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DOP Chapter 416 – Internal Conflicts (10)

DOP Chapter 416 – Internal Conflicts (10)
Translated by: Andy
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Father, just sit there and be a good king. With me here, Tianchen will not be destroyed.

Don’t try to do anything behind my back either. I didn’t do anything and Yue-er didn’t say anything. However, don’t think that I don’t know what’s going on. Father, don’t force me.”

Xuan Yuan Che was fighting a cold war with Xuan Yuan Yi.

“Let’s just drop this matter and listen to me. Father…..”

“Master.” Before Xuan Yuan Che could finish talking, Yan Hu suddenly appeared. He rushed forward and spoke a few words to Xuan Yuan Che.

“Peng.” Xuan Yuan Che became furious. He slammed his palm on the table causing it to break into many pieces.

‘Good. Good. What a good father. What a good grandfather.”

He looked at Xuan Yuan Yi with extreme coldness and turned around to leave. Xuan Yuan Che was filled with rage.

Xuan Yuan Che sat down on his throne. Those eyes…. They were filled with rage. They were filled his sorrow…. His child…..

‘Aii…. Che-er, father is doing this for your own good.” He held his head with his hand and deeply sighed.

“Rather than losing her when the relationship deepens even more, why not just lose her now. That way, it’ll be better for you.”

Xuan Yuan Yi spoke very softly.

After sighing for a bit, a gold commanding medallion slipped out of his sleeves and landed on the floor. In the empty palace, it made a loud sound.

Xuan Yuan Yi looked at the medallion by his feet.

It was a fine medallion. It was a bit old and had quite a history attached to it.

It was only a mere medallion but it gave off an unmatched imposing aura. It wasn’t something from Tianchen….. It wasn’t something from the seven empires.

This is……

Xuan Yuan Yi knelt down to pick up the medallion and tightly grasped it in his hands.

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  1. TwoWhiteShirts says:

    Woah…thanks Andy!!

    wait I recall when Liu Yue went to the treasure chambers and saw a portrait of a beautiful woman. Did I recall correctly? Maybe that medallion is from Liu Yue’s true mother? Obviously she’s not a simple person maybe even the emperor fell for her but could never realise his dreams.
    That’s why he’s telling Che to back off because Liu Yue is not a normal mortal?

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