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DOP Chapter 77 – The Beginning of Chaos (1)

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Chapter 77 – The Beginning of Chaos (1)
Translated by: GT
Edited By: Krithika, TaffyGirl13, Rend
TLC By: Shiroyukineko

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“As expected, Crown Prince Ye has played a great song. Let me, Xuan Yuan Che, accompany you. ” Xuan Yuan Che had already stood before the rows of drums and bells as his frigid voice rang out .

His icy voice resounded in the hall and those who had been held captive by the sound of Du Gu Ye’s flute were instantly awakened, unexpectedly.

As they heard Xuan Yuan Che’s words, the people in the hall seemed to have no idea that they had fallen into Du Gu Ye’s trap just a few moments ago, and immediately broke into loud cheers. It was a showdown between the two kings of the south and north. In this whole wide world, the only person who can match the Crown Prince of the Ao Yun Kingdom could only be their very own King Yi himself.

This time, they could finally watch an interesting show.

Amidst the cheers and applause, holding a small golden drumstick in one hand and a larger drum hammer in the other, Xuan Yuan Che struck the golden bell and the leather drum at the same time.

dop763The clear and elegant tinkling sound of the bell combined with the heavy percussion of the large drum. The two very different kinds of sounds emitted by these instruments actually mixed together amazingly well and resounded like the roars of tigers and chants of dragons.

“Amazing.” Xuan Yuan Yi, emperor of the Tian Zhen Kingdom immediately cheered. The cheers was instantly resounded below.

Trained experts would have realized that Xuan Yuan Cheβ€˜ double sounds of drums and bells had immediately suppressed Du Gu Ye’s flute sound. The atmosphere in the Main Hall was no longer quiet and exquisite, but a heavy curtain of air, a clash of a monstrous amount of energy.

Du Gu Ye did not turn to look at Xuan Yuan Che. His calm and apathetic eyes only moved slightly as the melody that his flute had produced took a sharp turn. His flute suddenly went high as an eagles soaring up the sky, far into the clouds.

The elegant sound of flute and the deep, heavy sound of drums suddenly seemed like two enormous Green Dragons rising high into the air, swirling past each other in the Main Hall. The melodies crossed each other, soaring higher than each other; it was difficult to tell which was better.
Xuan Yuan Yi, who was sitting high above in his throne, grinned proudly at his son. Their Tian Zhen Kingdom had not lost to Ao Yun Kingdom. Xuan Yuan Che had brought honor for him and the Tian Zhen Kingdom.

The officials sitting below were also beaming with happiness, their elderly faces red in excitement.

Sitting on the ebony chair, Liu Yue leaned back on her chair and watched Xuan Yuan Che who was striking the percussion with agility. She smiled widely, turning her eyes into crescent shape, thinking that her Xuan Yuan Che was really magnificent.

dop761The melodious sound of the flute mixed with the deep vigorous beats of the golden drums.

Gradually, sips of inner strength started mixing into the music. It was unclear whether someone had started it first or they had started together.

The melodious sound of flute became increasingly higher as the beating of the golden drum became increasingly heavier.

A deadly aura started to radiate out of the melody.

Du Gu Ye who had been sitting all this while suddenly stood up. There was not a single breeze of wind blowing in the Main Hall, yet his light red robe waved and fluttered in an unseen force.

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  1. Yellow says:

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  3. tsume says:

    Geez, I knew the gender discrimination in these novels was bad, but she doesn’t even get to add the foreign prince to her harem? What’s with that? πŸ˜‰

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    I’m confused is it not Chen rather than Che who was playing the drums..? thank you very much sponsors and translators!?

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