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DOP Chapter 430 – Sorrow Night (12)

DOP Chapter 430 – Sorrow Night (12)
Translated by: Andy
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Helian Yun Zhao stood on the side and watched as Liu Yue sent barrage of relentless attacks towards Du Gu Ye. A complicated feeling arose in his heart. However, this was good too. Liu Yue hated Du Gu Ye….. He was in a better position.

The rain fell onto the earth like arrows but it was unable to penetrate the area where the purple-gold streaks appeared. The murderous aura was so intense that the rain slowed down immediately upon touching the air around the two.

Before the rain could even touch the two, it was evaporated by the sword qi and palm strikes sent out by the two.

Yun Zhao who was watching everything was shocked.

Du Gu Ye had to use all his strength to evade her attacks with his palm strikes.

Even though Liu Yue didn’t have any internal energy she was still able to pierce through his defense with her dagger. If Du Gu Ye didn’t use all his strength, then he won’t live past today.

The palm strikes were getting stronger and stronger as Liu Yue’s attacks moved faster and faster

Her heart with engulfed with rage. She wildly and continuously attacked Du Gu Ye while extruding a thick murderous aura.

The rain was getting even heavier now. People could barely see the battle between the two even though they were right in front of them.

On the other side, Xuan Yuan Che led a group of troops towards Rusi Mountain. On this rainy night, the sound of horse hooves wildly moving sounded throughout.

Liu Yue inclined towards Du Gu Ye and prepared herself for a strike using all of her strength

Du Gu Ye knew that this attack was going to be tough to handle and used all of his strength as well.

Sword Qi clashed with the palm force. A creaking sound could be heard as the air around them suddenly split apart.

At that moment, a light sound of a gong echoed through the road. It was very light. It was gentle. It was almost inaudible.

Followed by this sound, a golden arrow pierced through the air, flying towards Liu Yue’s back, like a shooting star.

Not even Xuan Yuan Che could shoot an arrow this fast.

“Liu Yue, watch out!” Yun Zhao, who had been caring for Liu Yue and watching her saw the golden streak from the corner of his eyes. His expression changed immediately.

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    thanks a lot!
    God please! author, please! let yuan che catch up to liu yue! no matter what happens next, let them meet again! pleae please please!

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