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DOP Chapter 428 – Sorrow Night (10)

DOP Chapter 428 – Sorrow Night (10)
Translated by: Andy
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Caught up with DOP. Will go back to the 5 a week/Sponsored chapters now. Going to finish up SDG as well.

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The wind blew strongly as rain started to fall.

In the dark night, Liu Yue’s yellow body flashed like lightning across the black sky. She was moving extremely fast.

The droplets of rain landed on her face and body, but it wasn’t enough to cool down her anger.

If it wasn’t for Yun Zhao starting everything, if it wasn’t for Du Gu Ye assembling the powers…. If it weren’t for them, it would not be like this today.

She would not have been found out by those people.

She would still be Tianchen’s little princess.

Everything would be fine. Helian Yun Zhao, Du Gu Ye, she’s going to skin them alive!

She will definitely make things harder for those who make things hard for her.

She was filled with murderous intent as she madly moved forward.

At the outskirts of Tianchen, the area where the royal family hunted three years ago was all filled with blackness.

The fire from three years ago had burned through the entire area. Even the dirt had turned black.

There was a group of horses blocking the road. There were many shadows behind the horses.

Wearing a purple golden robe while sitting on a white horse, Du Gu Ye was waiting at the mountain pass. He watched as the yellow flash appeared. The person he had been waiting for has finally come.

Liu Yue stood there and coldly looked at Du Gu Ye.

The two stared each other down. Their coldness clashed in the darkness and created an enormous aura.

Du Gu Ye faced Liu Yue and extended his hand out, “I’ve waited for you for a long time. Come with me.” He was sure that Liu Yue was going to leave with her too.

Liu Yue looked at Du Gu Ye with a murderous expression, “You’re not fit.”

Du Gu Ye frowned but didn’t retract his hand.

‘A man who can’t even protect his own woman. He’s even less of a fit.” His voice was weak but imposing.

Du Gu Ye was still enveloped in coldness. It was a coldness that looked down on everyone.

Hearing this, Liu Yue became extremely angry.

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  1. leftdownupright says:

    This is too much! The chapters are far too short each time it starts getting exciting I have to wait for the next chapter again…. Good thing there have been lots of releases lately. Things are finally expanding and getting interesting in the world of DOP ^^

  2. TwoWhiteShirts says:

    Thank you Andy!! That was so dark, tragic and intense! Stupid Du Gu Ye…he doesn’t know her secret. But really, just how can that clan control Liu Yue? That mother is so cruel. Abandoning Liu Yue to die and trapping her with that mark..

  3. phantom1 says:

    Truly, i don’t understand all those who put the blame on the mother. She left her child because she wanted her to live a good life away of her clan. And before leaving, she said LY to never show her face to anyone. You can’t put the blame on her mother if she is the one who didn’t listen to what she told her.

    Anyway, that may be a good thing for her to return to the clan, maybe than here, she’ll finally begin to learn how to use Internal energy, it would make her stronger and things would become more interesting.

    • soysuva says:

      Wait, so I’ve been wondering about this for a while. Is her mother a goddess/god aka immortal? Is that why XYC’s father is scared of her clan/people? Like the last couple of chapters have been telling us that her clan is unbeatable, so it makes me think their immortal’s.

      Anyways, thanks Andy for the translating DOP! It’s very appreciated and I’m always looking forward to new translated chapters! 😀
      LY as always is bad-ass! DGY and YZ, you guys better prepare for your funerals! xD

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