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DOP Chapter 463 – The Bei Mu Bestows Kingship (7)

DOP Chapter 463 – The Bei Mu Bestows Kingship (7)
Translated by: Andy
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Definitely more tomorrow night.

Everything happened in a few breath of time. It happened so fast that if one blinked a few times, they would have missed the entire thing.

A woman with fiery movements and an ice cold expression….

Liu Yue stood in front of the King of the Huns with a dagger up against his neck. Her back was a bloody mess but she stood firmly with an incisive expression on her face. The sight made everyone shudder. No one dared to look down on her anymore.

Liu Yue’s tattered red coat fluttered in the air. In the middle of the Huns army, it shined brilliantly.

The bloody dagger in her hand felt colder more piercing than the northern winds during a winter day.

Capturing a King in the middle of his army…… Liu Yue made it look very easy.

“Beautiful.” In the midst of the silence, Ouyang Yufei complimented her.

“Who are you?” The valiant looking King of Huns questioned with an ashen expression.

Liu Yue put the King of Huns on his knees pulled his face closer to her’s as she coldly snorted, “You’ll find out soon. Now get moving!” While saying that, Liu Yue grabbed both of the King’s arms, making him unable to resist.

At the same time, she yelled out, “Get over here.”

The five year old King of Bei Mu was not stupid. When he heard Liu Yue’s command, the bounded child immediately wiggled his way towards Liu Yue. He then slowly moved up Liu Yue’s back and grabbed onto her neck.

Liu Yue moved the dagger closer to the King of Hun’s neck and as a result, blood started to spill out.

“Don’t hurt my King!” The Huns generals all yelled out at the same time. Their expressions were very ugly.

“That’s for me to decided. Now move it.” Liu Yue pulled the King of Huns back up.

When standing straight up, the King of Huns was more than a head taller than Liu Yue. Liu Yue looked like a dainty and delicate little girl next to him.

However, it was this dainty and delicate little girl who left the few hundred thousand strong army from both side silent.

Seeing that Liu Yue was holding her dagger against the King of Hun’s neck, the Hun soldiers immediately paved a path for her to walk.

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