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DOP Chapter 447 – Breaking Through the Cocoon, Becoming a Butterfly (4)

DOP Chapter 447 – Breaking Through the Cocoon, Becoming a Butterfly (4)
Translated by: Andy
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2/5 (8)

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They want money? That’s fine with her. She didn’t want to owe anyone a favor anyways. It’s better if they asked for money.

“Follow me. I won’t let you lose out on a single cent.” Liu Yue turned towards the exit and started walking.

She’s been here for too long. She can’t wait to go out anymore.

“Going to Tianchen to find Xuan Yuan Che? I suggest that you don’t go.” The soft voice made Liu Yue stop in her tracks.

She frowned and turned around. She looked at Ouyang Yufei with a murderous intent.

So he’s showing his true colors now huh. What does he mean?

Ouyang Yufei’s expression stayed calm as he retrieved a book from his robe, “You brought this here.”

Liu Yue blinked a few times. That book…..

She remembered that she tightly held onto the book as she fell from the cliff.

“Do you want him to help you pay back your debt or do you want him to drag him into more problems?” Ouyang Yufei held waved the book at her and smiled.

“A direct descendant of the blood clan. Hehe…Someone with power and authority…. It was a good thing that I gave you my medicine. You can definitely pay it back easily.

But you still have two years before you become eighteen, when you can be welcomed back to the clan. If you return to Xuan Yuan Che’s side… he will definitely die. Two years… that’s enough for Xuan Yuan Che to die a few dozen times. It’s enough for Tianchen to be destroyed a few dozen times as well.

Ouyang Yufei calculated with his fingers.

“What are you calculating? People can only live once!” Hua Yulong yelled out and walked towards Yufei. He then flipped to a page in the book and pointed to something, “A descendant of the blood clan cannot marry outsiders. If they violate this rule, then the outsider’s clan will be destroyed immediately.”

“The stronger ones are king. If you have the abilities, then you can try to fight back.” The little magpie chirped.

Hua Yulong raised his fist, “If you have the abilities….”

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  1. Bev says:

    Thanks so much Andy for the chapters! Keen to find out if she’ll stay away or go to XYC or in disguise..? Do they become her fellow travelling companions?

  2. sayume says:

    Two years until she can be welcomed back? They clearly are trying to kill her, so why would she care to go back? I say, she must find a way to get rid of her mark! I think she could still at least communicate incognito with Che, not yet marrying him or becoming Empress openly, until she can get rid of her connection with the blood clan, whoever they are. The way they speak of them makes it sound like they’ve got access to atomic bombs.

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