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DOP Chapter 87 – A Sudden Birth of an Uncertain Situation (3)

Chapter 87 – A Sudden Birth of an Uncertain Situation (3)
Translated by: GT
Edited by: Krithika, Rend
TLC by: Shiroyukineko

“Go. Quick. Go.” Liu Yue immediately shrieked loudly and galloped her horse toward the location where the sound of the drums came from,appearing very worried.

Seeing this, Du Gu Ye furrowed his brows and moved his eyes slightly to stare  deeply at Liu Yue who was shooting away as he followed her on his horse.

Liu Yue, Du Gu Ye, the Eighth Prince, and their party of people rode madly towards the direction of Xuan Yuan Yi at the speed of lightning.

At the same time, all the princes and military officers in the whole forest had also halted their hunting and hurried towards the area from where the drums sounded.

The glowing sunlight shone through the trees and sprinkled spots of golden rays over the beautiful grass and colorful flowers which seemed like fire. Everything was so beautiful that words were unable to describe it.

Meanwhile, the drumbeats were getting more rapid, sounding increasingly urgent. That mad sound of the drums seemed to almost tear through the sky.

The alarmed birds in the dense forest took off rapidly as the fluttering of their wings made extremely disordered noises.

Liu Yue rode her horse like she was galloping madly, but the horse she was on was specially selected by Xuan Yuan Che. It was the standard inferior quality horse that  could only show an outward appearance and couldn’t run faster even if she begged it to be quicker.

As Liu Yue heard the frantic drumbeats, she unconsciously furrowed her brows slightly. The sounds of the drums was so hurried, could it be a serious assassination attempt?

How would that be possible? Qiu Hen and the others had secretly led the Dragon Riders to guard Xuan Yuan Che. Even if the Left Minister had attacked at the same time, such a situation probably wouldn’t happen. Could it be that someone was really trying to assassinate Xuan Yuan Yi?

With her eyebrows arched highly, she thought that it would be fun now.

“Get on.” as she was still lost in her thoughts, Du Gu Ye who had been riding beside her suddenly spoke coldly.

dop871Liu Yue turned her head and glanced at the horse beneath Du Gu Ye. She didn’t understand horses, but the horse Du Gu Ye was riding was definitely better than her “specially selected” horse.

She did not hesitate at that moment and with a smack on her horse’s back, she jumped and somersaulted in the sky and stood on the horse’s back behind Du Gu Ye. She wanted to see what had happened.

Du Gu Ye did not speak. He merely pressed the sides of his fast horse with his legs as he sat on it and the snow colored ferghana horse immediately darted out like a sword at more than double its previous speed.

The horse chased after the clouds and the moon with an amazing speed comparable to lightning.

In seconds, Du Gu Ye’s horse dashed into the midst of the disordered location of the attempted assassination.

Du Gu Ye’s horse was just too fast and so, it seemed like they were the first to arrive.

It was in utter chaos. The Emperor’s imperial guard was attempting to escort the disheveled Xuan Yuan Yi as they hurriedly retreated backwards.

The Crown Prince, Xuan Yuan Cheng, who was beside the Emperor had bloodstains smudging a large portion of his clothes from an injury to his shoulder. With a pale face, he staggered to his feet and followed the imperial guards. At the entrance of the dense forest, the sounds of swords and knives clashing were so intense that they could be heard even miles away.

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  1. midoriha says:

    Wahahah! So much tension! Huh, she’s riding on that person’s horse! The plan…what happened to the plan?

  2. momosakura says:

    Thank you GT for the translations!
    Thank you Krithika and Rend for the editing!!

    The crown prince is injured. Does this mean that the left minister planned the same thing as them?

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