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DOP Chapter 442 – Where the shadow goes (11)

DOP Chapter 442 – Where the shadow goes (11)
Translated by: Andy
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2/5 (8)

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That person that sounded like a little bird sat by her bedside with a bowl of medicine in her hands. The clear fragrance of the medicine and the white ointment on her hands showed that she had been treating Liu Yue.

At this time, the girl was yelling with her high pitched voice at the door without thinking about Liu Yue’s mental state at all.

Liu Yue looked around and there was nothing threatening at all.

She calmed down a bit and then looked at the injury on her body.

She realized that she didn’t have any energy in her body at all. She basically had no control over her own body.

Liu Yue frowned. How severe was this injury? She basically couldn’t move at all.

“You can move after a few more days.” Right when Liu Yue was thinking about this, a gentle voice called out.

The door opened and a man dressed in white walked in.

His long black hair was scattered on his shoulders. He smiled as he looked at Liu Yue. Even though his features were not that remarkable, he still looked very handsome.

He didn’t have the sensual evil look of Xuan Yuan Che, he didn’t have the alluring sense that Du Gu Ye gives off, he wasn’t as handsome and brilliant as Yun Zhao. However, his indescribable looks and manners were better than all of them.

She looked over and glanced at the man. Liu Yue opened to mouth and tried to talk but only a rustling sound came out.

The man saw this and laughed, “You’ve been out for around a month now. You’ll get better in a few days.” He reached out and checked out Liu Yue’s injuries. He then smiled at her and nodded.

A month? Liu Yue frowned again. How was she out for so long?

“The golden arrow was filled with poison and a palm strike messed up your internal organs. Waking up in a month is very quick already.” The white clothed man read Liu Yue’s thoughts and sat down next to her.

“Exactly! If it wasn’t for my master’s abilities, you would’ve been sent straight into the afterlife already. It’s your good fortune that you were rescued by my master…..”

The girl had an arrogant look on her face as she chirped. However, before she could finish talking, she suddenly remembered something. She took a glance at Liu Yue’s face and then turned around to spit something out.

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  1. Pauline says:

    Thanks Andy….

    This guy is her cousin (her mother’s side). Hehehe… his servant see LY face mirror to her mum….(i guess!!!!)

  2. phantom1 says:

    This morning, I’ve read 1 chapter of ATG and these 2 chapters of DOP. But curiously I’ve got the impression that the former was much longer than both of the latter together…
    These chapters are really too short.

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