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DOP Chapter 453 – Breaking Through the Cocoon, Becoming a Butterfly (10)

DOP Chapter 453 – Breaking Through the Cocoon, Becoming a Butterfly (10)
Translated by: Andy
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Liu Yue couldn’t shake Ouyang Yufei off and could only watch as he followed along.

“If you pay up then I won’t follow you anymore.” Ouyang Yufei had his hands around his waist and answered in a self confident tone.

Liu Yue didn’t even try to pay attention to him, making Hua Yulong and the little magpie grumble and complain.

The cold winter breeze whirled past the group. All of the grass in the area had dried up. There were no life to be seen at all.

“We’ll leave the Ao Yun Empire’s borders in a bit. If you keep walking, you’ll reach the northerner’s and the nomadic people’s land.” Ouyang Yufei frowned as he looked at the city gates.

The central plains were controlled by the seven countries. However, outside the central plains, there were numerous amounts of countries and barbarians, including the northerners and nomadic people.

Every year, during the winter, there would be no harvests. The crops all died. The river froze over. There was a lack of food and clothing.

Thus, every year around this time, these nomadic people would appear.

They barged into nearby towns to kill and loot. They besieged the rich empires around them. Ao Yun, the Zhao empire and a part of Hou Jin beared the brunt.

The losses every year were not small.

Due to this, the three empires allied. They each built a great wall and would send fire beacons to alarm each other so they can resist against these nomadic people. It was only during these few years that the situation had stabilized.

Without saying anything, Liu Yue whipped her horse harder and made it rush towards the borders at a faster pace.

The seven empires of the central plains…. It wasn’t in a good state right now. All the work that they’ve put into stabilizing the situation was like a cup of water inside a house of fire.

Outside of the plains were where the truly strong people lied.

The valiant nomadic northerners gathered and broke into Ao Yun. They broke through the empire’s defenses and allied with Tianchen. With this alliance, who would dare touch them?

The central plains and the outsiders were unifying. No matter how strong this mysterious sect was, they will definitely be taken down!

The cold winter wind howled.

She won’t go and try to fight them alone. Fighting a sect with thousands of years of inheritance alone would be just like kicking a prick.

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  1. Giyvr says:

    Thank you Andy! I just started reading this story and really enjoyed the series just flows, i hope the 2 lovers meet again soon, so heartbreaking

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