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DOP Chapter 445 – Breaking Through the Cocoon, Becoming a Butterfly (2)

DOP Chapter 445 – Breaking Through the Cocoon, Becoming a Butterfly (2)
Translated by: Andy
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In these ten days, she had been recuperating and training. Even though she didn’t say anything, it didn’t mean that she wasn’t thinking about anything.

The situation on that day…. It was clear that someone wanted to kill her. Such a power and cold arrow……it definitely did not belong to Du Gu Ye and Yun Zhao’s underlings…. Someone else must’ve shot it. Someone else wanted to kill her.

Under this kind of situation, this Ouyang Yufei was actually able to save her. Is this guy a friend or a foe? What is he thinking? Liu Yue couldn’t tell at all.

Thus, she didn’t say or ask anything. She quietly recovered her strength. Only when she is at full strength can she start asking this Ouyang Yufei who he actually is. She definitely won’t try to do anything rash when she’s weak and be taken advantage of.

However, the time has come.

“No problem.” Yufei answered very directly.

Liu Yue didn’t even have time to react before Ouyang Yufei waved his hand and called out, “Little Flower, calculate the total.”

“Stop calling me Little Flower! My name is Hua Yulong! Hua Yulong! Do you hear me?!” In the straw house, a handsome and cute boy opened the window and angrily called out.

(TL: Hua, which is his surname, means flower in chinese :o)

Ouyang Yufei laughed and pretended not to hear Hua Yulong’s complaint.

Even though he was angry, Hua Yulong still grabbed an abacus and ran towards Liu Yue.

While working the abacus, he started to talk quickly as well, “Three jins of fawn antler, seven taels of Unaging grass, five sticks of thousand year ginseng, one Dahuan pill, Lingzhi grass…..”

The abacus was being worked very quickly as Yulong named everything out. Even the normally calm Liu Yue’s mouth twitched from listening to this kid.

“Okay. You’ve used up seventy three types of precious ingredients. The total is one million and six hundred thousand taels of gold. Master, Xiao Yu and I used our inner strength to keep your heart beating for thirty days. I’ll give you a discount and only charge you for six hours a day. That comes up to one million taels of gold.

Your bill comes up to two million and six hundred thousand taels of gold and a Dahuan Pill.” Hua Yulong put the abacus down and extended his palm towards Liu Yue.

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  1. pichia says:

    Lol this Ouyang master so tricky~xDD
    I wonder what kind of method to pay the debt..since i’m pretty sure Liu Yue not gonna pay in money terms..haha

  2. Alama says:

    Hum in the chapter 428 it was writen : “Caught up with DOP. Will go back to the 5 a week”
    5 weeks later, we’ve got 17 chapters more. Instead of 25…
    Well it’s good to translate like you do, but don’t say thing if you won’t follow it later.

  3. spoilerproof says:

    thanks for the chapter~
    time to charge the enemy empires for the medical bills. lets just hope that the princes are still alive and a little bit kicking. RANSOM!!

    • Garimideejay King says:

      I thought the wretched Du Ye was Nansong. And cutie shota is cunning Prince of Snow Country. Ao country then? But he knew her mother.. that makes it seem he’s from off the mainland

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