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DOP Chapter 443 – Where the shadow goes (12)

DOP Chapter 443 – Where the shadow goes (12)
Translated by: Andy
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3/5 (8)

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The man saw this scene and laughed while shaking his head.

“Where am I?” She immediately asked without thanking him. Saying thanks is something unnecessary. Why was this not Xuan Yuan Che next to her.

“In the valley.” The white clothed man looked down at Liu Yue and started to use his fingers to massage Liu Yue’s head.

“Since this place is peaceful, you should stay for a few more days.” The man casually added.

Liu Yue furrowed her brows. What kind of reply was that?

“We’re also pretty far away from Tianchen right now.” The white cloth man spoke as if he can see through Liu Yue’s mind.

Without waiting for the Liu Yue to say anything, the man quickly added, “I hate wars.”

War? Hearing this, Liu Yue understood what he meant immediately. He’s saying that Tianchen had declared war on the other countries already. Didn’t Xuan Yuan Che say that they won’t fight? How can this be…..Could it be because…..

Her heartbeat became faster as many different thoughts ran through her mind. Even if she didn’t open her mouth, her facial expression showed everything.

She unconsciously clenched her fist.

She looked out the windows at the bright flowers, “Nansong Empire…..”

“Smart.” The white robe man praised, “I hate the cold. This place is very warm.” The man sounded very arrogant as if the things that he hated should be against the heavens.

This kind of voice can influence the ones around him. It made people feel as if they should be hating what he was hating too.

Liu Yue glared at the man. This guy is very charismatic. He’s very charming.

Only when she glared at him did she notice that his hand was on her head, giving her a massage. Unexpectedly, she didn’t want to stop him….. This…..

While Liu Yue was thinking about this, the man suddenly stood up and softly kissed Liu Yue on the forehead, “You just woke up. You should rest up. You can ask me anything tomorrow.”

Liu Yue’s eyes started to drop. Before she could even get angry, the man directly pressed her temples with his fingers. Since the sleeping acupuncture point was pressed, she slowly closed her eyes and fell asleep.

The man looked at the sleeping Liu Yue and smiled. He slowly caressed Liu Yue’s face, “The face is so similar but the temper is a bit…… Just like a wild horse heh…… This is going to be tiring.”

These ineffable words….who knows if Liu Yue heard it or not.

Outside the windows, flowers shine brilliantly while leaves slowly floated.

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  1. Ecodegorimonsters says:

    Wow another chapter!!! Thanks for the chapter!!!! OMG, who’s the dude…. Why is he familiar with liu yue? (From the line: “The face is so similar but the temper is a bit…… Just like a wild horse heh…… This is going to be tiring.”)

    • soysuva says:

      Yeah, I feel you on that about XYC. After he doubted her for even a second, I gave up all my hopes on him. I want LY to find someone who trusts and loves her completely (not half heartedly)

    • Garimideejay King says:

      Cousin is not a big deal. As long as he is not the dad, uncle or brother it’s odd but doable. He obviously is connected to the missing mom and was monitoring nearby or otherwise how could he have snagged her from under DuYi’s retrieval? Though a pretty sink or swim attitude to watch the child you love/of someone you love with popcorn before picking up the shards

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