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DOP Chapter 424 – Sorrow Night (6)

DOP Chapter 424 – Sorrow Night (6)
Translated by: Andy
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She reached out to touch the back of her beck. There was a small red spot. It was very small.

The birthmark that she always had…..Who would’ve thought that this was not a birthmark at all. It was something that her mother left her. It’s something from the mysterious place. It’s something that doesn’t benefit her at all.

It’s something that the mysterious place use to control their people.

It was written clearly in the book. Very clearly.

“Master.” Du Yi who had been following Liu Yue saw that Liu Yue came out with a cold look and couldn’t help but call out.

Liu Yue didn’t react at all and continued to walk.

“Yue-er, Yue-er.” At the same time, Empress Chen frantically walked towards Liu Yue.

“Yue-er, please don’t keep what my father did in mind. Mother will give you a fair explanation for it. Yue-er, don’t be sad. They’re just muddled right now. Don’t mind it.”

Empress Chen suddenly received the news that her father tried to kill Liu Yue. It was simply unbelievable. He must have gone senile.

Even though she heard Empress Chen talking, she didn’t stop moving. The affairs regarding the right minister was just a small matter. It was nothing much.

After seeing how Liu Yue was still so expressionless, Empress Chen turned pale. She didn’t know if Liu Yue had hatred in her heart and became even more frantic.

“Yue-er don’t be like this. Mother will be sad. Yue-er…..”

Liu Yue completely ignored it and continued to walk. Her mind was focused on the book and its content.

On the other end, Xuan Yuan Che was moving quickly towards the palace. He knew that his Yue-er would definitely go and look for his father. He knows her too well.

His body move as fast as lightning and sped towards the palace.

“Stop. Why are you not talking. Do you want mother to die for the sins that have been done for you?” Seeing how Liu Yue was ignoring her, she quickly escalated the situation and grabbed Liu Yue’s hand.

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