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DOP Chapter 437 – Where the shadow goes (6)

DOP Chapter 437 – Where the shadow goes (6)
Translated by: Andy
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2/5 (8)

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He didn’t care about the dangers. At a time like this, nothing else mattered.

In the rainy weather, Qiu Hen led a group of troops and scaled down the cliff without caring about their safety.

“Follow me.” On the other side, one of Xuan Yuan Che’s subordinate’s yelled out and quickly led the troops around to the other side.

There was a less dangerous way down the cliff from there.

The rain was icy cold, but everything felt fiery hot.

After climbing up from the cliff, Helian Yun Zhao sat down by the edge of the cliff and stared at the dark mountain stream under him.

He felt tired. It wasn’t his body that was tired, but his heart. His heart was feeling tired.

He looked up at the sky and allowed the rain to fall all over his face. It hurt. But it allowed him to cover up his emotions.

He lost. He had lost.

He lost to himself and he lost to Xuan Yuan Che.

Why. Why didn’t he grab onto Liu Yue in the last moment? With his abilities, it should not have been a problem.

However, he didn’t. He had let go.

He had subconsciously let go of her. To subconsciously let go just so he can save his own life…. It pained him.

When he rushed out, he didn’t care about the consequences. However in the end…..

Yun Zhao let out a deep sigh. He lied down on the ground and allowed the rain to hit him.

“Crowned Prince, let’s go.” On the other side, Du Gu Ye’s guards quickly gathered around him. They tried to lift Du Gu Ye up from the floor.

Xuan Yuan Che’s troops have arrived already. If they don’t leave now, they will lot in a lot of trouble when Xuan Yuan Che returns to normal…. After all, Du Gu Ye was the one who struck Liu Yue…..

Even though his men were yelling, Du Gu Ye pretended not to listen. He sat there without doing anything.

He knows that he can’t stay any long. He knows what when Xuan Yuan Che recovers, he won’t be let off that easily.

He understood all of this.

However, his body couldn’t move at all. He didn’t know why he couldn’t move. It was as if his brain had stopped sending signals to the muscles in his body.

Those dark blue eyes stared at the cliff. It was where Liu Yue had fallen. Xuan Yuan Che’s men had gone down too. Liu Yue should be fine right? She should be fine right?

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