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DOP Chapter 418 – Internal Conflicts (12)

DOP Chapter 418 – Internal Conflicts (12)
Translated by: Andy
Edited by:

7/17 Cliff.

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I won’t argue with you guys nor will I try to fight with you. I’ll sit there and wait. I’ll wait until Xuan Yuan Che wins. I’ll wait until all the threat is gone. I’ll wait until all of you calm down.

Grievance and curses. I can accept them. I believe that I will be able to tread across the land with my Xuan Yuan Che in the future.

But I didn’t think that you guys would be the ones that tried to kill me. You are Xuan Yuan Che’s father. Do you think he can endure this? How can he endure something like this?”

These cold words sounded throughout the palace.

Du Yi was standing by Liu Yue’s side and guarded the entrance. If his master was going to go crazy, he will follow her.

“Don’t be stirred up….”

“Don’t be stirred up? Motherfucker. I’m here to kill you today. Let’s see if I’m stirred up or not.” Liu Yue gritted her teeth.

Seeing this, Xuan Yuan Yi stood up and looked at Liu Yue, “Follow me. This emperor wants to show you something. You’ll understand after seeing it.”

Saying this, he didn’t want for Liu Yue’s response and pressed the armrest of the throne. A “kacha” sound could be heard as a door appeared from behind the stage.

Xuan Yuan Yi turned around and walked towards it.

Liu Yue suppressed her anger and followed Xuan Yuan Yi.

Xuan Yuan Yi wasn’t afraid of entering this place. Why would she be afraid?

She wanted to see what this thing is that made them try to kill her no matter what. What will she learn from seeing this thing?

After walking down a flight of stairs, light shined into the secret passage.

There was a very small hidden room.

It wasn’t anything exuberant. There wasn’t any treasures here either. This place was incomparably simple.

After entering the secret room, Liu Yue didn’t notice anything either. However, her eyes were attracted to the painting in the room.

It was a painting of a peerless beauty sitting under a pine tree. There was a small river by her side and she was surrounded by grass and flowers. The painting was extremely beautiful.

She furrowed her brows and looked at the painting. Liu Yue was sure that the person in the painting looked very much like herself.

This painting…..

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  1. TwoWhiteShirts says:

    Yessss ahaha I knew it! Now why do they want to kill her again? Is she like a curse or something? What will happen 0-0
    Thanks so much again Andy!!! Have a super great day~

  2. pewpewpew says:

    I really hope her mother isn’t related to Xuan Yuan Che… incest would be a really dark twist to this story.

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