DOP Chapter 444 – Breaking Through the Cocoon, Becoming a Butterfly (1)

DOP Chapter 444 – Breaking Through the Cocoon, Becoming a Butterfly (1)
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A body made of iron. Bones made from steel.

Liu Yue who has the vitality of a mountain got better day by day. She recovered very quickly.

No one knows if it was because of the white robe man’s medicine or her own willpower.

When Liu Yue woke up again, she didn’t ask the man anything. It was very quiet. Nothing really happened. Nothing except for the fact that when the man comes to try and kiss her, his handsome face would be met by a cold sword. Other than that, it was very peaceful.

On this day, the grass on the ground waved back and forth under the clear blue sky.

Butterflies and bees danced among the flowers. Clouds slowly moved across the sky.

Liu Yue stood silently in the middle of the flower field and took a deep breath. Her eyes suddenly opened up as she threw her dagger at a thick tree with lightning fast speed.

Her movements looked like a blur.

As the dagger cut through the air, it struck the tree with a powerful force. With a slight movement of her arm, the dagger immediately returned to her hand. The tree stood still as if it was not touched at all.

“Not bad.” A gentle voice called out. The sound of footsteps and an applause followed the voice.

Liu Yue looked at the dagger in her hands and then turned around. Good. It seems like she’s completely recovered.

When she turned around, the seemingly untouched tree suddenly collapsed.

A gigantic tree had suddenly collapsed. On the trunk, only a cut could be seen. It was from Liu Yue’s dagger.

One shot. One kill. That is the way of an assassin. There was no need to superfluous movements.

The white robe man, no. Ouyang Yufei, walked out from the shadows. His arms were crossed in front of his chest as he leaned against a tree while looking at Liu Yue.

“Very nice.” Ouyang Yufei commented.

Liu Yue looked into his smiling eyes. They looked very warm. It was very attracting.

Liu Yue slowly inserted her dagger back into the belt on her waist, “I want to leave.”

She’s already been awake for ten days now and yet she doesn’t know the situation outside. Can her Xuan Yuan Che handle everything? She was worried about him.

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