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DOP Chapter 431 – Sorrow Night (13)

DOP Chapter 431 – Sorrow Night (13)
Translated by: Andy
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While yelling loudly, Yun Zhao dashed out quickly towards the arrow aimed at Liu Yue’s back.

The arrow was powerful and fast. Liu Yue could feel the killing intent from the arrows as it reached her back. She felt a cold and ominous feeling creep through her body as a chill was sent down her spine.

She had never felt such an imposing energy before. It was a dangerous feeling. An inescapable feeling. She hasn’t felt this in a long time.

Without even thinking, Liu Yue moved her shoulders and repositioned herself. If she can’t dodge this arrow, then she’ll have to take it head on.

At the same time, she had to be careful of Du Gu Ye’s attack.

The incoming arrow didn’t give Liu Yue any time to relax. It pierced through Liu Yue’s shoulders as a arrow of blood shot out.

Liu Yue’s body trembled as the force of the arrow moved her forward.

She spat out a mouthful of blood right at Du Gu Ye’s face.

The palm strike that Du Gu Ye used all his energy for struck Liu Yue as well.

Against Liu Yue, he didn’t dare to hit her with all his might. He was ready to use his palm strike to counter Liu Yue’s attack but when he heard Yun Zhao yell out and saw Liu Yue spat out a mouthful of blood, he was shocked and restrained himself.

But how can it be easy to restrain an attack after putting all your strength into it?

His palms landed on Liu Yue’s chest. Liu Yue’s body was sent flying by the attack.

At the same time, Du Gu Ye also spat out a mouthful of blood. Liu Yue’s dagger was inserted into his shoulders.

The night sky trembled, as the heavy rain covered the world.

The rain dyed red as blood splattered in all directions.

“Yue-er……..” Xuan Yuan Che rushed over as his cry echoed throughout the pouring rain.

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