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DOP Chapter 458 – The Bei Mu Bestows Kingship (2)

DOP Chapter 458 – The Bei Mu Bestows Kingship (2)
Translated by: Andy
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So they weren’t fighting. Just small skirmishes. Mb 🙁

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The King of Bei Mu had an early demise. The prince is only five years old so the Empress, Xiao Chen Ying took over the reign.

Why did Empress Xiao bring her people here during this cold weather in the first place?

Liu Yue was expressionless.

She then looked to the right, where the Hun soldiers were stationed.

Compared to the Bei Mu army, the Hun army shone with brilliance. In the front lines, a golden canopy was set up. Under the bright sunlight, it was very hard for anyone to miss it.

A valiant looking man wearing a full set of gold armor and the golden crown of the Huns sat in the front. A domineering aura extruded from him. This was the Nomadic King. The King of the Huns.

Next to him was a small child. It looked as if he had been kidnapped.

The child’s black gold robe shone brightly under the sunlight. It was the robe of the Bei Mu King!

The King of the Huns was sitting in front of his hundred thousand soldiers. Liu Yue who was on the cliff was able to see everything clearly.

Hold the feudal overlord and you control his vassals. Since the young king of Bei Mu was in the hands of the Huns, it was hard for Empress Xiao to do anything. The Huns plan to have some payback.

Liu Yue now has a grasp of the situation.

It was a good thing that she had Du Yi and the Blood Shadow Guards gather information about outside powers back when the turmoil between the seven countries began.

She didn’t do this because she was preparing for war, but because she like the scent of the grassy plains that she gathered so much information. It was finally put to use today.

The Huns encircled Bei Mu and kidnapped their young king.

The King of the Huns is a very valiant man. His generals were all consisted of people with overwhelming talent.

Bei Mu was strong too. All of its troops consisted of elites as we

Thinking about all this, Liu Yue suddenly thought of a very daring idea. She came here to find an opportunity and now the opportunity was in front of her!

Even the heavens are helping her out.

The calmness on her face disappeared. An expression of fear took over. Her entire body started to shake.

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