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DOP Chapter 423 – Sorrow Night (5)

DOP Chapter 423 – Sorrow Night (5)
Translated by: Andy
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All she wanted was their happiness. That’s it. She only wants to be happy with Xuan Yuan Che.

But why did a powerful mysterious clan want to interfere with them? Who did she offend?

She slowly took the golden medallion and held it tightly. Why is it like this? Why?

What kind of person is Murong Liu Yue’s mother? Why did it turn out like this? Shit. Shit!

She looked at the golden medallion. The words on it looked exactly like the one of the book, “Tianchen will be destroyed on the day of marriage.”

These words were simple but fierce.

She tightly clenched her fist. The medallion started to twist from the strength of Liu Yue’s hands. The twist on the medallion made the design look even more strange.

Her cold looking face was expressionless. Liu Yue suddenly turned around and walked out.

Xuan Yuan Yi watched as she left and called out, “You won’t be selfish right? You have to do it for Che…….”

“Wrong. I am selfish. If we’re going to die, then we’ll die together.” After saying that, she left the secret room. Xuan Yuan Yi slumped onto the floor and was filled with despair.

The night was getting darker and darker. The moisture in the air was getting heavier and heavier.

Wind was slowly blowing, carrying the scent of rain along with it.

“No. Even if the empire is destroyed, I won’t leave. Nothing can make me leave Xuan Yuan Che. Nothing.” She grasped the book. She didn’t want to leave because of something written in a book. She will not give Xuan Yuan Che up.

A super strong mysterious clan that can easily destroy everything?

Who cares? Who the hell cares? Who cares if the entire world is destroyed? She’s selfish. She only cares about her own life along with Xuan Yuan Che. She doesn’t care if everyone else dies.”

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  1. T says:

    “Tianchen will be destroyed on the day of marriage.”

    These eight words were simple but fierce.

    Was it only me or was there 9 words instead of 8?

    Thx for updating!

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