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DOP Chapter 53 – Judging the Party at Fault (9)

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Chapter 53 – Judging the Party at Fault (9)
Translated by: GT
Edited by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Thank you sponsors!! This is the début chapter of GT! Last chapter of the night guys…>.< the rest will come tomorrow!

Hearing all these crimes, the Left Minister immediately frowned. He couldn’t shoulder the consequences for even one of them.

His face blackened at that moment and replied: “Lady Mu Rong. Don’t talk recklessly. If you can’t hand out the evidence today, then don’t blame me for reporting to the emperor that you had slandered the Imperial Officials.” Having said that, he pointed at the imperial palace with his hand.

Liu Yue sneered as she heard that, “You want evidence. Alright. Is Liu Xin Ai your granddaughter?”

The Left Minister listened with a cold, hardened expression and muttered, “Yes.”

“Today, in front of all the Dragon Rider Guards, Liu Xin Ai accused that I, the Princess Consort, had joined hands with General Mu Rong to shoddily deceive the Emperor. Left Minister, did you think that I, the Princess Consort, would not be able to defeat an enemy with one move?”

In her icy cold voice, the black whip in Liu Yue’s hands suddenly waved and the other intact front gate behind the Left Minister was immediately shattered with a loud sound as pieces of woods flew in all directions.

“Slandering a loyal minister of the country, the Great General Mu Rong. This is the first crime.”

Left Minister’s face immediately twitched. This was a crime that can either be considered big or small. He instantly glared deeply at Liu Xin Ai.

Before he even managed to speak, Liu Yue’s eyebrow pricked up and shouted, “I, the Princess Consort, was granted this marriage by the Emperor himself, and my name had already been listed in the imperial lineage. Yelling at me, the Princess Consort. How could you dared to do that?

Defying the Princess consort of this dynasty. This is the second crime.

A lowly granddaughter of the Left Minister dared to deliberately insult the Imperial Princess Consort of the present dynasty.

Offending a superior. This is the third crime.”

dop532Saying in a cold tone. With each sentence from Liu Yue, the Left Minister’s face turned darker than before, as he frowned and knitted his brow.

“Humph! You can still turn a blind eye on slandering me, the Princess Consort and the Mu Rong Clan. However, she had the audacity to look down upon the Emperor’s words. When I, the Princess Consort,  mentioned the Emperor’s name in defense, she had actually dared to reply rudely and said,  ‘So what?’

Fine.  If our Emperor of the Tian Zhen Empire means nothing, then does that mean you, the Left Minister, is something important?

The words of the Emperor doesn’t count as words and the Imperial Decree issued is not important either, then does that mean only the words spoken by you, the Left Minister, count as words?”dop531

She spoke with a cool tone as cold as the ice and snow in the north pole. With her one sentence, ‘Does that mean only the words spoken by you, the Left Minister, count as words?’ immediately made the area around completely silent as numerous people held their breath.

These were all crimes that were treacherous and offensive to the law.

“Ridiculous. I, the Left Minister, revered the emperor and will even die for the emperor.  When were there such comments?  Miss Mu Rong, do not arbitrarily slander me.”

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  1. S.S.StrongerthanSupermantheHulkGalactusDarksideTheLivingTribunal says:

    Somebody just saved a dying yellow lantern

  2. Faust Voncleave says:

    It’s not slander is she’s only asking for confirmation. It’s not like she yelled out “you did it!” in front of the crowd like your daughter did.

    • Inbetweenaction says:

      not that impressive, she simply took spiteful words and took them down a slippery slope. what is impressive is implementing her whole family into the treason, and essentially force them to abandon their daughter or commit treason, and managing to avoid letting a skilled politician insert words that could derail the blame train until she was done, at which point it was to late

      • Riger says:

        I 100% agree with you. It makes me like her even more than I already did 🙂 Unfortunately, I can only hit ‘like’ once 🙁

  3. andrezssi says:

    thanks for the chapter and let me just say FINALLY! Finally there’s a character that’s smart enough to use the logic that “if you don’t acknowledge someone who was nominated by the emperor/another important person you are basically not acknowledging said important person’s words”. Too many rival characters don’t get this

  4. jacobpaige says:

    Well, this blew out of proportion very quickly 😉

    He only has himself to blame for not teaching her more about politics before sending her off to the imperial court though.

    • Injamam says:

      he didn’t need to teach her politics just not spoil her or simply teach her about her own “status” or the utter lack thereoff before letting an arrogant idiot interact with the FREAKING ROYAL FAMILY

      • Inbetweenaction says:

        She actually has plenty of implied status, which is almost as good as the real thing until this kind of thing happens. She is the daughter of one of the most influential ministers, the childhood friend of the princes, and was for a long time the highest candidate to become a princess consort (probably still is), and is favored by the queen herself.

        it’s just that all her status is informal, meaning that it’s no good during official hearings and in official documents. in an more unofficial situation her status would have been almost equal to liu Yues own.

  5. deadlybell says:

    and again i must say….. that prince is one lucky sonofabi**h to have a woman like her by his side…..

    • Riger says:

      It’s obvious that he, himself is plenty impressive. With her next to him, they’re going to be a terrifying couple. She absolutely ruined the 7th(?) prince in less than an hour, lol. And that was without using any real ‘power’. Imagine her with more…

    • Kortodo says:

      No, it says in the text she’s as cold as ice.

      Or maybe it’s like in many other such stories and she combined the forces of Fire and Ice inside herself and is now even more OP. 🙂

  6. Riger says:

    And for her next trick: Almost destabilizing an entire noble family in a day, then making them actually beholden to her afterwards by not choosing to destroy them 😛

  7. RKain says:

    I feel a bit sorry for the spiteful brat. And for her father (more so for the father than the brat).
    Though if the brat is the one who poisoned Liu Yue (I don’t think we’ve received explicit confirmation one way or another on who the poisoner was), I will readily retract my sympathy for her (I’ll still feel a bit sorry for the father).

    My thanks to you.

    • Neph says:

      There’s a reason of why Liu Yue choose to go after the Left Minister House instead of Liu Xin Ai alone. In future chapters, it will be explained.

      • Inbetweenaction says:

        it’s already been stated that the left minister is one of the faction leaders of the queen faction, whereas Liu Yue by marriage is on the right ministers faction (the consorts faction).

        If you are going to punish a girl that is not worthy of your time and energy, might as well, use them to make moves to limit the power of people that are worth your time. Not to mention the previously talked about “control your dogs” message

        Plus, you know, the whole “left ministers faction poisoned me” thing.

  8. jack says:

    Hello i want to thank you for the translation and ask if you are 6 chapters behind shedule why dont you simply limit the maximum anmount of extra chapters per weak or month or simply dont include them in the official shedule i mean even without the extra chapters you are allready translating at a breackneck speed so just get some rest and adjust your shedule acording to your actual posibilities and dont care about readers wanting faster relases if you try to keep this up you are likely to fall apart from owerwork the way you are going.

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