny student he talked about.”

Su Hao: “….”

“Alright, smelly brat. Get up now!” Su Wan snappily said, “If not because for Yiran’s face, I would have already sent you off from the very beginning.”

Although her words weren’t polite, she still told the final conclusion to Su Hao.

“Under normal circumstances, these are only supplementary. The breakthrough of your ability is the focus of the tutorial. But since your ability has already reached the limit, I really have nothing to guide you. If you want to enhance your ability index, then do more tasks and accumulate task points to exchange for a better cultivation method from the store.”

“En! Thanks teacher!”

Su Hao nodded and then rushed out from the classroom.

He received no guidance in ability talent but in this class, Su Hao did harvest quite a sum!

Perhaps it was due to Chen Yiran’s face or the teacher feeling sorry for not being able to teach him anything, that knowledge and experience was shared with him!

Especially those related to origin ability, they had directly made Su Hao awaken!

Since Origin Ability Association had made a standard for each ability talent, obviously there would be a standardised measurement. Grade A was stronger than grade B, such a conclusion was obviously the result after countless calculation. For any ability which exceeded his own, they naturally had their own significance.

Unfortunately……all the repeaters in natural selection class had origin abilitys which exceed his own.

That was so unfair!

Su Hao helplessly shook his head as he walked back.

Currently, within the campus, everyone was busy attending respective tutorial classes. Occasionally, they could be seen leaving the classroom with excitement. Seems that one on one guidance was really beneficial.

There were a total of four basic tutorial classes. Su Hao had participated in two of them, and each time he benefited from the lesson.

The most interesting part was that Su Hao felt that what he gained the most from was not even about the enhancement but the personal experiences from the teachers.

For example, the shielding ability mentioned by Zhang Qiang and the correlation between fighting capability with origin ability.

That was extremely valuable information!

“There are two tutorials left. I mustn’t miss any of them.” Su Hao secretly thought.

After having his dinner at the cafeteria, Su Hao was ready to go back to his room. However, during his journey back to his apartment, he was blocked…..one repeater stopped him on the road. And what made him more surprised was the reason for blocking him.

“What did you say?”

Su Hao thought that he had heard it wrongly.

Zhao Feng smiled, “The task which I received was to challenge the rank 1 of current batch. Only now did I know that you are the one holding first rank. Since I had already introduced myself yesterday, I don’t think there is any need to do so again.”

Su Hao: “….”

Even he himself had become the target of someone’s task?

The so-called task even included such tasks? Wasn’t that a bit too much?

“Your task, I’m probably not obliged to cooperate right?” Su Hao shrugged his shoulder as a sign of ignoring him. The old student still dared to bully newbie, was he that thick faced?

Zhao Feng nodded, “Of course you are not obliged to. However, one month from now, repeaters and new students will be participating in a battle of honor. As for now, not daring to accept the challenge from this repeater, your reputation will be greatly affected.”

Su Hao laughed, “I don’t care.”

Zhao Feng was caught in surprise. That isn’t right……. yesterday when he met Su Hao, he noticed that Su Hao was the core of the group. Plus, being ranked first in the whole batch, with such a character, wouldn’t he care about his reputation? This brat…

In general, first ranked students should be the kind like Chen Yifeng, soaring all the way to the top! From the first exam onwards, such legends would already been destined. With a climbing reputation, naturally he would be the leader in the eyes of the new students.

How could he imagine that Su Hao was actually a bastard who didn’t care about his face at all.

Seeing him not replying, Su Hao actually turned his body away. Others’ task wasn’t a matter with which he should bother. After all, he didn’t want to be abused when he reached here just recently.

“Eh~” Zhao Feng noticed the departure of Su Hao, “You aren’t interested in task point?”

Su Hao’s figure halted, “What do you mean?”

“Every year during this time, repeaters would take this opportunity to challenge student ranked first! Depending on who managed to snatch such a task first, the winner would get task points, but the loser…….would also obtain corresponding task points according to agreement.”

“Oh?” Su Hao’s eyes lit up.

As for the blow on the morale of new students one month later?

Who cares about that shit!

Students who participate in college entrance exam shouldn’t felt any disgrace!

“How much is your origin ability?” Su Hao suddenly asked.

Zhao Feng was surprised at the question. At first, he decided to keep it a secret but seeing Su Hao’s figure who was getting ready to leave, he was left with no choice, “13!”

13 points, exactly 1 point ahead of Su Hao. No wonder he was so confident! As you reach later stages, it would get harder and harder to enhance your origin ability. Anything above 1 point, you would be greatly suppressed by your foe in a duel.

And the true fact was that, it wasn’t even just 1 point.

That was because Su Hao’s ability was model analysis. In fighting, it had not usage at all. If he were to exclude his ability index, the remaining points for his origin ability were only a mere 8 points!

Compared to the previous batch of first ranked students, repeaters were very happy to see him.

Zhao Feng was naturally one of those. Last year, when he was successful in enrolling in the natural selection class with 9 points, he later had to struggle for one whole year and rush all the way to 13 points. Yet, he still couldn’t touch the borderline of Zhanzheng College’s standard.

However, having the courage to stay and repeat, he was convinced that it was all because he hadn’t accumulated enough task points. As long as he was patient in accumulating task points until they were enough, he would be able to exchange something to improve his ability.

Thus, new students would never be able to imagine the perseverance of repeaters on task points.

When Su Hao’s result was out, the repeaters had already done their research. As a result, this batch’s challenge task was just free points!

Even challenging Zhou Wang, the second ranked student would be extremely difficult. That terrifying grade A origin ability was not a joke. As for Su Hao, it would be a totally opposite story instead. Although his exam score wasn’t low, it didn’t affect his fighting capability much.

Thus, the moment when the task was out, everyone wanted to grab the opportunity at once!

And with his fast eyes, Zhao Feng naturally had the privilege to snatch it first.

“Really 13 points?”

Su Hao pondered for a moment. If the guy dared to say that his origin ability was 15 points, Su Hao would have turned away without any doubt. But 13 points, it isn’t necessary that an upset wouldn’t occur.

For him, he won’t lose anything in this task!

“Alright, I agree!”

Su Hao nodded.

Zhao Feng was delighted, “Come, let’s go to sparring building!”

Both figures walked towards the direction of sparring building. For these repeaters, challenging newbies and losing their face was something they would do without closing their eyes. After all, such things like honor, they had already thrown and fed it to the dog a long time ago.

The moment when Su Hao agreed on the task, almost every students received a message about it.

“Repeater Zhao Feng challenges this batch’s first ranked student Su Hao to a duel! A hot blooded battle is waiting for more actions! Battle of honor, it’s the beginning of the lifting of the curtain! Want to enjoy the very first video of a duel? Only 1 task point! And you would be able to enjoy high definition of the duel live on virtual screen!”


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