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DOP Chapter 471 – International Negotiation (3)

DOP Chapter 471 – International Negotiation (3)
Translated by : Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Amidst the laughter, Liu Yue looked towards the ashened King of Hun and nodded lightly, “Thank you for your highness’ kindness. However, I like this little brother.” As she said that, she hugged Ye Lu Hong who was sitting on her lap.

He was five years of age. In her previous life, when she first met and picked up Shan, he was also around the same age. Although he was young and obviously afraid, he pretended to be strong. He carried so much burden on his little shoulders, it was heartbreaking.
(Shiro: I have no idea whether this Shan is he or she, I’m just assuming he. The chinese raws didn’t state anything)

She only loved one person in her ‘’Heartless Ironblood” mercenary group in her previous life, her subordinate, Shan.

When Ye Lu Hong heard this, his round, black eyes immediately turned into crescent. He humphed proudly at the ashened King of Hun, obviously pleased with himself.

“Since it has been decided, when we return to Sheng Jing later, we will hold an official ceremony to announce it to the world.” Empress Dowager Xiao coughed a little. With a stern face, she then turned towards the King of Hun and said, “Your Highness, with regards to the ransom amount, I will reply you later.”

Since Ye Lu Liu Yue was already a Bei Mu citizen, the matter of King of Hun’s ransom wasn’t Liu Yue’s alone to decide. It has become a national matter between the Kingdom of Hun and Bei Mu.

Outside the tent, the full moon shone brightly. The west wind howled. It was night, yet the wind was hot as fire.

The night gradually turned silent. The Bei Mu generals who dropped drunk on the floor, defeated by Liu Yue one by one had all fallen asleep. Only a few night guards were awake.

A handful of stars shone brightly, embedded in the pitch black of the night sky. In the vast night sky, they blinked charmingly and sporadically.

Liu Yue wore a fire red fur coat and stood outside the tent allocated to her, looking up to the full moon.

Such a full and bright moon. It was a pity that she was not whole.

Xuan Yuan Che should have long received her news, why hadn’t he replied at all? Although she had been walking through this grassland wilderness the past month, and was difficult to track amidst her journey, there wasn’t a single piece of news regarding him. Why was that so?

Frowning, Liu Yue folded both of her arms on her chest.

Maybe he didn’t receive her letter. When she returned safely, she could just contact him again.

Liu Yue bit her lips a little.

“I never knew that you can hold your liquor so well.” Amidst the silence, behind her, a pair of unconcealed foot steps walked towards her. The voice sounded a little surprised and delighted.

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  1. Michelle says:

    I think it’s suppose to be when her when she was 5 years old when she was in the mountains

  2. MomieIxai says:

    [“Since it has been decided, when we return to Sheng Jing later, we will hold an official ceremony to announce it to the world.” Empress Dowager Xiao coughed a little.]

    My reaction was:
    -> Woah, so from Murong Liu Yue to Liu Yue, then back to Murong Liu Yue, then once again to Liu Yue, and now Ye Lu Liu Yue, what a fast pace of name changing…

    And on another note, if it will be announced, surely those three (men and) kingdoms who were the cause why she was cast away and almost died [namely Xuan Yuan Che – Tian Chen Kingdom, and the captive princes; Du Gu Ye – Ao Yun KIngdom, Yun Zhao – Snow Saint Empire] would definitely race to get her back, although I wish that Ouyang Yufei is really a part of her bloodline clan and help her, also her new family the Ye Lu Royals and Bei Mu Kingdom~

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