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DOP Chapter 417 – Internal Conflicts (11)

DOP Chapter 417 – Internal Conflicts (11)
Translated by: Andy
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When he saw Liu Yue’s real face, he knew that this day would come. However, he didn’t think that it was going to come so quickly.

He wanted Liu Yue to leave a kid for Xuan Yuan Che and let them live in peace for a few years.

He didn’t think that they would come so quickly.

They’ve come….

“Your majesty. You should rest. It’s already very late.” The head eunuch lightly walked over.

Xuan Yuan Yi looked at the night sky outside the palace. The sky…. It’s already very dark.

There was a thick moisture in the air. It seems like it’s going to rain tonight.

“You go back first. I’m waiting for someone.” Xuan Yuan Yi sat back down on the throne.

When the head eunuch heard this, he quickly left.

Tonight…. It will be a restless night.

The night sky was very romantic. Darkness filled the sky. The starry autumn sky was covered by a large black curtain.

Two shadows were moving very quickly under this dark night sky. One on the left, one on the right. They were separated by a single street. One was rushing towards the imperial palace, the other, towards the right minister’s estate.

They brushed past each other.

Under the dark curtains, the two got further and further away from each other.

Moisture was filling up in the air.

Liu Yue who was filled with murderous intent reached the imperial palace.

“Bang” She kicked the door open. She had a furious look on her face.

Xuan Yuan Yi was sitting on his throne as if he had been waiting for her to come.

“You’ve come.” Xuan Yuan Yi looked at the raging Liu Yue.

Tightly holding her dagger, Liu Yue forced her way into the palace. Her bloodshot eyes looked at the calm Xuan Yuan Yi, “When did I offend your Tianchen? When did I offend you, Xuan Yuan Yi. The other empires didn’t even come yet and yet you want to kill me?”

“I can disregard all those rumors spread by Du Gu Ye. Those are nothing to my hears. I can act like I didn’t hear them. I know that you’re doing this for the empire. I know what you’re thinking.

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    Ohh I knew it! I hit jackpot Liy Yue is not normal! Maybe one day special people will come for her and whisk her away like how her mother left.

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