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DOP Chapter 86 – A Sudden Birth of an Uncertain Situation (2)

Chapter 86 – A Sudden Birth of an Uncertain Situation (2)
Translated by: GT
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLC by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: “Murphy’s Law”. That’s what today is. *cries in the corner*

Damn. She didn’t manage to frame the Left Minister. Yesterday night’s worth of effort was spent in vain. She had purposely commanded the Blood Shadow Guards to act the part of the villain today, so that she could frame the Left Minister with the hidden mark in the arrow. However, her plan was destroyed by Du Gu Ye’s honourable act.

It appears that she couldn’t rely on the assassination attempt here to frame the Left Minister. She could only depend on the assassination attempt of Xuan Yuan Che.

Nodding coldly, Du Gu Ye galloped his horses forward, not saying anything. His face had not even a hint of pride or arrogance, instead, he was coldly indifferent.

Only, his eyes steadily locked onto the figure of Liu Yue. The pair of black and blue eyes flashed a colorful radiance as the sunlight shone through the trees from above. It was remarkably beautiful.

Liu Yue arched her brows slightly as she saw this. Nevermind. Forget it. This Du Gu Ye also had good intentions, and although his good intentions came inexplicably, but she should just forget about the incident today.

“Reporting to the Eighth Prince. We failed to pursue the assassins.” The Royal Guards had returned from the heart of the dense forest. Failing to complete their mission, they bowed before the Eighth Prince and Liu Yue with an embarrassed expression.

“You are all useless bunch of…”

“Nevermind. With the assassins’ high-level skills, even if they did manage to catch up to them, they would probably be killed immediately.” The Eighth Prince’s rebuke was interrupted when Liu Yue had suddenly raised her hands to signal him to stop.

What a joke. Those were her personally trained Blood Shadow Secret Agents. If these Royal Guards could catch up to her Secret Agents, she should just retire from supervising them.

Hearing this, the Royal Guards looked at Liu Yue with a grateful expression.

At this moment, the three guards under Du Gu Ye who had been the first to chase after the assassins had also returned back on their horses, each coming from three different directions. Looking at Du Gu Ye, they faintly shook their heads.

Seeing this, Du Gu Ye lowered his eyes slightly and then gave Liu Yue a quick, upward look. His eyes seemed to understand something, but also not understanding anything.

“Dong… Dong… “At this moment, a thundering sound of drums broke through the dense forest, resounding from afar.
Hearing this, the Eighth Prince’s face instantly paled as he shouted loudly, “Father is being attacked!”

The surrounding Royal Guards had also turned pale immediately.

Liu Yue looked at the direction where Xuan Yuan Che had disappeared to. Xuan Yuan Che had went the same way as Xuan Yuan Yi. Now that Xuan Yuan Yi was attacked, that would mean that her assassins had started their attempted attack.

Liu Yue displayed an anxious look, but she understood the situation clearly in her heart. Liu Yue knew that although the crime of attempting an assassination on Xuan Yuan Che would not be too big, it would be able to take down the Left Minister and Empress Liu.

However, since Xuan Yuan Che and Xuan Yuan Yi had went the same way, then the crime of attempting an assassination on the Emperor of Tian Chen Kingdom would definitely be bigger than the crime of attempting an assassination on Xuan Yuan Che alone. In that case, the Blood Shadow Guards should shoot a few arrows on Xuan Yuan Yi and then focus their attack on Xuan Yuan Che. If any evidence of that crime was found, the Left Minister would never be able to rise up again.

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  1. midoriha says:

    -evil laughter- i shall comment first before reading! The convenience of being in the same timeline, wahaha!

  2. samiul404 says:

    this is turning out to be a love triangle… like some of those crappy Japanese light novels….
    this is the kind I hate the most…

  3. jacobpaige says:

    WP is telling me that there are 4 new chapters and an announcement, but the links to all of them are dead and when I click the picture up top on this site to go to the home page they don’t appear among the updates. I also have no idea what the new site’s url is so I can’t check there.

  4. momosakura says:

    Thank you GT for the translation!
    Thank you shiroyukineko for the editing!

    I think they shouldn’t attack the Emperor, just Che should be fine. For me that makes more sense, since they attacked her and Che. The Emperor doesn’t add up. They need to curry more favors from the Emperor more before he’s offed.

  5. Nakiami says:

    She is just looking for trouble… I have a feeling something else may go wrong…
    Thanks to the team translating DOP!

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