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DOP Chapter 455 – Breaking Through the Cocoon, Becoming a Butterfly (12)

DOP Chapter 455 – Breaking Through the Cocoon, Becoming a Butterfly (12)
Translated by: Andy
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In front of them, in the dark blue horizon, there was a slight movement. It looked as if there was someone moving. However, it was too far away. They weren’t able to see clearly.

“I’ll go and see!” The little magpie yelled out with a nomadic tribe accent and rushed forward at its fastest speed.

In all its years of traveling, it didn’t learn anything but accents from different places.

Liu Yue didn’t stop her. Instead she followed along. Right now, she didn’t have a GPS with her. It was easy to get lost in such a vast wasteland. It was better if they could ask someone for directions.

After moving for a while, Liu Yige suddenly pulled her horse back. At the same time, Ouyang Yufei stopped as well.

The two of them hopped off and looked closely ahead.

They saw a surge of movement. It was moving very quickly. It wasn’t a single person. It wasn’t a caravan either. It was an entire nomadic army!

In front of them, the little magpie’s face ashened and immediately turned back, “It’s an army! An army!”

To run into an army in the middle of nowhere. This was not a good thing.

Liu Yue immediately got back on her horse and turned around to flee.

Behind her, Ouyang Yufei and Xiao Hua followed suit.

The four people moved like shooting stars and sped away.

Behind them was an army few hundred thousand strong. Each and every soldier had an intense murderous aura surrounding them.

The group fled very quickly. They ran like their life was on the line. In the blink of an eye, they disappeared from the army’s view.

“Alright. Alright. There’s no one behind us anymore.” Xiao Hua looked back and let out a sigh of relief.

“Exercising like that really warmed me up.” The little magpie stretched and laughed.

After following their master for so long, it seems like these two had become accustomed to things like this.


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