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DOP Chapter 81 – The Beginning of Chaos (5)

This chapter is sponsored by: Horst Kraemer and Tana Rojchan

Chapter 81 – The Beginning of Chaos (5)
Translated by: GT
Edited By: Krithika
TLC By: Shiroyukineko

Furrowing his brows tightly, Xuan Yuan Che suddenly threw down the drum hammer in his hand. He swiftly turned and walked towards Liu Yue. Although Liu Yue’s killing intent had already been suppressed, he felt that Liu Yue’s aura was still impure, as if there was a halo of black aura surrounding her. He did not like it.

Xuan Yuan Che briskly walked a few steps to Liu Yue’s side. Without waiting for Liu Yue to open her eyes, unexpectedly he bent down, embraced Liu Yue tightly and kissed her fiercely.

Liu Yue did not open her eyes, but her arms hugged Xuan Yuan Che back, wrapping around his neck.


Within the enormous hall, the people who had finally gotten a breathing space were cringing as they watched this scene unfolding before their eyes. If this young couple wanted to be intimate then they should do it in the privacy of their own home. How indecent of them, kissing in the public and in front of distinguished guests!

The Emperor Xuan Yuan Yi wiped the perspiration on his forehead and cast a glance at Du Gu Ye. Just as he was about to chide Du Gu Yue for being thoughtless, he noticed Du Gu Ye staring at Liu Yue. A fleeting flicker of emotion flashed across Du Gu Ye’s cold eyes, changing his cold facial expression. There was not even a single trace of contempt in his expression as he looked at Liu Yue, but something else, something else……

Xuan Yuan Yi’s lips twitched a little, not knowing whether he should say it out loud.

After the kiss, the dark aura emitting out from Liu Yue’s whole body had been subdued entirely. She chuckled as she made a kiss mark on Xuan Yuan Che’s cheeks.

Seeing that Liu Yue had recovered fully, Xuan Yuan Che glared at Liu Yue. She didn’t have an ounce of Inner Strength in her body, yet she had dared to get involved in this combat.

His hands twined around Liu Yue’s waist tightly as Liu Yue continued to tangle her hands on Xuan Yuan Che’s neck. They totally ignored the Imperial Court Officials and did as they liked.

“I wouldn’t let him bully you. ” Liu Yue spoke in a solemn voice only audible to the two of them. Her words made Xuan Yuan Che glare at her angrily, yet his heart was deeply moved.

He was not scared of Du Gu Ye, but if they fought, his Imperial Mother and Father would not have been able to endure it. Based on Liu Yue’s attitude, if it wasn’t for consideration of his Imperial Mother, she would have patted the dust off her butt and left. His reputation was not as important as his family. He had put everything at stake today for them after all.

This favour,  he would have to accept it.

For a moment, the shocked ministers in the Main Hall were dumbstruck and the military officials that remained slightly composed had only absolute admiration towards the couple. Just like that, they let the two people, who had openly ignored the laws in the Imperial Court, continue embracing each other.

“You are quite profound.  I, the Crown Prince of Ao Yun Kingdom, admire you.” In the midst of silence, Du Gu Ye slowly spoke out with his eyes fixed on Liu Yue.

“It is just a trifling skill.” Liu Yue answered calmly.

A glow flashed in Du Gu Ye’s eyes when he heard her words. He stared deeply at Liu Yue, then nodded frigidly and responded, “It is indeed just a trifling skill. It’s such a shame to show it off.”

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  1. deadlybell says:

    on this day they learned if you piss her off your likely to die even the most mentally handicapped among them would realise this , who knows they might try to send assassins after her PFFFF that would be funny

    • Soulwraith says:

      She would take the assassin put them through hell training and send them back to kill just to spite you.

  2. Stupidity says:

    whoa, thank you for the chapters.

    would this start a war between the two prince, might du gu ye fall for li yue and want to have her?

        • Inbetweenaction says:

          not sure… on one hand, she is the only being that has stirred any other feeling than contempt in his heart, on the other hand, it was fear… and i would really hate for this to get reverse harem tones.

          Do get me right, I am all for harem and reverse harems can be fun, but for her… just no. she is not someone that should have multiple men in her life.

          It’s her love for her special boy that sets makes her more than a simple dime a dussin assassin killer machine stereotype, and into a personality.

        • nishera says:

          I agree that a full on reverse harem would really detract from this story. That being said, even if if mr. Cool-as-pie-prince really has fallen for her, that doesn’t mean she’s going to leave Che. But it could definitely create some friction between the countries and would probably (eventually) add to her legend.

  3. cslue says:

    i think he might actually try to take her for himself.maybe even start a war over her……at least thats what im feeling from this

  4. rubah says:

    Thank you Horst Kraemer, Tana Rojchan, GT, Krithika and Shiroyukineko for this chapter. I take it the manhua took a different direction with this scene? I kinda remember her losing herself when I was reading it before.

  5. ZaX says:

    Chinese has way to many (double) meanings hidden in meanings sometimes. :/
    Thank you GT, Krithika, Shiroyukineko, Horst Kraemer and Tana Rojchan for the chapter.

    • Tekozuru Jurei says:

      So true. nice to see a guy a who can man up when needed. Maybe this is the upside to having a female MC, it’s nice not seeing the usual scene of the male MC trying too hard to maintain proper boundaries, or rejecting it since how could someone that amazing beautiful etc etc possible like him.
      Either way, hats of to the author on this, creating what’s shaping up to be one of my favourite couplings ever

  6. Wytchlord says:

    I really wonder why she doesn’t train her inner energy. I know that in the beginning it was said that she couldn’t but it’s hard to believe that it’s really not possible oo Maybe her inner energy was sealed by her mother and the seal stays strong as long as she hides her true face?
    That would be interesting ^^

    • jawke says:

      Time for me to read this from the beginning now I totally forgot about that. Thanks for the chapter.

    • Inbetweenaction says:

      realy? are you trying to give her guards nightmares? the only thing they fear more than her would probably be her with inner power… they already regard her as an avatar of destruction. Or, as the rest of the court just learned, death incarnate… only to be tamed by bloodlust, hugs and kisses

  7. ZNCO says:

    Thank you for the chapter shiro,
    Really appreciate the translation,
    Please keep on translating this series.

    Thought this message is repetitive, i hope it can shows my thanks towards this translation.

  8. fuzor100 says:

    Thank you for the translation. This is a great novel that i just start to read today. Keep up the good work 🙂

  9. Morgana Cavendish says:

    Thank you Shiro! This is getting terribly interesting. Also thanks to the editors, proofreaders and donors! cookies for all!

  10. Tekozuru Jurei says:

    Thanks for another batch!
    Been wondering, since I’m already reading 2 out 3 being LLS and DoP, should I just go ahead and start UUTS, anything similar you might compare it to to help get me interested?

  11. midoriha says:

    Thank you—-!
    hm, better comment on the latest chapter first, wahaha!
    ahem, she has caught that crown prince’s attention! The beginning of friendship!

  12. RKain says:

    Warning: Possibly Unreasonable Rant below
    I really like DOP – it’s a fun little series – but I just gotta say: This arc was a bit silly. The first step – putting people to sleep with powered up flute – was fine. The next step – waking up and energizing people with powered up drums – was fine. After that is where I started getting thrown off a bit; the green dragon thing probably bugged me the most.
    /End rant

    (I still like DOP, this arc just exceeded the point where I start laughing at serious scenes)

    My thanks to you, Shiroyukineko.

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