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DOP Chapter 50 – Condemning the other Party (6)

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Chapter 50 – Condemning the other Party (6)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko

TLN: WARNING – CLIFFY. Thank you sponsors!! Finally I can sleep xD

dop50-4“Mu Rong Liu Yue.” The Governor’s pleased expression immediately vanished.

She was even a higher ranked person he couldn’t afford to offend. She had the Mu Rong General’s support, the number one General, the number one family of warriors of the Tian Zhen Empire. She had even become the Third Prince’s Princess Consort. She had the authority to do what she wanted with the support of King of Yi. Furthermore, she even had the Right Minister’s support.

The Eastern Palace, the Western Palace, the Left Minister, the Right Minister and the Mu Rong Residence. He couldn’t afford to offend even a single one of these big powers.

The Governor rolled his eyes and immediately sighed, holding his forehead, “This is such a headache. My head is hurting too much. Quickly return, let’s return.”

He said that as he turned his horse and galloped away, running faster than when he arrived.

Seeing this, Mu Rong Chen who was leaning against the wall laughed out loud. He turned and saw Mu Rong Liu Yue, the sister that he had never heard before, who was surrounded by a crowd of people. He had indeed underestimated her.

A few moments ago, a messenger had came to the Mu Rong Residence. When the Mu Rong Clan Head Mu Rong Wu Di read the message that was sent, he didn’t say anything much and quickly ordered everyone to block off the Yellow Tune Street. No one, not even the Governor or the City Guards were allowed to pass through.

Everything was clear now, she had finally stepped into the war.

Balanced in all aspects, she had both courage and intelligence. This Mu Rong Liu Yue was just like a sleeping dragon. But once she spread her wings, she would soar through the sky.

She didn’t even give an ounce of respect to the ruling government of this country. This Mu Rong Liu Yue was indeed cold and ruthless.

In the Left Minister’s front gate, the situation was still cold and austere.

“Move over, move over. You fugly beast, how dare you come to our house and behave so atrociously! Did you think there are no guards in our Left Minister Residence?” Right at this moment, Liu Xin Ai suddenly charged forward.

Behind her, Liu Xin Qing and the Crown Prince Xuan Yuan Cheng followed.

In the palace, they were one step too late in meeting the Emperor. They heard about how Liu Yue had asked for a favour to give Liu Xin Ai a beating. They had actually planned on how to resolve the matter peacefully in the palace, but unexpectedly, Liu Yue had went out of the palace.

Then, they heard countless reports that Liu Yue had gone as far as to wait in front of the Left Minister’s Residence, and then beat up all of the Left Minister’s guards. Since she had caused such a big trouble, they immediately rode to the Left Minister’s place.

Hearing Liu Xin Ai’s voice, Liu Yue who was still closing her eyes, opened them and emitted a thick killing intent. She grabbed the whip that was lying on the ground, and the whip suddenly flew towards Liu Xin Ai fast as a lightning, as if it had a will on its own.

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    • gianoria7 says:

      Well, he came to gain a favour from the minister, but then realise that he would put himself in more trouble than it was worse.

      Instead of running away, it’s more like saying “F*ck it, I quit”

  1. DK says:

    I usually don’t try clicking the next chapter link on the latest last chapter, but did so this time not thinking I had finished reading the updates, I was so engaged. It sent me straight back to chapter 50 and made me wonder why (the as of yet nonexistent) chapter 51 was the same as chapter 50.
    Thanks for the enthralling chapters.

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