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DOP Chapter 60 – Judging the Party at Fault (16)

Chapter 60 – Judging the Party at Fault (16)
Translated by: GT
Edited by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Lol author got too lazy to give title to each chapters from the Judging the Party at Fault part. So every chapter will be like a series like this from this point onwards lol. Oh and good news~, with the addition of GT, we will be able to increase the DOP release to a chapter a day. Enjoy~

“Beat her!” The Left Minister roared fiercely as he heard her speak, glaring at her furiously.

The rod fell even harder on Liu Xin Ai.

“Ouch! I won’t dare to do it anymore. Please Forgive me. I won’t dare… Ah… ”

Hearing that, Liu Yue sneered as she sat peacefully on the golden chair, watching the scene unfold in front of her.

Wailing and bawling, Liu Xin Ai was beaten until she was breathless. If she really took all off the one hundred beating punishment, the delicate Liu Xin Ai wouldn’t be able to stand it.

As the beating continued, her crying sound slowly disappeared.

“With this, Miss Mu Rong, are you satisfied now? ” The Left Minister asked. He did not glance at Liu Xin Ai who was lying behind him, but glared angrily at Liu Yue, seething with rage.

“Very good. Left Minister, you are indeed the Left Minister. You raised your family with a strict teaching.” Liu Yue slowly stood up. She raised her brows satisfiedly and suddenly flicked her wrist.

The black whip immediately coiled out and struck at the rod that was repeatedly falling on Liu Xin Ai.

“That’s enough.” Liu Yue said leisurely.

Liu Xin Qing who had been staying inside immediately darted out. With tears streaming down her face, she held Liu Xin Ai who had been beaten to the point of dyin. Hatred towards Liu Yue filled her heart.

The rod had already beaten Liu Xin Ai ninety times before Liu Yue had said ‘That’s enough.’. What’s the difference between beating to one hundred fully?

“Let’s leave today’s events at that. The Left Minister has indeed convinced people by virtue, Liu Yue really admires you.” Saying amicable words after beating people up, this was even worse than saying sarcastic remarks instead.

“If that’s the case, Miss Mu Rong, please excuse me, I, the Minister, will be going to the court. ” The Left Minister stepped down when he finished talking. He was actually walking to the court.

If he wasn’t afraid of being late at the court. He would have liked to see how long Mu Rong Liu Yue can guard.

Unfortunately, Liu Yue had planned everything and waited just for this moment

“There’s no need to walk. Someone, prepare a palanquin for your master. Such an honorable Left Minister walking towards the court bearing a birch, that would really tarnish your reputation.” Speaking calmly, Liu Yue waved her hand and smiled elegantly towards the Left Minister, whose face was swelled up with anger.

dop601The Left Minister almost spewed blood as he heard her words. She was here guarding for a day and a night, didn’t she plotted such an ending? Tarnish my reputation? My reputation had already been tarnished! Nothing more or less could change that. And now she had actually said such words, pretending to be a good person. That had really infuriated him.

Among the ashen and the green faces, Liu Yue turned around and left, laughing out loud as if there were nobody present.

Her laughter resounded loudly in the quiet night.

That impudence and arrogance was carried out to the fullest extent.

Today, the Left Minister had suffered a huge loss at Liu Yue’s hands.

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  1. Injamam says:

    how much u gonna bet that the minister’s “attempt” at revenge would end with the empress begging for her life? :v

  2. blackrose156 says:

    Thank you for the chapter. She would be great at S & M. Though she would be the S of course.

  3. Tekozuru Jurei says:

    I truly love this series, the initial description wasn’t actually to my liking but since I was bored I decided to give it ago since you also do LLS which I love as well(Haha Bubble Butt). So I started reading it unfortunately I had planned to only read a chapter or 2 before bed but ended up reading the first 50 chapters, had there been a 100 or more chapters I don’t think I would of slept before work that day!
    I admit the author is unbelievably lazy in coming up with chapter titles. I think or would love you set up a translation style like the one for Word Master. Given how short the chapters are it’d be possible to get 10+ chapters a day, or at least that’s my current dream. I’m saddened that there is such a lack of good stories like DOP revolving around a female MC, most seem to be stagnating in getting actively translated, so I really do love seeing this series get so much attention. To Shiroyukineko and GT my thanks for the efforts and time put into bringing this too us

    • shiroyukineko says:

      thank you! :’) your comments are all very encouraging and comforting to us 🙂 hehe as for me, reading these kinds of comments fill my HP up and motivated me to keep going on even when things are hard. :’)

  4. darkieut says:

    Thank you. Its so good to read about a very strong female lead not a simpering lead always waiting to be rescued. So thank you for sharing this wonderful story with us.

  5. midoriha says:

    thanks a lot!
    and the moral of the story is, it doesn’t matter how high your position is, or how rich you are, you had better make sure that your children have good character!

  6. GrimBerry says:

    i kinda feel bad for “The Left Minister” since i don’t think he should be responsible for his granddaughter.

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