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DOP Chapter 451 – Breaking Through the Cocoon, Becoming a Butterfly (8)

DOP Chapter 451 – Breaking Through the Cocoon, Becoming a Butterfly (8)
Translated by: Andy
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1/5 (8)

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“Thank you.” Liu Yue took a deep breath and then calmed down. After that, she turned around and started to walk.

Right. They are very strong. Ouyang Yufei showed her that. If she returns to Xuan Yuan Che right now, she will only bring him problems.

She doesn’t like power. Status and authority meant nothing to her. The entire world was not fit to be in her eyes.

In her eyes, there was only one thing. Xuan Yuan Che. All she want is to be with him. Be together with him and live a good life.

However, even the heavens are envious of their love and insists on breaking them apart. For Xuan Yuan Che and her future, she will fight with everything that she has.

The eagles in the sky insists on intertwining with the bees and the butterflies. They insist on bothering them. She had to fight this battle. She will fight this battle. She won’t be someone who stays by Xuan Yuan Che’s side and be a normal woman.

fShe’s not a brambling. She’s not a source of calamity. She wants to soar through the nine heavens right next to Xuan Yuan Che.

Thus, she’s decided.

This world…..She wants a piece of it too.

With two heroes joining hands, is there a reason to fear the six countries? They will become the conquerors of the continent from a thousand years ago.

“That’s right. If you go there, then someone will pay……Hey, it’s not in that direction!” The little magpie chirped at Liu Yue. They were thinking about one thing while Liu Yue was thinking about something else.

Yufei who had been keeping a warm smile on his face was shocked when he saw this. His eyes lit up as he watched Liu Yue leave.

He wanted to convince her and ask her to give up but it seems it like didn’t work.

Ouyang Yufei massaged his head and suddenly smiled. Whatever. It’s fine if it didn’t work. He was feeling bored anyways, “Alright. Let’s pack up and follow.” While saying that, he walked behind her.

Autumn wind blew…. It was cold… Ice cold…

Today, she broke through the cocoon and became a butterfly. She broke free from the nets of authority. No one knew how those people became the rulers of the lands. The heavens and the earths were about to rage again.

They walked out of Nansong…..They walked through the Zhao Empire…. All of the news from that day entered their minds.

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