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DOP Chapter 67 – The Strong Will Be Respected (7)

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Chapter 67 – The Strong Will Be Respected (7)
Translated by: GT
Edited By: Kirithika, Sam, Surjit
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko


Liu Yue only smiled silently without replying Xuan Yuan Che back, and instead leaned in forward into Xuan Yuan Che’s embrace. She had begun to like this feeling more and more.

It was warm and gentle, like the warmth of a morning sun in spring time.

After the commotion at the Left Minister’s Residence, the Second Prince, the Fifth Prince, the Seventh Prince and their mother, an imperial concubine, had immediately became anxious. They had thought that Liu Yue was just a little girl and wouldn’t be able to force them to pay their gambling debts, so they hadn’t taken her warning seriously.

However, Mu Rong Liu Yue had even dared to go against the Left Minister, who was one of the supreme authorities in the Imperial Court and the Emperor’s maternal uncle, and denounced his crimes publicly. Moreover, the Emperor had remained aloof instead of helping the Left Minister, who was left humiliated in the end.

Compared to the Left Minister they were nothing, they were just the family of an Imperial concubine. They didn’t dare to think that this Mu Rong Liu Yue, who had not even spared the Left Minister of public humiliation, would leave them an ounce of respect.

Liu Yue had said that she would be at their door to collect the gambling debt in ten days if they did not send the money over. She had now proven that she possessed the capability to do that. If she really did come to their door, then they wouldn’t be able to endure the shame.

Immediately, the capital was thrown into a massive chaos as people from the family of the three princes’ had stormed out to the city to borrow from all of their friends and relatives, pawning all of their valuables with every pawnbroker.

dop671A mountain of gold, silver and jewels was sent to Xuan Yuan Che in carts.

Piles of expensive property deeds for shops were carried to Liu Yue in boxes.

Except for the beds they slept in, every other luxuries in the Second, Fifth and Seventh Prince’s palaces was sent to Liu Yue.

Throughout history, poor people had been seen, yet none as poor as these princes.

Now, even those concubines and princes that had been thrown into prison were better off and much wealthier than these three princes.

The Tian Zhen Emperor, Xuan Yuan Yi, had witnessed everything that occurred, but could only watch the whole debacle helplessly. The treasures were sent to Liu Yue by the princes themselves, who hadn’t uttered even a tiny squeak of protest to him, so he was in no position to speak.

He did however summon the three princes and reprimand them. The reputation of the Imperial family had been besmirched by their antics. On the brighter side, the wealth had only been lost to another royal family member. Else he, the Emperor, would have had no way to save face.

The reputation of Mu Rong Liu Yue in the capital immediately soared like the sun in the midday sky and she became almost as famous as the one known as Tian Zhen Kingdom’s greatest Genius, Xuan Yuan Che.

Everyone on the streets was talking about the little Princess Consort. If the conversations in the teahouses weren’t about King of Yi, they were about his little Princess Consort and the wonderful acts she had presented, retold again and again. The names of Xuan Yuan Che and Mu Rong Liu Yue seemed to have accompanied the breeze and traveled to the heavens.

This way, the story of the inseparable couple’s fearlessness had already become more popular than anyone in the Tian Zhen Kingdom, even the Tian Zhen Emperor himself, Xuan Yuan Yi.

In Liu Li Palace, it was time for lunch. Imperial Consort Chen, who rarely graced the Liu Li Palace with her presence, had decided to join Liu Yue and Xuan Yuan Che for lunch that day.

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  1. Inbetweenaction says:

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