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DOP Chapter 88 – A Sudden Birth of an Uncertain Situation (4)

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Chapter 88 – A Sudden Birth of an Uncertain Situation (4)
Translated by: GT
Edited by: Rend, Krithika
TLC by: Shiroyukineko

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There was no sign of Xuan Yuan Che or Qiu Hen and his party around. The people of the House of King Yi were nowhere to be found in the vicinity.

Liu Yue stood high on the horse’s back and took in everything in her sight at the first glance. Her eyes flashed for an instant as an amorphous murderous aura shot out from her immediately.

“Whoosh. ” A sharp arrow pierced out of the dense forest and darted menacingly towards Xuan Yuan Yi who was retreating hurriedly.

The Emperor Xuan Yuan Yi had Royal Guards around him, but there were only a few skilled ones among them. The only Military officer of Tian Zhen Kingdom in the group, General Fei of the second ranked aristocratic family, was protecting the Crown Prince on the other side.

Seeing this, Liu Yue frowned and swiftly moved her hand. A small arrow instantly shot out,  arriving first even though it was shot later, and struck away the arrow darting toward the Emperor, Xuan Yuan Yi.

Although Xuan Yuan Yi’s martial art skills was not really proficient, he was still an Emperor. He did not lose his management capabilities even in such a chaotic situation.

Turning his head, he saw that Liu Yue and Du Gu Ye had arrived. Immediately overjoyed, he exclaimed, “Liu Yue, quickly go. Xuan Yuan Che is still behind. We were ambushed just now. Xuan Yuan Che stayed behind to deal with the assassins and let me escape first. Quick, go to him!”

Xuan Yuan Yi explained the situation concisely with a few sentences.

Liu Yue instantly put on a cold expression when she heard the Emperor and realized that this was a real assassination attempt against Xuan Yuan Yi. It was not the Left Minister, as he wouldn’t have had the audacity to attack Xuan Yuan Yi even if you gave him ten times the amount of guts he had in him. So then who was the one behind this assassination?

dop874“Lend me your horse. ”  Frigidly leaving four words behind, Liu Yue unexpectedly grabbed Du Gu Ye and tried throwing him to the front.

Du Gu Ye did not object as he flew to the ground in a flash and gave his horse to Liu Yue. Requesting him to bring her here was fine,  but if he was asked to save Xuan Yuan Che and be involved in this assassination against the Emperor of the Tian Zhen Kingdom, then he had no interest in doing  so.

Furthermore, in his position as the Crown Prince of Ao Yun Kingdom, he represented the whole of Ao Yun Kingdom. In such a situation, too much enthusiasm wouldn’t be a good thing.

Riding on the horse, Liu Yue dashed forward without looking back into the dense forest.

Roars and war cries were heard as shadows and flashes of swords and blades flew everywhere. The strong odor of blood permeated the dense forest.

Only his two sons, Xuan Yuan Cheng and Xuan Yuan Che, along with General Mu Rong, General Fei and a few Royal Guards had followed the Emperor Xuan Yuan Yi during the hunt. There were not many people by his side.

Who would have thought that in their own territory, they would encounter such a large-scale assassination attempt? Xuan Yuan Che was obviously undermanned, as many royal guards retreated with Emperor Xuan Yuan Yi and Crown Prince Xuan Yuan Cheng. There were only about ten people left to fight with Xuan Yuan Che in the dense forest, while reinforcements had not arrived yet.

The assassins wore green clothes. It was a light green that could easily blend in with the grass and trees as one.

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  1. midoriha says:

    Thanks a lot!
    she took over the horse! Ok, cool stuff!
    And oh no…it’s a real attempt! Something went wrong! Who’s the mastermind though…

  2. momosakura says:

    Thank you Robin Green Nielsen and Paula Vang for the sponsor!!
    Thank you GT for the translations!
    Thank you Rend and Krithika for the editing!!

    Hmm. If it’s a real assassination, maybe this time it’s either from Du Gu Ye’s kingdom (either he knew or didn’t), someone in their kingdom, another kingdom(s) to put blame on Ao Yun Kingdom, or the kingdom between Ao Yun and Tian Zhen.

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