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DOP Chapter 462 – The Bei Mu Bestows Kingship (6)

DOP Chapter 462 – The Bei Mu Bestows Kingship (6)
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Countless bodies flew up into the air. Liu Yue had slaughtered a path for herself and broke through the disposition of the troops as she made her way towards the golden tent and the King of the Huns.

A streak of red light flashed through the troops and instantly appeared in front of the tent.

The royal guards who were standing in front of the tent immediately snapped out of their trance as finally realized what was going on. They lifted the spear in their hands and flew towards Liu Yue.

A three prong attack. The royal guards blocked Liu Yue’s path from three different directions.

At the same time, the King of Hun’s expression turned very ugly. He quickly grabbed the young King of Bei Mu and retreated backwards.

A cold expression appeared in Liu Yue’s eyes. She had to act quickly. If not, then all of her actions that led up to this would have been for naught.

Instead of retreating against the royal guards, Liu Yue dashed forward.

She extended both of her hands like a demon and grabbed a hold of two foot soldiers as she continued her advance.

Blood splattered everywhere. The two foot soldiers had been used as meat shields against the spears of the royal guards.

Taking advantage of the delay in the guards’ movement, Liu Yue accelerated. She stepped on and leapt off one of the guards. By using the momentum of the leap, she did a flip in midair to get behind and avoid the attacks of the other guards.

The guards could not react fast enough as their strikes hit nothing but air.

She was very close to the King of the Huns now.

The soldiers from both sides stood silently as they nervously watch the scene unfold in front of their eyes. Everyone’s gaze was focused on the fiery red silhouette.

Liu Yue continued to move forward as she fend off the attacks of the guards with her dagger.

A spear shot out from behind the King of the Huns but was caught by Liu Yue who was wearing the silver gloves.

With a leap, the bloody dagger was right in front of the King of the Hun’s neck…..

Behind her, dozens of spears were pointed at her back, a few of which had pierced her clothes. However, no one dared to move any further….

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