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DOP Chapter 427 – Sorrow Night (9)

DOP Chapter 427 – Sorrow Night (9)
Translated by: Andy
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“Shit.” Xuan Yuan Che’s expression became extremely ugly.

“Che-er, it’s not Yue-er, quick…..” After receiving a blow to her back,

“I know.” Xuan Yuan Che moved the cloth away. There was basically no injury to the chest at all.

He was shocked at moment because he cared for his mother. However, after a bit, he came back to his senses. He trusts his Liu Yue. He knows that she wouldn’t do something like this at all.

She gave him face and didn’t kill his grandfather, the right minister, who tried to murder her. She would even let someone who tried to kill her go, let alone Empress Chen who had always been on her side.

There was one thing that Xuan Yuan Che didn’t understand.

This was planned by someone…. But who?

He didn’t think that they would use his own mother to frame his beloved Yue for killing the Empress. They dare use the person closest to him as a sacrifice?

How can he not feel sorrow? How can he not be angry?

At that moment, he couldn’t think of anything else. He couldn’t say anything.

But this silly girl. She’s usually smart. Why was she so stupid today. Why did she run? She brought more problems to herself by running.

That stupid girl…. She made herself the scapegoat.

“Go quickly……”

“Men. Come protect mother and bring her home. Qiu Hen, Yan Hu, if anyone dare move the troops in the capital, make sure that they don’t ever see the sunlight again.”

He quickly stood up. His eyes were filled with coldness. It looks like a storm was brewing again. His words were filled with coldness.

“Yes.” Qiu Hen and Yan Hu quickly answered.

Xuan Yuan Che was filled with a murderous aura. The imperial guards who appeared out of nowhere looked at each other and didn’t dare to move. They wanted to kill Liu Yue but something told them that they would back off if they want to live….

People are selfish.

After Xuan Yuan Che laid down his commands, he quickly turned around and flew out the palace. He flew towards the direction that Liu Yue left in and quickly followed in pursuit.

This Liu Yue, why is she acting so impetuous today? What had happened?

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