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DOP Chapter 57 – Judging the Party at Fault (13)

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Chapter 57 – Judging the Party at Fault (13)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko

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After staying silent for a while, Empress Liu finally understood that she couldn’t have her way today. She never expected that although Liu Yue was still young, she had thought forward with so much depth. She had actually turned the Left Minister’s Family into a big joke, tarnishing their reputation.

After a pause, Empress Liu finally took a deep breath and looked towards the silent Xuan Yuan Yi and said, “Your Majesty, since it’s that way, may I request for your help to command the Governor and the Police Commander to disperse the crowd watching the scene? It would not be good if such a large crowd gathered.”

Xuan Yuan Yi stole a glance towards Imperial Consort Chen. Seeing that she did not disagree with this, he nodded and said, “Alright, I think I can do…”

“Royal Father.” Before his sentence was finished, the Crown Prince Xuan Yuan Cheng stepped into the room and interrupted him.

“Royal Father, your son had gone to the Governor and Police Commander’s office just now. None of them was present. It seems that the Governor had went outside the city with some of the guards to take care of some problems with bandits. The Police Commander, on the other hand, was bedridden with sickness. With regards to the three Head Polices below him, they had all brought the soldiers out to train. They wouldn’t be back for a while.”

The Crown Prince Xuan Yuan Cheng shook his head, laughing bitterly.

As his words ended, the whole of Tian Chen Palace fell into a deathly silence, only the sound of Empress Liu’s gritting her teeth was heard.

This was clearly a case of running away at the last minute. Defeating bandits, sick and bedridden, they had really thought of creative reasons. How could any bandits dared to rob someone near the capital? The Police Commander who was as healthy as a horse yesterday suddenly fell sick today, who would ever believe that?

They were only afraid of getting involved between the clash of the two powers. They didn’t want to provoke any of the sides. Hence they chose to turn a blind eye and a deaf ear. Damn these two old geezers!

Empress Liu looked deeply into Imperial Consort Chen’s eyes, who didn’t change her expression at all since the beginning. No wonder she didn’t disagree with her just now, they had taken care of this problem.

Imperial Consort Chen saw Empress Liu glaring at her and understood what Empress Liu had thought of her. However, Empress Liu had actually wronged her.

The Right Minister supporting her had not made a move at all. However, after hearing the news, General Mu Rong had immediately made their move. In terms of Military powers, General Mu Rong had much more power and authority than the Right Minister. Then why would they need to get involved in this? Looks like this Liu Yue girl was indeed impressive, she had already thought about it that far ahead.

“In that case, I have heard that Liu Yue would listen to Che-er’s words. When Che-er told her not to leave Liu Li Palace for a month, she really did not go a single step outside. Che-er should be able to persuade her.” Xuan Yuan Yi sighed a tired breath. Why can’t any one of them leave him in peace?

“That’s right.” Empress Liu’s eyes immediately brightened up. When Liu Yue visited her in her palace the other day, Xuan Yuan Che had pulled Liu Yue without asking her consent, and Liu Yue had followed him without resisting at all.

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    The Governer and Police Commander are such cowards XD

    Of course, if they weren’t they’d probably be lucky to only lose their jobs afterward 😉

    They’re really grasping at straws here, I don’t think there’s any chance at all that he’ll voluntarily rein in his wife in this situation. He might with an Imperial Edict, but a simple request from the empress probably won’t move him at all.

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    The only person I feel sorry for is the poor emperor, poor guy is trying to run an empire and got conned by a little girl. Now that he trapped by his own word made with good intentions by the way, it has turned into an unholy mess. Poor guy is probably wishing a nice invasion would happen just so he could end this mess.

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