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Dragon-Blooded War God

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Dragon-Blooded War God (龙血战神) is a novel written by Feng Qing Yang (风青阳). The author, dubbed as Crazy/Madman, wrote a record breaking amount of 50 chapters in a day before.


According to legends, back in ancient centuries and eons past, the heavens and the earth was rent, and a tribe of dragons ruled as the overlord. But now, the dragons are extinct, and with a mysterious catastrophe descending, the fate of the world is at stake!

Long Chen, a useless playboy, had no merit to speak of. But because of the legacy left by his father, a Mysterious Dragon Jade Pendant which had devoured ancient Dragon Gods blood, he chased after the mystery behind the sudden extinction of the dragons. In a lucky coincidence, he becomes the first ancient dragon warrior in an eon, with the responsibility to uphold the dragon tribe’s honor and the command of all dragons under heaven.

With the most passionate battles, heart-moving tender scenes, brutal slaughters, and filled with the majesty of dragons. On the advent of the catastrophe, millions upon millions of dragons descend upon the world again, bringing the world to the brink of an era of war.

For he of the ancient dragon tribe, is willing to paint the sky with blood, if only for the bonds of brotherhood; with a wave of the hand to reverse the flow of the galaxy, for a goddess worthy of praise; will pull the gods down from their celestial pedestal, sunder the heavens, for the good of all living things under the sky!

Heaven – Devouring tribe, we have returned!

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