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DOP Chapter 477: International Negotiation (9)

DOP Chapter 477 : International Negotiation (9)
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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“Are you serious? Ku Sha Plains is a poverty-stricken place, there are no uses for it at all. Furthermore, the neighbouring ten cities are not only poverty-stricken, the situation over there are also a little chaotic. The land is filled with different ethnic groups such as Nuchen, Turks and Moluo. It’s basically a trash place.”

When Li Kuo heard Liu Yue’s words, he immediately jumped and shook his head hard.

“That’s right, this place will only become a burden to us. It’s best if we don’t have it.” Ku Za Mu disagreed with Liu Yue determinedly.

“Why would you want this place? Are you playing with us?” Ye Lu Ji didn’t have a nice expression on his face. He had thought that Liu Yue had a good idea when she was speaking earlier, but now her idea was like dog shit, completely out of the question.

Empress Dowager Xiao kept quiet and didn’t speak, but her disagreement was also obvious.

Seeing this, Liu Yue only laughed coldly. She also kept silent. Since they don’t want to listen to her good intentions, why would she advise them? If this place didn’t welcome her, then she will just walk away.

The tent was completely silent.

“Sister, go on, Hong wants to listen. Sister must have her own reasons when she said that, Hong believes in Sister.” What broke the silence was Ye Lu Hong’s voice, who had not spoken from the start.

His eyes that was looking at Liu Yue was filled with confidence and respect.

Liu Yue turned around and saw Ye Lu Hong’s expression who was obviously 100% trusting of her, and she extended her hands to pat his head, smiling slightly.n

“Alright, then Sister will explain it to Hong, keep it to yourself, okay?”

Without caring about the others, Liu Yue carried Ye Lu Hong up and stood in front of the map. She pointed at the Ku Sha Plains and said, “The reason why Ku Sha Plains are so poverty stricken is because there are rivers flowing through it. Hence, the plains are not filled with grasses and its difficult to raise livestock. In turn, the citizens could not survive.

However, one of Bei Mu biggest rivers is actually flowing right above the Ku Sha Plains. It’s just that Bei Mu has cut off the riverway and changed its direction.

If we can just dig a the part where the river is blocked and allow the river to flow into the Ku Sha Plains, we would not have to worry about the Ku Sha Plains not being fertile enough.”

Her cold words which was filled with 100% confidence made the surrounding people who disagreed with her previously slowly change their attitude and listened to her carefully.

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    I think you wanted to say ” The reason why Ku Sha Plains are so poverty stricken is because there are NO rivers flowing through it. ” Otherwise the whole thing makes no sense

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