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DOP Chapter 419 – Sorrow Night (1)

DOP Chapter 419 – Sorrow Night (1)
Translated by: Andy
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“That’s your mother.” Xuan Yuan Yi warmly replied while looking at the picture.

Liu Yue’s eyelid twitched. It’d be unbelievable if this person wasn’t her mother. But what did her mother have to do with her right now?

She looked at Xuan Yuan Yi, “And what about it?”

Saying that, she looked at the Xuan Yuan Yi who was immersed in the painting. An absurd idea suddenly flashed in Liu Yue’s mind.

The painting was hidden in such a place. Xuan Yuan Yi was looking at the painting with such a loving look…..

Her heart shuddered. Three years ago, the then crowned prince, Xuan Yuan Cheng’s dying words suddenly sounded besides Liu Yue’s ears again. ‘It’s impossible for you two to be together.’

She clenched her fists. Could it be…….

“If you say that I’m your daughter, I’ll kill you.” A cold and desolate voice sounded.

The emperor was fickle in love, it’s hard to say…….

Hearing this, Liu Yue suddenly laughed, “If you were my daughter, then why would I allow you to marry Che-er in the first place? I’m not that senile.”

Hearing this, Liu Yue calmed down a bit. That’s right. Even if no one else knew, Xuan Yuan Yi himself would know about it. How can he marry his son and daughter? She was being silly.

Xuan Yuan Yi didn’t wait for Liu Yue to say anything, “Your mother came from a very mysterious place. If it wasn’t for the fact that Murong Wu Di accidentally saved her life, she would not have married your father Murong Yi.

She didn’t take the position of the main wife. She didn’t enter the ancestral temple. All she did was become a concubine with no status. It was unbelievable.”

After hearing what Xuan Yuan Yi said, Liu Yue frowned. Why is he talking about this? Could everything that happened have something to do with her mother?

Softly touching the painting, Xuan Yuan Yi softly said, “It was only later did I find out why she did something like this. Ahh. She wasted all of our intentions.”

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