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Dropping of DBWG

Dear all,

DBWG is now on hiatus and I am looking for any translation groups or translators who are interested in continuing this project. Please contact me at my email plainboxes313@gmail.com if you would like to do so.

Thank you so much for accompanying me on this journey thus far. I admit that I wasn’t thinking it through when I started. This novel is still yet to be completed at over 3000 chapters, and I have realised that at this rate, I will not be able to complete the translation of the whole novel. I hope someone will be able to take over and do this work justice.

At the moment, I have set my sights on a much more manageable novel that I believe you will enjoy. Details will be released in the future once I have done the necessary preparations. Thank you for your understanding and I offer my sincerest apologies.

*Edit: I’m currently looking for an editor for my new project, so if anyone is interested, please email me as well.


  1. Stox says:

    Yeah, at the current pace you were at I was either assuming you were going to make this a life project because 3754 chapters at the pace you were chugging at = death

    No need to feel bad about it, but picking a novel by an author who, “wrote a record breaking amount of 50 chapters in a day before.”

    Was probably not the best idea in retrospect, huh. lel

    Good luck on that shorter and more manageable novel in the future, bud.

      • John says:

        Please don’t let the bad comments below affect you, thank you for the good job up till now. I have read the series and the comments below, and I lament that others doesn’t mind your personal decision and just bad mouths you. Please think that your efforts are appreciated. Twas fun while it lasted. Please post the site of the one who decides to pick this up

  2. Paul Blauser says:

    Can’t you continue to translate even 1 or 2 chapters a week til you find someone to take over full time, instead of starting a new novel? I read this one lls and was reading sdg but the Andy the translator for sdg went missing for almost 6 months now your just dropping this one bc its to long and still ongoing? Why even start another one? This website seems to never finish anything and just leave us readers hang.

    • Stox says:

      Who would want to translate another 3586 chapters of this novel?

      I do NOT want to be a debbie downer, but unless someone is hardcore in love for this novel, which translating team would sign this puppy?

      That’s a LOT of chapters left and they could probably translate 2-3 complete smaller novels in the time they finish this (if they don’t end up hating/tiring of the novel).

      • darkariel7 says:

        Because there is some kind of superiority in finishing a short one vs continuing a long one??? I kind of have to agree this website is starting to suck. This is like the third one that gets dropped. People like THIS novel. I dont see what the sense is in starting another one? Its not like you HAVE to kill yourself translating 15 chapters in a week. Like 2-3 should be plenty for most people.

        • Ying says:

          I hope you do understand that this means doing one novel for the next 20 years. It’s just not practical. It’s a commitment for 2 whole decades. I know that because I’ve already calculated it. It’s because I can’t commit that I’m giving someone else the chance to do it.

      • valhieru says:

        Ehmmm…, you know there are groups of translators that translate novels having 4,500 – 8,500+ chapters?

        Back to topic, unfortunately for the second time I’m experiencing the abandonment of this novel eh …

        I hope someone will pick it up, and this time – permanently

        • Ying says:

          This is why I’m hoping someone else can do it. Someone capable of translating those thousands of chapters. There is just me and me alone translating, and I am now officially letting others with the resources and capability to do it. I hope you see where I’m coming from. Rather than me, who can’t translate fast enough and that regularly, I’d rather someone else who can take over to do it.

        • valhieru says:

          Have you ever thought about trying to translate novels with short chapters? e.g Genius Demon Empress or something similar? They are also popular

        • Ying says:

          Unfortunately, sourcing for works is a very tiresome process. If there is a good work out there that hasn’t already been translated, I’d definitely want to do it provided I know about it. 🙂

        • valhieru says:

          Depending on what you prefer to translate (female / male character etc), I can suggest several titles if you like (by email or here)

        • Ying says:


    • Ying says:

      That is precisely why I’m starting a new one and not continuing it. Almost 4000 chapters. That will take around 20 years at the current rate, and probably more than that. People do complain that translators disappear and how it’s not right for other translators to take over a novel because it technically ‘belongs’ to a certain translator, right? That’s why I’m declaring that I’m no longer going to translate this work so that others can take over if they wish to.

