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Heya guys~

I would like to formally open this website to potential/current translators to host their projects! You can email me at shiroyukitrans@hotmail.com if you have any queries!

Shiroyukineko Translations started as a whim and a split-second decision eight months ago on 1st June, 2015. Back then, I never thought much when I was creating this website. I was just a girl trying to do a new thing in my life (and maybe get some extra pocket money from it :P). But honestly, the past eight months have been the most rewarding time in my life. I get to make so many new friends, receive so many readers’ support, and learn so many new things.

Now, what started as a whim for me has become an integral part of my life. What started as a hobby for me has become something I want to devote my time into. That’s why, I decided to take this leap of faith to expand this website.

So, if you are a current translator looking to earn a little ad revenue for your project, or an avid, bilingual reader who is thinking of starting a new project, I hope that you would come and join our little site!

Do drop me an email at shiroyukitrans@hotmail.com if you are interested 😉


  1. LimeNade says:

    Grats that is awesome! ZTJ brought me here and it has been a great experience so far reading on here. Layout is good and so far I’ve never had a problem getting onto the site since ZTJ came here.

    Keep up the awesome work and good luck!

  2. Trung says:


    For some reason, my emails to you keep bouncing back, so I’ll try commenting instead. My name is Trung and I’m interested in joining your site. I have been thinking of translating a web novel called “Bringing a Farm to Live in Another World”, and I know it’s a story that would interest your readers.

    It’s about a guy named Zhao who is transported to another world with a FarmVille cheat.

    Right now there is a 12 chapter teaser on Blue Silver Translations, and I would like to translate chap 13 and onwards for your site. Although I am a beginner, I promise that I will be professional and will translate the chapters on a timely schedule.

    If you think that this web novel is interesting and worthy of consideration, please message me back.

    • meat-nanodesu says:

      actually DOW’s Translations has translated it till chapter 15. try contact him, maybe you can join him translate that novel

      • Trung says:

        Yeah, I just found out about DOWs when Shiroyuki told me, which sucks for me because I was so ready to translate the novel. I even set up a blog and everything.

  3. Charles says:

    Good luck! I come here because Ze Tian Ji is amazing, and wouldn’t mind spending as much time on your site as I do on some others!

  4. jigsaw says:

    u doing great shiro, this the first time i leave comment in sometranslator site,i admired u, for maintaning this site, thanks for ur hardwork, hope other translator join ur site….

  5. MT hater says:

    Don’t just become wuxiaworld which is become a place where there have many bad novels/uninteresting novels. I won’t never put another hope for a good novel from Wuxiaworld since CD and ISSTH. Now i’ll just read ISSTH on wuxiaworld. Well it’s probably hopeless, if it’s open for all, few MTs will surely appear..

    • DMR says:

      Bad novels?

      Well, most people love those novels… so I think you’re just weird…

      That said, there are always gonna be people that don’t like some stuff no matter how enjoyable it is for others (I mean, people are different).

      The menu just happens to not fit your taste. But adding a lot of novels is basically the same thing Gravity and Wuxiaworld are doing….

    • nordicm says:

      I still do but I set up that email 10years ago and changing is a hassle, so while I do have a gmail all important mail still go to the hotmail. I think it has to do when you made it as I don’t think there are that many new users of hotmail.

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