  3. Creativity says:

    What in the actual fuck is this a late April fools day joke? Just got into this novel last week and read all released chapters in 2 days. You can translate and you will translate this novel. IF you need an editor sign my ass up, I will do it.

    • Creativity says:

      Since I do not speak the language what if i just took the machine translations and ediited them? Then ill pick it up. lol

      • valhieru says:

        The language of this particular novel is terribly translated by google, as sometimes in some novels you can understand almost everything, in DBWG almost nothing, – I tried

        • Creativity says:

          I understand it actually quite well, since I speak 4 different languages but I dont under stand any of the Asian ones. So broken English is easy but complex. I started early this morning and I am already 10 chapters ahead of where Ying is.

  4. darkariel7 says:

    There were 5 good novels on this site. Now literally the only one that gets any update is LLS.

      • Stox says:

        There are just too many factors at play, whether it’s manpower in the translation team, translation issues, real life taking up time, scheduling, etc

        Sucks, but that’s the card they’re dealt with.

        If only they got some more people helping them out, but you can’t expect this ragtag group to be able to handle all these projects.

        • darkariel7 says:

          I mean, I feel like you should have known what you were doing when you started the novel. Its not like it had 5 chapters and suddenly it has 4000. But whatever, it’s not like there is anything forcing you to tl a novel you dont want to. It may not mean much but I can at least say that I will most likely not read the new novel you translate. Dont look forward to getting cut off halfway into the novel.

  5. FEKL says:

    白酒鬼, 狗不理 what about getting these two translators to take over instead of doing another novel

  6. phalantice says:

    this is quite frustrating you have done a good job up to this point which is much appreciated. I read 4 or 5 other novels on this site including lls and hope they don’t suffer the same. I hope a strong group decides to pick this up as it is one the good ones.

  7. Drahu says:

    You could have at least done a poll. As you can see most people really like this story. You didn’t have to translate the whole damn 3 thousand chapter something novel. Hell even a 100 chapters would have been fine before you decided to drop it. I cannot express how disappointed and angry I am to see that you decided to drop this for whatever petty reason you have such ass saying something unrealistically as 20 years to finish this. It seems to me that you all didn’t even care for this story seeing as how RARELY it got updated it’s no wonder you all find it so easy to drop this. This was honestly the second best novel on the site with LLS being the first. SDG is good, but if I could choose I would rather have this than that. And tbh no one read the other novels on this site why not drop them and let someone work on those? Its because you can translate those faster and it almost little to nothing to do. I can’t help myself from being harsh because I am a bit pissed off, but that is being lazy as shit… so disappointed. When/if you drop LLS that’s when I will truly leave this site for good seeing as you all constantly keep dropping good novels in place of shirty mediocre ones when you ALREADY HAVE GOLDMINES

    • Creativity says:

      I agree with you Drahu. LLS is number one then DBWG. It doesnt matter anyways. I am reading the machine translations alreadyon chapter 230

  8. Envee says:

    You guys are a bunch of fking assholes. Be happy that it even got as far as it did. She did a damn good job this whole time. You wanna read? Learn the language yourself if it’s THAT important to you. Or sponsor a team to translate it on YOUR dime. Otherwise, quit ur bitching and be thankful that you got to this point without having to read garbage ass machine translations…. Ting, thanks for all the hard work. Liked this novel but you have ur own problems to deal with like everyone else. Was fun while it lasted.

    Please don’t let these ungrateful leeching bastards get under your skin.

  9. Dyne says:

    I never comment in this site before, but fuck it. A lot of ungrateful bastard posting. You guys can only leech and now you guys blaming TL because they have more priority than fulfilling your need?

    They have zero responsibility to continue, in fact they have 100% right to stop. Putting notice that they stopping is more than what other TL do.

  10. Dark_Messiah says:

    I’m not saying you were wrong to drop this, however you could’ve at least waited until you found another group to take over, right now the series is in limbo, 2 months and counting…

  11. Iv says:

    I know that it sounds a bit harsh (and sure you did try to find another group), but you are not passing the legacy. Those translations were passed onto you neatly before, right?.

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